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Contractions and Abbreviations

Date: Apr 20 2012

Themes: Friend, Time

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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You’ve waited all week for this. It’s the weekend! Now what are you going to do? You’d better decide quickly. It will be over before you know it.

The weekend is your time to relax and enjoy yourself. But it can also be a stressful time. The weekend is when you have to do all those chores and errands that you didn’t have time for during the week. And don’t forget to spend some quality time with your family!

Hear about Jason and Amy’s weekend plans.



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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  What are your plans this weekend, Jason?

Jason:  I am gonna do my taxes.

Amy:  Oh, alright.

Jason:  And I’m actually gonna go to a birthday party, and I’m gonna go to a soccer game.

Amy:  Well, that’s a good variety of weekend activities.

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  I hate it when your weekend is just all taken up with chores, you know?

Jason:  Yeah. It’s a drag when the weekend is over and you feel like you haven’t relaxed at all.

Amy:  I know. Really, two days is not long enough for a weekend in my opinion. Every weekend should be three days.

Jason:  Yeah. Those three day weekends are amazing, with the difference it makes.

Amy:  Yeah.

Jason:  I do know someone who would work really long days four days a week, just so he could have three day weekends every week.

Amy:  Uh-huh. Well, I can understand that, ‘cause often Sunday doesn’t even feel like a weekend day, because you’re already thinking about Monday.

Jason:  Yeah, I see my friends do that a lot. They’re really worried, maybe even Saturday night, they’re worried about working on Monday. They’re like, “Oh, I better turn in early, ‘cause I’m gonna have to work soon.”

Amy:  Oh, man.

Jason:  Yeah. It’s kind of over before it starts sometimes, the weekend.

Amy:  At least this weekend, I have a pool party to go to.

Jason:  Yes!


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Amy asks Jason about his weekend plans. He says he is going to do his taxes, go to a birthday party, and go to a soccer game.

Amy hates it when the weekend involves nothing but chores. Sometimes, when people are busy working during the week, they have to spend the weekend catching up on housework and errands.

Jason loves having three day weekends. With a two day weekend, it can sometimes feel like half the weekend is taken up with worrying about going back to work.

Amy agrees that a three day weekend would be a big improvement on the two day weekend. But at least she has exciting weekend plans. She’s going to a pool party!

What are your weekend plans? What kinds of things do you usually like to do on the weekend? Do you usually have to do a lot of chores on the weekend?



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Things I usually do on the weekend that I can’t do on the weekdays are swimming in the morning like 6am-8am. Chatting a whole night with Ebaby friends, and watching dvd. The other things I can do in everyday as long as I can manage my time. Well, I hope you guys have a nice weekend! :)

10:48 AM Apr 20 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh…weekends are wonderful,fantastic ,amazing,they are exellent!!!

i sleep late these days and wake up very late about10.then i make a real breakfast for my self and enjoy that without being worrid about the time.weekends in iran is very good. most people go picnic with their family. i leave in another city far from family for education so i go out with my friends these days.we go to cinema or shopping.i love that. 

09:58 AM Apr 20 2012 |




I think if we learn how to manage our time, we can do all our chores and have fun as well it’s so important to keep going.

09:00 AM Apr 20 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I would like to say when I was reading this article I felt a big excitement in myself because Really this topic reflect about our desires which we are going to do on the weekend .

Actually we are living  in middle east , I am from Palestine , we are muslim people , we have many things deserve that talk about our traditional and habits here .

Always weekends contains on special things we like to do when we have free time , the most thing deserve  talk when you decide go with your family to spend some nice time with them or go out for picnic specially  when you go to the special natural places ,In my opinion we need weekends , we can’t imagine our lives without relax on weekend , How we can feel comfortable if we didn’t have time to take some relax with our families .

As we know here In middle east every weekend we go for pray then we have special things we should do for example we should eat  lunch with the family specially  we should cooking meat with rice , then we should visit our relatives and spend some times with them , after that if we have free time we go for shopping and buy some things to family .

We have a religious  day we should go to the mosque , For me If have the right to choosing what I like to do on the weekend I love go to the sea Really I have a big desire live with the voice water .

Have a nice time to All people who are decide go to anywhere over the world .

07:53 AM Apr 20 2012 |



For me on weekends,i prefere to take care my baby.I have to do all those chores and errands that i didn’t have time for during the week.


07:43 AM Apr 20 2012 |



before i marriged,i like shopping in my weekend.but now i have a little baby,who is only one years old,need to be took care of.so i have no time ,and no weekend plans.i spend  all my time on taking care of my children.i hope he is healthy.


07:21 AM Apr 20 2012 |



I like this lesson very much ,cause it perfectly expresses what I want to say.Weekend ends before I know it.Now,at weekends I usually sleep late at about 9:30am and then write my paper.When I get tired of it,I will watch some tv.In the afternonn,I maybe go to shopping with friends.When I was in high school,there is almost no weekend.So,I feel very satisfied that I can enjoy a weekend every week.Of couse,three-day weekend is amazing,but I think it never gonna happen.




weekend-—two days or three days ?oh my god,it is impossible for me.

Because I must  work  six days every week,sometimes ,I have to work overtime on sunday.

So,the weekend,for me  is to sleep,hehe—

06:59 AM Apr 20 2012 |




I’ve got to sleep all day and regain my energy lost for that five stressful days at work. On weekends, I usually sleep all day on Saturday and do all necessary stuffs on Sunday. 

06:15 AM Apr 20 2012 |

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Amy says “…two days is not long enough for a weekend in my opinion. Every weekend should be three days.”

Amy, it’s a well-known fact  people are lazy in their nature. If there would be three-days weekend we would say:” It is not enough. We want more. Let it be 4 days for the weekend etc” :D

My kids asked me: “Mom, why people have decided to go to work 5 days in a week and to relax only 2 days? How it would be cool if we all go to school or work only 2 days in a week. The rest days would be free.” :D

What can I tell about my weekends?

My weekends are not the same.

Some weekends are taken with chores and I feel myself more tired than after the working week afterwards.

Some weekends we spend in the wild nature near our village house. In this case I feel myself refreshed even after the chores in the village house. The fresh air, nature, peace and calmness around don’t let to feel tired. I always enjoy these weekends

Some weekends we spend walking in the nearest to my city forest.

Some weekends  we go to cinema or theatre or just go for shopping…

Plans are different. It depends on the weather and on the season of year. 

Sometimes I don’t have proper weekend whatsoever, because the company I work in has its own graphic of the working days. Hence we have working Saturdays ( two or three working Sat every three months)  :(




To celebrate the coming weekend, here the sky is raining~So sad. No special expectation about weekend this half year, cause I’m busying preparing for my graduating thesis. That’s right, I’m graduating soon!

So There’s just two or three more weeks busy time, and then, I’ll be freeright? Wish there’s no other boring things. Oh, my long long holiday, I wish for that!

05:47 AM Apr 20 2012 |



After being working all weekdays, i feel weekends is the best time you can spend with yourself, your family, friends. I utilize my weekends in enhancing my skills, learning english online via www.talktocanada.com

05:32 AM Apr 20 2012 |




I prefer going out somewhere on weekends. To explore a new wilderness, a place in downtown or go to a cafe or restaurant with a family or friends. When it’s raining, the movie is on its way or hanging out in the Mall, but it’s tiring and you want something refreshing after a working week. More and more the encounter falls on nature and with the coming summer, it’s going to be for sure the trips to the beach. I once asked my friend what he was going to do on a weekend. He said that he would wash his car. I was kinda puzzled and said, “And….” He went, “Washing my car” :) And I thought, what a genious activity in terms of doing something not in a hurry, not being bogged down with multitasking and just doing something one in a relaxing manner. That what the weekends are for! It’s even better to spend one day doing nothing at all. That what they say :) Have a good weekend! Smile

04:00 AM Apr 20 2012 |




For me specifically, Nothing special on weekend unless I have a girlfriend maybe :D , I can tell that I’m quite lazy pig, so , mostly my weekend will hit the sack the whole day. Sometimes go out with my friends to coffee shop or go to beach or just hang around but I think that’s just taken so much time. I have no time to relax then. Anyway, I’d help my momdo the chores too. That’s just for weekend, and have quality time with family, perfect.

02:48 AM Apr 20 2012 |

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