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Out of One's Mind
Out of One's Mind English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English: Meaning of 'Out of One's Mind'

Date: Feb 10 2015

Themes: Family, Soap Opera

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Even the smallest things can make you feel crazy sometimes. Your best shirt is dirty and you have a job interview. Your boyfriend drank all the coffee and didn’t make more. Your dad emailed again to ask you to visit, even though you’ve told him it’s too expensive. Each of these things is small, but put together, they can make you feel like you’re going out of your mind.

It’s especially common to hear someone say that he thinks he’s going out of his mind when he can’t remember things. When you forget something, it can feel like you’re not using your mind correctly, or even at all. Let’s say the phone company tells you they’re going to turn off your phone if you don’t pay your bill. You’re sure that you paid it, but when you check with the bank, you find out that you didn’t. You’re really confused, because you’re certain that you did. That could make you feel like you’re going out of your mind.

Marni thinks that Jessica is a little out of her mind. But why? Find out in today’s English lesson about acting crazy.

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Jessica:  You’ll never guess what I did yesterday.

Marni:  What?

Jessica:  I moved back in with my parents.

Marni:  No. Are you out of your mind?

Jessica:  I had no choice. My landlord is painting my apartment.

Marni:  Are you in your old room?

Jessica:  Yes. They haven’t changed it at all. It’s like a Jessica museum.

Marni:  Weird. What are the family dynamics like?

Jessica:  They haven’t changed. It’s like I never left. My mom asked me yesterday if I finished all of my chores.

Marni:  That’s too funny.

Jessica:  And my dad’s cooking is still inedible. And my brother lives there, you know.

Marni:  I did not know. What’s that like?

Jessica:  Sibling rivalry all over again. And yesterday he pulled a prank on me.

Marni:  Shut up! What did he do?

Jessica:  He put a plastic spider in the toilet.

Marni:  What did you do when you discovered it?

Jessica:  I screamed. And then I threw it on him. Oh, yeah. He’s going down.

Marni:  Jessica?

Jessica:  Yeah?

Marni:  I’m not so sure that living with your family is a good idea. You kind of sound like you’re out of your mind a little bit.

Jessica:  I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m fine. I’m great. It is going to be great. You’ll see.

Marni:  OK. I sure hope so.


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Jessica has moved in with her parents while her landlord paints her apartment. Her brother is living there, too, but it’s not one big, happy family. Jessica’s parents are treating her like she’s still a teenager, and her brother played a trick on her.

Being at home again seems to be making Jessica act strangely. Even though she’s an adult now, she’s planning to get revenge on her brother, for example. Marni tries to show Jessica that she’s acting crazy, but Jessica just can’t see it.

Is it normal for Jessica to act this way? Does seeing your family make you feel like you’re going out of your mind?



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Jessica’s family’s is out of their mind! {o}

08:40 AM Aug 04 2016 |



United States

Does it means crazy?

06:00 AM Apr 20 2015 |




Hahaha this lesson is so funny, because I actually feel like I’m going out of my mind sometimes when I visit my parents.

I left my parent’s place about three years ago. Since then I live alone, and my life is quite peaceful. Sometimes when I visit my parents I’m stressed out because they treat me like a teenager! What should I do?

01:17 AM Feb 17 2015 |

1 person likes this

La Princesse de la vie


@ Julito. Hello!

You are right, my little brother has always been my mother’s Benjamin, and I didn’t have any thing to do with it, because as you said, he is overly protected, so I just had to absorb all my rage as if nothing happened :3 

05:26 PM Feb 11 2015 |

1 person likes this




@ La Princesse de la vie. hello

  Mothers usually takes sides with the “Benjamìn” of the family ,  and in this case your younger bro . They love all her flock , but it is true that the Benjamìn of the family is overly protected. I hope that your rage had quickly dissipated .

08:32 PM Feb 10 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Here, generally, we have strong connections between each other. No body lives alone. But they also drive you crazy and you can’t just take the abrupt decision that you want to move away. You just need to adapt to your silly little brothers. Once, my youngst brother pulled the chair when I was trying to sit down and use your imagination :)) It was a silly prank. And then my mother told me that he’s my little brother and he is just kidding with me and it doesn’t deserve all that rage, I felt like (Are you serious? O_o). Everybody here actually are out of their minds :))

06:02 PM Feb 10 2015 |




Can’t tell, I sound weird with my family may be because I am the family, but I love the spider idea!! Yes, when I’ m with my mom, I cannot relax- always got to be done something. No freedom. That’s why being a parent, I give some privacy to my family members or they run away ;)

05:12 PM Feb 10 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Jessica is not out of her mind at all. she is very “into her mind” instead. yeah, I just made a new idiom :)

04:44 PM Feb 10 2015 |

2 people like this




Well its very weird if friends think that living with one’s family is a crazy idea… I mean those are your parents for God sakes… They were the one who brought you into this world and raised you…

That’s so silly to think of it as a crazy idea…

Sibling rivalry can be disturbing but it is cute at the same time… You just need to be optimistic, that’s all.

12:42 PM Feb 10 2015 |




I agree with Marni, Jessica is acting weird. I don`t think that she can put up  with this for a long time , inedible food, house chores , a prankster that loves to scare his sister to  the point that she is afraid of going to the loo or open a drawer. what else is in stock  for Jessica … will she be able to survive her family  before  her mind flipped out ?

What put me out of my mind is when I have to call  the internet company and the “machine” put me indefinitely on hold  or ask me, press 1 , if not, press 2 , if not press 3 , if not wait  and a representative will take your call.  jejejeje. but it doesn`t    say when,  how long should i wait before going out of my mind,   Worst, when i am finally talking with the representative the communication is cut off  , ain`t this crazy ,that i have to start all over again …

11:21 AM Feb 10 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Growing up with 4 elder brothers and an elder sister was no picnic. 

My brothers were driving me nuts all the time by their craziness, and my sister and I were constantly at each other’s throats over the issues such as who should wear whose clothes. 

But now we all are married and have become wiser and saner than before. 

So, mercifully, unlike Jessica seeing my family does not make me feel like I’m going out of my mind. 

07:24 AM Feb 10 2015 |




@Julito That puppy was a terminator.I had watched all series of a TV show named “DOG WHISPER”.The host Cesar Millan is a master to communicate with dog and tame them to live with people.But ,I don’t have any way with this puppy.

@ScienceBoy I had to sent her away.If she isn’t naughty like that.I would adopt her.

07:09 AM Feb 10 2015 |




I am merried but I live with parents because I build house just infront of my parents’ house and I am the only daughter, that means in the future I have to take care of my parents when they are old hehe. that is fun especially when we have little baby you will find out that you need your mother near by your side to teach you theis and that. huh I love my parents :)

06:53 AM Feb 10 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi.if you work with a terrible tablet and it don’t work correctly and you every time decide to throw it to wall. That it transformation to the powder you understand what I say

06:03 AM Feb 10 2015 |




Dear S&W, I would feel like going out of my mind with that dog as well. What happened then? Do you still keep her?

My previous phone was a disaster. It was a touch screen phone but touching was not enough, I had to hit its screen to make it function. My God, I used that terrible phone for 2 years and everyday I felt like going out of my mind. Now I have Nexus 5 and I am very happy with it.

05:44 AM Feb 10 2015 |




@S&W , You didn’t find a dog ,you found Terminator disguised as a poor and abandoned puppie in need of care. I can only give you my deep sympathy .

05:16 AM Feb 10 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It’s Obvious , if a few small things put together and could be make crazy as out of one’s mind for each individual . Especially , no one expected to happen those things .
For incense , when you go to your work place and then all tools are mass every where and Celing are liking , some one calls you and so on .
These acts make you out of mine because you would not expect to see all of things in being of day .
Indeed , some employees make carzy as well and should be kind of out of mine .

03:09 AM Feb 10 2015 |




Seeing my family won’t make me out of my mind.I found a dog last weekend ,She was the one made me out of my mind.She was abandoned and looks dirty and hungry.I took her to my house and feed her.Before this,She was very good.When she was full and get energy again,she began to bite shoes,jumped on sofa and bite flower.took piss here and there.There was pee all over the floor.She seems four or five months old,I have underestimated her destructive power.Less than one hour,everything was messed up.GOD!!!!

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