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Simple Past Tense

Date: May 14 2012

Themes: Health

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Everyone appreciates a beautiful smile. But you never know how much time, money, and pain it might have taken to achieve that perfect grin.

In the US, it’s very common for people to get braces in order to make their teeth straight. Most get braces when they are in middle school or high school, and keep them on for a year or more. Braces are expensive and uncomfortable, but as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain!”

Jason and Amy both had braces when they were younger. Hear about their experiences.



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Amy:  Man, last night, I had this recurring dream that I have, that I had braces on again.

Jason:  Oh, you had them before?

Amy:  I had them as a kid, and I had them for like four years.

Jason:  Geez.

Amy:  I know, and I had to have headgear.

Jason:  Oh my gosh.

Amy:  And rubber bands, like, holding my upper and lower teeth together, basically.

Jason:  Wow.

Amy:  And it was just so painful and such a big part of my life, and I still have this nightmare every once in a while that I’ve got braces again.

Jason:  Wow. Braces are sort of barbaric seeming to me.

Amy:  I know. Did you have braces?

Jason:  I did, and it was horrible, and it didn’t even fix my teeth all the way.

Amy:  I know. My teeth aren’t perfect either. But did you wear your retainer and do all those things you were supposed to?

Jason:  I was a very bad braces haver.

Amy:  So was I.

Jason:  I hated them so much, I demanded to have them off before it was done, even. It just seems really insane to have something constantly pulling on a part of your body.

Amy:  I know.

Jason:  So they took them off, and then my teeth continued to get straighter on their own.

Amy:  Woah. So the braces had kind of just set them off in the right direction.

Jason:  I guess.


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When Amy was younger, she had to have braces. The braces were very painful and Amy hated wearing them. As an adult, she still has nightmares sometimes about having her braces back on.

Jason also had braces. He says they are painful and barbaric. Neither his braces nor Amy’s made their teeth perfectly straight. But Jason made the dentist take his braces off early, and both he and Amy did a poor job of following their dentist’s instructions, which might explain why they didn’t work.

Have you ever had braces? Where you live, is it common for people to try to make their teeth straighter with braces?



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United States

My Bratheth…. Thorry…. My Braces are off finally… after 2 years and now i have to wear this retainer for the next “few” years….. ;)

11:08 PM May 08 2016 |



United States

Yes i do have Brace as a matter of fact i am wearing them right now and will wear them for the next Year or so…..

Yes it is common for people to try make their teeth straighter with braces…. :P

02:38 AM Apr 02 2014 |




I have braces. I remember those first few weeks having it. I can’t sleep at night ‘cause it was so painful and I can’t freaking eat much, especially those hard foods. Seriously I lost weight, having braces is like a torture :) but you’re right no pain no gain.

11:40 AM Jun 16 2012 |




oh thanks God i didn`t wear braces ever i know that it i very painful my freind wear it and really it make her crazy all the times and bothers her alot when she eat or drink or even slepp.

but i have recurring dream about the teeth i dream about it alot it is like one of mt tooth dpilled out from my mouse it`s weried dream and i don`t know what is the explinaition till now !!! also this dream stalks me all the time :( in spite of i didin`t have any problem in my teath and i didn`t see the dentist ever during all my life 


07:18 AM Jun 16 2012 |


Saudi Arabia

I had braces too years ago, spending 2 years of pain and headache , and I can tell that it made my teeth look better ,but unfortubatley by time I feel that my teeth kind of missing thier old look and going back, I dont know what to do maybe I should have braces on again

04:31 AM Jun 04 2012 |




I live in the Philippines and Yes braces is very common here in my country, most of the people that wears braces are the one who works in costumer service and the students. I just have my braces last month, I decided to have braces because as you’ve notice on my other photos I rarely smile with my teeth because I don’t have that perfect grin if I smile with my teeth, though people use to tell me that I look more pretty if i smile with my teeth but I’m not that confident I guess. So then I decided to get braces even though It’s that it is pretty much expensive and it’s painful for few days, I can definitely say that it is worth it because it helps me a lot to boost up my confidence to always smile with my teeth and to talk more comfortably and confidently with other people. So I can say that I am happy with my braces. :)

04:06 AM May 22 2012 |





01:38 AM May 21 2012 |




Ryo, what flower?

01:16 AM May 21 2012 |



I have pulled out four teeth , and it was really hurt me so much ,now I ‘m wearing braces and feel happy to have it .But I hate to see my dentist twice a month, everytime when I see him , my teeth pains alot ,and I don’t wanna eat anything for one or two days .

04:36 AM May 17 2012 |


United States

I had braces before . Now , I’m wearing retainer. My teeth is perfect !! :)

01:05 AM May 17 2012 |




I never have wore the braces but I’ve heard that eaten is very difficult with them

10:32 PM May 16 2012 |

resti pratita


with braces can make me confidence :)

follow my blog restipratita.blogspot.com

10:01 PM May 15 2012 |


United States

I love girls with braces :) they are soooo cute

09:36 PM May 15 2012 |




thanks god i didnt use to put braces :D 

01:18 PM May 15 2012 |




Im a braces girl :) and I love my barces! Especially when I go to the dentist once a month and I have to choose the rubber colour, I mean the colour is really cute! :D But I think the doctor’s gonna take them off in this few months :) The others reason why did I wanna wear braces is it’s also a fashion lol. Well, it was actually

09:54 AM May 15 2012 |




I wear braces for 2 years and a half, I was very happy and I am now, because I’ll get a nice smile Laughingeven if they  hurt me sometimes,Cry

10:44 PM May 14 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

fortunately my teeth are  straight enough  so no need to wear any braces  thank God or else i would have to experience its pain   A friends of mine has been wearing them about  a year last month she got married but got to  postpone  her wedding party till taking them off. after all she needed a beatiful smile without braces on her teeth on her wedding photos   just imagine a bride with braces on teeth smiling at her groom

09:50 PM May 14 2012 |

1 person likes this



i have never had brances.in fact i wouldnt had one it never ever,because as everybody knows that the brances make the faces ugly.pls dont get piss me off who had brances.but the thing is able to smiling nice.on the other hand i’ve pulled off my wisdom teeth 5 months ago.the dentist did this operation in 2 min.i’ve really shocked .i asked him . how did u do that such a quickly.he replied easily ’’there was nothing to afraid of’’ .i was very appreciated :)but other two i’ll pull them off this summer holiday.i’M so terrifying

07:23 PM May 14 2012 |




I’m 28 years and i have braces :)  i think that at this age it’s horrible specialy when i have to take photo with friends :(   

07:15 PM May 14 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Yes, braces definitely cost an arm and a leg!

I grew up in a very small town where very few people got braces. The kids who did get them were from wealthy families. I know the kids who had braces hated to wear them, but I suppose they were excited for the “pay off” they hoped to see one day.

Braces are a luxury that many people around the world cannot afford.

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