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out of touch

out of touch

Date: May 17 2012

Themes: Celebrity


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“If you haven’t been to the grocery store in a long time, it’s really easy to get very out of touch.”

- Actress and singer Zooey Deschanel on the dangers of being famous. (Marie Claire)

- 演员兼歌手佐伊·丹斯切尔 (Zooey Deschanel) 谈论成名的弊端。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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not aware of what is current; not knowing what is happening

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Being a rich and famous celebrity has a lot of pros. Everybody loves you, and you have tons of money and beautiful possessions. But it is also hard for celebrities to lead normal lives. They might feel isolated or out of touch.

In order to touch something, you have to be close to it. So when you’re out of touch, you’re far away from something. You have no contact with it. For instance, you might lose touch with a friend; then you could say that you and your friend are out of touch with each other. When someone is out of touch in general, they’re unaware of what’s going on in the world. Celebrities who are out of touch don’t know what life is all about for regular people.

Zooey Deschanel is a singer and an actress. But she doesn’t think she is out of touch. She tries to lead a regular life by doing things everybody does, like going to the grocery store. Other celebrities have assistants who do their shopping for them. But not Zooey. She may be in the spotlight, but she isn’t out of touch.

Do you think all rich and famous people are out of touch? Besides not doing one’s own grocery shopping, what might some other signs be that a person is out of touch?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“My dad is so out of touch, he didn’t even know who Nirvana was.”

“Sandy just got back from living on a remote island for a year, so she feels really out of touch.”

“Politicians are often out of touch with the people they represent.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

frenci965 Disconnected from reality
by frenci965Super Member!
Englishty It means to lose knowledge about something.
by Englishty
It means not to have any contact for a long time.
by Irene Forever
yvo0804 means hard to understand
by yvo0804
 julito not really know the new reality .
by julito

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La Princesse de la vie


oh yeah, to be a celebrity or a famous one at most means to be limited and to lose your freedom. It’s real that celebrities mustn’t make mistakes and be all aware of their acts or they shall lose their people. We don’t but in mind that they’re humans after all, just like any other people, they’re not angles.
I don’t think all celebrities are always out of touch, there are many who like to keep their life quiet and normal with retaining their work and keeping in touch with the world of fame. They can just separate their own lives from their other life.

04:29 PM Jun 01 2012 |

Kabeer Jan

Kabeer Jan


A person who dont involve in any activity and disconnect himself from social life.

12:33 PM May 26 2012 |



People out of touch each other it’s nature ,because aways busy in work or life,when you get married ,you have to take care your family and try your best to earn money for your family,so compared with the time when you studied in college,you have not so much time with your friends,so that why you out of touch with your friend many years later,on the other hand ,many many people like sitting in front of laptop when have free time ,don’t like go out attend some social activity

11:21 PM May 22 2012 |



I think that out of touch is to be away from the real world. And act like it was normal.You don´t have to be rich for be out of touch many people are out of touch because they don´t read or interact with others.  


08:44 PM May 22 2012 |




I believe that most of rich people are out of touch with ordinay people’s lives. Firstly, they have enough money to hire assistants who do their shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. Then they think themselves too popular to just go to a supermarket as there are papparzis, fans and other people following them and don’t respect their privacy. And very often they have quite a busy schedule where going grocery shopping doesn’t fit. But as it is true with every rule, there are exceptions and I’m sure there are many rich and famous people who don’t change their way of life just because of being rich and famous.

12:26 PM May 19 2012 |

1 person likes this




”..what might some other signs be that a person is out of touch?” – well, after the long and unforgettable vacation we all return to the work and at the very moment we undrestand  how we are out of touch with current issues at the office!!!!

OMG!!! What is going on? Where am I? I want back to the vacation because seems to be I’m not able to catch up with my working tasks as I did before!!! I’m tooooooooo much out of touch with my work Laughing

07:41 AM May 18 2012 |



No longer communication with someone

06:34 AM May 18 2012 |




I like Angelina Jolie, although she is rich and famous ,  walks   the  red carpet  and  the poorest countries in the world  and her attitude is to help the world  adopting  destitute children ,i think that she is grounded  and is not living  in a bubble  as famous people and politics  do.

09:26 PM May 17 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

really .. i hate be in the public eye ..i prefer the normal life 

08:49 PM May 17 2012 |




Hey, Joelle 007

Those rich people you worked with, did they use to snub you  or treat you differently from their peers?

( my gut feeling is telling me, you either use to work with Daniel Craig or Pierce Brosnan Wink

(james bond theme playing )

08:44 PM May 17 2012 |

1 person likes this


joelle007Super Member!


I think it is 2 world one normal people and one wih person out of touch.

I was working with people rich and I prefer people more simple and more fun.

I am not person out of touch.

08:25 PM May 17 2012 |

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it means lose taste of normal life

07:24 PM May 17 2012 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

A famous person can be out of touch when he/she knowing his/her self to the others & can not to be out of touch when no body know him/her. I think for this you should have a mask.Wink

05:50 PM May 17 2012 |



it is very hard to be out of touch with my childhood friends.

05:40 PM May 17 2012 |



i means lack of communication.

05:38 PM May 17 2012 |



To stay in touch seems to be really distinguishing in the celebrities´ world. So it´s a redundant world.

05:20 PM May 17 2012 |




About me am not out of touch person cause i really hv fun and enjoying to be with my friends and my family .

Also sittingwith them make me learn more about this life from listening to their stories and their happy or sad moments.


04:37 PM May 17 2012 |

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  The lame side of fame  ; )

    It’s hard to isolate with upmost confidence a group of stars and famous people who aren’t out of touch.  When it comes to celebrities, there are some things I always bear in my mind. First, these individuals are under tremendous amount of pressure, I mean they have paparazzi lurking in every corner. And to make things even more pleasurable, they live under the magnifying glass of the media, endorsers and prospective employers. All in all, the limelight and flashlights never dim on them. If you think the image you project to others is important for a famous person well that image is her/his daily bread ;) and with the emancipation of internet tabloids those images travel incredibly fast and are accessible to anyone.

     Look, unless I’m a personal aide, or related to a celebrity I won’t be able to vouch for him or her.  I only know what the media wants me to know; I don’t have a behind-the-scene access to their lifestyle. Oh by the way, media is a mixture of false accusations, forged descriptions, rumors, personal opinions, obsequious praises, extravagant idolatry  and  everything in between. I never had a chance to know a famous person on a personal basis, so I’m not the best advocate and my opinions on one would be probably biased anyway. But I’ll tell you this, I always admire those rags-to-riches stories; for some reason I’d like to believe that those who had attained fame through hard work and perseverance are those who are more inclined to stay in touch with the common of us. They are living success stories and can be very inspirational to others.

   It sometimes makes me wonder-when I hear about the way of life of celebrities, it’s like being  a member of a reclusive secret society, you date other stars, your best friend is famous your neighbors are too, it’s like wherever you go you’re rubbing elbows with someone who holds a  prestigious status- as soon as you step outside to the ordinary world, you feel like you don’t belong, ordinary people gaze upon you like you were a fallen angel, suddenly everything seems hazy and out of touch to you. It’s an irony, all the money in the world, and you can’t afford the ordinary things like, privacy and ordinary solace, peace of mind.

    As much as I would love to zip around town in a Bugatti Veyron, and retreat at the most exotic places on earth, but I wouldn’t want any luxury if the price to pay was to be out of touch with common things, ordinary people—- reality.

Oversized shades to maintain anonymity Cool


Dominican Republic

In other culture sometimes we fell out of touch…....:D but we cannot be stand in the same place we must move  until to feel better. connecceted to the real life

03:40 PM May 17 2012 |

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Out of touch feeling for celebrities and any other people with money is well recorded in the song “Common people” sung by Pulp

. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuTMWgOduFM&ob=av2e

  1. The never go to the supermarket

  2. don’t have a job that makes them rich (they already rich) or poor, the job that for some common people just helps ends meet.

  3. They never rent a ramshackle, shabby apartment but own a luxury, deluxe mansion, expensive cars or take a limousine, buy exotic pets, art, even love Surprised

  4. Their failure doesn’t strike them so hard like it does common people who just don’t have a choice just “rent a flat above the shop, cut your hair and get a job”

  5. They don’t understand common people’s jokes,  don’t dance, don’t sing with the common people.

Well, it’s from the song :)  It’s hard for me to get into celebrities’ shoes and feel that out-of-touch grip on reality. But I totally agree with the song’s lyric, plus it’s one of my favorites:)


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