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Looking for a Job
Looking for a Job

How to Use Verbs with 'ing'

Date: Jul 13 2012

Themes: Work

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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When looking for a job, it isn’t enough to just want one really bad. You have to go out and try to sell yourself. This often means doing more than just sending out your resume or applying to some jobs online.

Sometimes, finding a job requires networking. You need to meet people in your industry who can tell you where to focus your search or put a good word in for you. Hear Mason and Amy’s tips for finding a job.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Mason:  Thankfully, I don’t have to be looking for a job right now, but I know a lot of people are, and I end up getting an email or a phone call probably about once a month from someone who is either a friend, or they’re trying to get connected. I always feel like I have to help them out, you know?

Amy:  Yeah. Like they’re just networking, trying to reach out and get to know someone in the industry?

Mason:  Yeah, a lot of times it’s someone…a friend of a friend, and someone gets connected. My mom is notorious for doing that. And she always tried to instill that in me, that you just need to go out there and meet people.

Amy:  I think that’s true, and I also think you have to swallow your pride and just ask people for things. Like you have to be a little bit more aggressive about trying to find a job than you might be comfortable with because it’s so easy to just send out your resume and your cover letter. Everybody can do that, so you need to do that extra thing that kind of makes you stand out, I think.

Mason:  Yeah. I mean, it’s just not enough, right? And I had to learn that the hard way. I spent, in my first big job search, like the better part of half a year just sending out emails and whatnot, and thinking that that was enough.

Amy:  I actually once waited for somebody outside their place of work and essentially stalked him, and ended up cornering him in a stairwell in order to get him to talk to me. And you would think that he would not want to hire me after that, but it actually worked.

Mason:  Wow.


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Mason says that a lot of people email or call him for help with their job search. They want him to help them get connected and find a job. Mason says he always tries to help them out.

Amy thinks it is important to be aggressive and make personal connections with people when looking for a job. It isn’t enough to send out your resume. You need to do extra things in order to make yourself stand out.

Mason agrees. He says it took him half a year to find a job. At first he was only sending his resume out, but then he realized he needed to do more.

What advice would you give to someone who was looking for a job?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

for me ,having a good job in the new world depends on luck ,knowledge and skills.i think when you have experience and skills in your job every company trys to hire you.my advice is that you should start a job that you like it and love it if there is a bad situation with low income .because by this way you can get experience and new skill and then you can be success for next job . if you try to get new job ,you can find it .

11:22 AM Jul 14 2012 |

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To find a job you really need to be able to sell yourself and your knowledge and skills. For that you need a good resume and, of course, cover letter where you’ll explain how your experience and skills can be used at the new work. But if you also have someone who can put a word in for you or give a good advice about the industry you’re trying to get a job in that also is the way to success and getting what you want.

I think that a lot of things also depend on the companies and their work about looking for the employees and contacting them

10:07 AM Jul 14 2012 |




i like it

07:14 AM Jul 14 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

<body><p>Well it’s not really easy to find a perfect job that you have always desired for!!! But never give up on trying…No doubt that you’ll get what you want!

06:56 AM Jul 14 2012 |

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You should know what kind of job you are good at and want very much.You should know about your advantages and disadvantages very clearly.

12:46 AM Jul 14 2012 |

1 person likes this




I advice anyone to work alot on him self,be patient,be confident of himself,do his or her best,care of allah,try & try & try & dont give up.Wink

09:20 PM Jul 13 2012 |

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for everyone who is looking for a job, the most important is never lie on your interview because you can be in trouble then, this is what I think but I don’t work yet I only study, but that I guess everybody knows. that’s enough. good lucky.

07:43 PM Jul 13 2012 |

2 people like this



the first time is difficult. but you must be relaxed and calm because you have nothing to lose. and everything to gain.

07:07 PM Jul 13 2012 |



I suggest to be strong and at the same time relaxed at your job interview. You are not supposed to be perfect on every thing, and you don’t need to know every thing regarding the job. Just having the basic knowladge and a little bit of experience are enough to put you in the work. You will gain skills and will learn while you are working. Therefore, be positive, strong, and relaxed when you go for an interview.

06:54 PM Jul 13 2012 |

Irene Forever


I know the only important thing concerning looking for a job. It’s a big desire to work. If you can’t find an appropriate job, take any you can find and go on searching.

Some people just do nothing and spit on the ceiling while waiting for a job would fall down on him in order to make him happy.

I know some lazy persons who say  they can’t find any job.They can, but don’t want!

As for me, I adore my job. I’m very lucky because I did much to have it.

06:02 PM Jul 13 2012 |


Saudi Arabia

I want to  be doctor Embarassed

05:36 PM Jul 13 2012 |

1 person likes this

The Last Joke


Dear noOoudy :

It depends on you ,
What is something you like to do or are good at that other people will know you for? Can you make money at it.
 Money doesn’t grow on trees, so whatever it is you choose to do, make money at it. Nobody can tell you what you like to do, so that’s something you must search within yourself for. Examples of skills that will make you famous and rich are acting, singing, writing and being funny.


05:03 PM Jul 13 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

A question : if i don’t have any kind of skills or certificates .

Q: how can i get a job to collect the money then study for certificates and skills ??

maybe just i’ve a high school graduation !!!

03:07 PM Jul 13 2012 |




The conditions of looking for job is different , it depends on the kind of job and the persons, whom you will meet with . And you may find job by chance without looking for as happend with me

10:18 AM Jul 13 2012 |



When we begin looking for a new job,we also begin to think about what kind of job we like best,what kind of job is much more appropriate to us,and we have to make sure what kind of job we are capable  and competent.That is much more imporant,that because,  a appropriate job could  help us keep the work and job in a balance,and help us lead a much more comfortable life.What’s more,we will easily deal with the problems happen in the work and don’t feel a thing.That makes us feel confident.We also probably make some great progress,and that will help us get a smooth relation with colleagues.

So,we are suggested to choose jobs that suit us best,and that’s  the jobs which really mean best jobs for us.

So,chooose the right things and get everything right.

07:37 AM Jul 13 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

Great Lesson!

I’d say just be your self , don’t be fake !

And you need to be confident at the same time ~

Thanks for the lesson , It helped me alot !


03:42 AM Jul 13 2012 |




Thankfully I don’t have to be looking for a job right now. Because I have a stable job. After college graduation 16 years ago, I was arraged to be a teacher. I like this job. It’s rewarding to be a teacher because you can watch the kids learn.

02:37 AM Jul 13 2012 |



When could we start to look for a new job?

When we get to not be satisfied with our current job,like the salary,the conditions,the datail work ,the transportation or some other things. We must expect a new job that we are satisfied very much.Not only the higher salary,but also more opporunity of development in the company.Not only the beeter conditon,but also much better relation with other colleagues.Not only the more convenient transportation,but also more interesting …...

Pls rembember that,it’s always not easy and possible to find a satisfied enough job even though we have tired our best .Most of time ,a better job than last one is good enough for us.We’d better imporve ourself step by step.That gets finding a new job much easier.

One important thing,it is more important to sharp our skill in the dairy life than preparing just for the interview.

02:17 AM Jul 13 2012 |



Hey everyone! Are the members here from around the world? Are tthere also filipinos?

01:54 AM Jul 13 2012 |

The Last Joke


Joy : i’m not leaving home !!

01:01 AM Jul 13 2012 |

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