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Learn English with this food English lesson

Date: Jan 09 2013

Themes: Food

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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It’s almost hard to think of a food that isn’t good when wrapped in flaky dough and baked. There are all sorts of pies that are good for all sorts of occasions.

In the US, apple pie is the most famous. There’s even an expression about it. If something is very American, you can say it’s “as American as apple pie.” For instance, “Baseball is as American as apple pie.”

But you can put almost any kind of fruit in pies. Peaches and berries make great pies. There’s also pecan pie, and even pies with meat in them, like chicken pot pie!

Learn food English and find out what kind of pies Jason and Vanessa enjoy in this food English lesson.


在美国,苹果派最有名。甚至还有一个与之相关的习语。如果某件事非常具有美式风情,你可以说“as American as apple pie”(就像苹果派一样具有美国特色)。例如,“Baseball is as American as apple pie”(棒球就和苹果派一样,都具有美国特色)。




1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Did you have a nice Christmas?

Vanessa:  I did! I ate so much pie, it was wonderful.

Jason:  Mmmm, what kind of pie?

Vanessa:  My mother makes the best apple pie in the world. It’s not too sweet and you can really taste the apples, so that is my favorite pie of all time. Do you like pie?

Jason:  Sure, yeah. I like exotic pies like peach pie, that’s a good one. Sometimes I like savory pies.

Vanessa:  Like a meat pie or a quiche with eggs in it?

Jason:  Yeah! A quiche especially. Those are good.

Vanessa:  That sounds good.

Jason:  The flakier the better on the crust.

Vanessa:  Oh, the crust is the most important part of a good pie, I think.

Jason:  Is it?

Vanessa:  Yeah!

Jason:  What’s your favorite dessert pie?

Vanessa:  Apple pie is still my favorite, but I love cream pies too, like coconut cream pie or chocolate mousse in a pie shell is always really good with whipped cream on top.

Jason:  You know what those are really good for as well?

Vanessa:  What’s that?

Jason:  Pieing people in the face!

Vanessa:  Now that sounds like fun.


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During Christmas, Vanessa ate a lot of pie. Her mom makes a great apple pie, which is the typical American dessert pie.

Jason prefers pies with more unusual fruits in them. He also likes savory pies like quiche that you eat as part of a meal, instead of for dessert.

Both Jason and Vanessa agree that the crust is the most important part of the pie. They like it to be flaky.

Vanessa says she likes cream pies too. Jason thinks these are good for smashing on people’s faces as a joke.

What kind of pie is popular in your country? What kind of pie do you like best? Describe the perfect pie.



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blueberry cheese pie is nyummyyy. love it

02:48 PM Mar 21 2013 |




Pie is not  the ordinary food  in China, but I wanna eat, I like Pie, those look tasty, and have kinds of pies, amazing.

12:59 PM Jan 17 2013 |


YuciSuper Member!



I’m working in a small restaurant for part time job. I ate a quiche for my first time there, and I REALLY liked it! I think quiche is not commonly known here.

01:18 PM Jan 16 2013 |

samim 92

samim 92

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i love apple pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

08:54 PM Jan 14 2013 |




I love the young little baker because that remember me on my childhood. I grow up in in my dad s bakery and made my first cake when I was 5 years old. I love baking and cooking and apple pie, with raisins and apples…............ wowow , what a taste, in addtion you can use vanilla sousse , yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiii

08:13 PM Jan 14 2013 |



i actully dunt liyk pi thut mush i wunt wuter frum creek

04:00 PM Jan 14 2013 |

1 person likes this



sume here i want sum pie.

03:55 PM Jan 14 2013 |

1 person likes this




apple pie or coconut cream pie mmmm yumi :) now i want a piece of pie. here is not so commun eat pie only in  some bakery or in home 

06:29 AM Jan 14 2013 |




In my country pie isn’t asa famous as other pastry. But nevertheless ı like pie, especially apple pie.

we usually meka it and eat whit tea. I think to make the best apple pie; you have to mix apple,cinnamon and nut. If you make apple pie whit my recipe and taste it, you’ll thakful to me :)


03:57 PM Jan 10 2013 |




princessa,  obviously you don´t have a sweet  tooth,  maybe you crave more for sour sweet  or spicy foods.  :))))) 

10:35 AM Jan 10 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


I bet you havent tried good pies!:)

Dont you like sweets?!

Of course some pastry shops offer very bad taste apple pies, I dont like them too!:(

10:29 AM Jan 10 2013 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think it’s not good it’s my idea i don’t like pie very much it isen’t very delicuse.

10:23 AM Jan 10 2013 |



here in my region for christmas,we have apple pie

05:27 AM Jan 10 2013 |

Nanosa44Super Member!


Thanks, I enjoyed this lesson. I had hard time to speak about any food topics.

03:07 AM Jan 10 2013 |

Nanosa44Super Member!


Acully, the pie is not famous in my Country. But by the time goes people would like to immetate western and eat pies. We have kind of savory pies with different flaky shills with vegitables and meat in it.

01:09 AM Jan 10 2013 |

single juan


Most of my friends in western countries like sweet pie ,such as apple pie and peach pie, but there are many pies with meat or shrimp or vegetables in China, and I think it’s aiso beautifu taste. so, my deer friends ,if you have chance to taste Chinwse pie , don’t quit! It’s really delicious!

12:33 AM Jan 10 2013 |

azho azhen

azho azhen



09:06 PM Jan 09 2013 |




have u ever seen american pie movie?

08:19 PM Jan 09 2013 |

lion 2013

Saudi Arabia

Hi everybody


07:39 PM Jan 09 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thank you My Dear Irene!:)

07:11 PM Jan 09 2013 |

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