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Double Life
Double Life English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this secrets English lesson

Date: Feb 12 2013

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Everyone has a secret or two. These secrets may be small, like the fact that you’ve never told anyone that you were the one who accidentally left the door open, letting your pet dog run into the yard that one time. Or you may have a bigger secret, like the fact that you cheated on your girlfriend or boyfriend. The biggest kind of secret, though, is one that grows so big that it’s as if you have two separate realities. In one of the realities the secret is known, and in the other, it isn’t. It’s as if you’re living a double life.

Sometimes a double life isn’t so much about a secret as it is about having two parts of your life that just don’t really go together. Maybe you’re a doctor during the day, and at night you are a singer in a nightclub. Those two activities are so different that friends who only know you from one context might not really understand the other.

Marni has just gone into labor, and everything is becoming chaotic at the office. Sometimes chaos is what it takes for secrets and double lives to be revealed. Find out who’s living double in this identity English lesson.




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Marni:  Jeff, why don’t you just get out of here and leave me alone!

Jeff:  Well, I’m the only person here that can help you, Marni. OK? I’m gonna help get you through this, regardless of whether or not I’m the father.

Greta:  You’re not!

Jeff:  OK, well, I’m the closest thing to a doctor that there is here. I studied holistic medicine for two years before college. We don’t have any drugs, so I’m gonna help get you through this.

Marni:  Really? You studied natural medicine?

Greta:  And he’s a climatologist.

Marni:  Wow. Jeff, you’re really leading a double life here.

Jeff:  Well, OK, let’s get that baby out of there, OK? I’m going to grab this pressure point…

Mason:  Greta, you have to help us solve this us once and for all.

Amanda:  You’re the expert here, so…

Mason:  Are we moving too fast?

Amanda:  Can I trust him?

Greta:  Stop.

Mason:  Can you trust me?! Can I trust you!?

Greta:  Stop! Why do you people keep asking me for advice? I don’t write the characters in the movies that I act in, OK? The truth is…I don’t know anything about love. I’ve never even been on a date. I’ve been leading a double life all this time. I’ve kept it secret. But this storm, and you people! I can’t take it anymore!

Marni:  You know, this is all really interesting and everything. I love that we’re learning a lot about each other, but I’m having a baby here! Jeff—what do we do now?

Jeff:  Huh?

Marni:  What’s the next step?


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The last episode ended in the middle of a dramatic moment. Now, Marni is still in labor, and, even though Marni is annoyed at Jeff, he’s the only one who can help. It turns out that he studied natural medicine for a while. Earlier, during the storm, he revealed that he knew quite a bit about weather, too. Nobody knew this side of Jeff before.

While all this is going on, Amanda and Mason are still asking Greta for advice. Finally, Greta has had enough. She’s so angry that she reveals her biggest secret: even though she plays romantic characters in the movies, she’s never had a relationship. She’s never even been on a date. She’s also living a double life.

Did you ever know anyone who was living a double life? What were the two sides of their life, and how did you discover them?



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life on movie is not same as actually . 

01:10 AM Mar 17 2013 |



I have not met anyone with that feature.

but it would be interesting.

12:43 AM Feb 14 2013 |




My workmate leading a double life,She ’s good at arrange her rest time.After work she become a chinese teacher.

12:42 AM Feb 13 2013 |


United States

It is funny how no matter the lesson topic we always end up talking about religion

11:25 PM Feb 12 2013 |




i am special .i always lives in a sinle life,so i am waiting for the speical life partner that prepared for me !

11:11 PM Feb 12 2013 |


MasbararSuper Member!


Double life can not last forever.One has to be choosed at the end.It’s difficult.But it can make the life colorful and attractive.

10:39 PM Feb 12 2013 |

1 person likes this



Never have a double life. I don’t have a pocker face. Can imagine, that some people do.

10:04 PM Feb 12 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


What did you want to say? I couldn’t understand!

Islam, taboo, covered girl, boy friend!! Which them are related to each other?

What’s point of view of Islam to make friends or dating?

It is not forbidden to have friend or be lover for anyone in Islam whether she has hijab or not!

This religion just suggests the way which keep you safe and away from sin, and I’m sure you cannot judge people by their appearance actually! After all someone has a right to be what s/he wants and it is not directly referred to her/his religion.

I hope you understand my opinion.

09:50 PM Feb 12 2013 |




It’s so exciting, imaging you’re dating a person and all of a sudden, a person is undercover cop or maybe somethting more cooler. It’s so dramatic and intersting. But it can be the opposite way, like you say you that and that and that, but in reality you’re a janitor which is very cool too. ( they earn good money). It’s all fun unless it’s doesn’t have an adverse effect on the relationship, otherwise BREAK UP!1!

09:35 PM Feb 12 2013 |


United States

I dont like this topic… change it now!

09:26 PM Feb 12 2013 |




Having a double life seems interesting, but it is hard to keep it in secret. I know some folks with these kind of life. These people need to cheat others to continue their manner. However, they wouldn’t have a comfort living if they insisted to be in those situation forever.

09:18 PM Feb 12 2013 |




It is difficult to have a double life, it is like you have two personalities. It is just a matter of time that one will be caught in the web that he was making in having a double life.

08:03 PM Feb 12 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do like this subject

05:45 PM Feb 12 2013 |

thewaytoyourhartSuper Member!


I don’t think someone who lived a double life would reveal that just by purpose. I do think he/she’d try to keep  it in secret. It would probably  be a very guilty or bad feeling if someone came across it, especially if its about cheating ur partner. As almost everyone I also have secrets I wouldn’t like to be revealed. So its better not to tell you here to be in safe..;D 

And u guys, pls dont gossip about ur fellows ;))

02:59 PM Feb 12 2013 |



Sri Lanka

Marni needs help at the moment.So why worry! I think she should get all the help around her to deliver her baby.The term double life isn’t the issue here.

Talking about double life It is my view that all human beings cannot be expected to respond at something at the same way at different situations.Therefore the way someone behaves at a perticular situation may change according to various facts. Could that be defined as having double life?

02:42 PM Feb 12 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Ya Nina,

It’s an intresting story, but I think she was just a big liar and it’s not an appropiate example for having double life, because she decided to be a thief and couldn’t be true person and nonsense at the same time,in fact she had a choice between the good and the bad.

02:33 PM Feb 12 2013 |

1 person likes this




miss.seba,  are doctors underpaid in your country that he has to supplement his income teaching english ?

02:00 PM Feb 12 2013 |




my English teacher leads a double life.in the morning he’s a doctor and in the afternoon he is an English teacher :) :)

01:35 PM Feb 12 2013 |




DAMAVAND. couldn´t agree more. I ´ve been there too, even I think that is is healthy  to a certain  extent , but  we should always be aware that is not real , a fake  character  we made up  to get by  in sometimes our dull days.  

12:50 PM Feb 12 2013 |

Ya Nina


In my company I had a collegue, who had led a double life. She told everybody that her mother was died and her father was very ill. All of us really sympathized wiyh her hard fate. That girl was very сommunicable, open-minded, easy going. She worked professionally and qualitatively. She could become the sincere friend for the most of our team. 

Some months ago we found out the bitter truth. It seemed that girl lived a double life. Her mother and father were safe and sound. They lived in other country, but that girl ran out from the home. She was the thief. She found the large interesting company, got into confidence, intended the difficult plan how she could thieve a lot of money quickly and unconspicuous. She made it brilliantly in our company too. 

So I met in my life the person who really lived a double life.

12:08 PM Feb 12 2013 |

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