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bleeding heart

bleeding heart

Date: Mar 28 2013


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“You have so much passion and such a bleeding heart. You believe not only in your films but what your films can do for people, and that is the most important thing that I have learned from you.”

- Actress Jennifer Lawrence on her Silver Linings Playbook director, David O. Russell.


— 女演员詹妮弗·劳伦斯 (Jennifer Lawrence) 谈论其参演影片《乌云背后的幸福线》(Silver Linings Playbook) 的导演大卫·欧·拉塞尔 (David O. Russell)。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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extreme care for and sympathy toward others

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Do you know anyone who just cares so much about other people? These types of people are always volunteering their time for important causes, or giving money to charity, or just listening to strangers’ stories on the bus. They feel so much. It’s as if they can’t contain their hearts inside their bodies. Their hearts are bleeding compassion all over the place.

Usually you can just refer to someone as a bleeding heart. You don’t even need to add the word “person” afterwards. If you describe someone as a bleeding heart, your listeners should know that you are talking about the kind of person who just keeps on giving. You might also describe someone as a “bleeding-heart type.”

Actress Jennifer Lawrence uses the expression a bit more literally. Describing the director of her latest film (for which she just won an Oscar), she says that he literally has a bleeding heart. She’s still using it metaphorically, but she’s referring to the heart itself, rather than the whole person. She means that David O. Russell is one of those people who just wants to give back to other people. In this case, he does so with his films.

Do you know anyone who’s a bleeding heart? Do you think one should try to be this way, or does it have its drawbacks?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“She’s such a bleeding heart that I hope she remembers to take care of herself, too.”

“What a bleeding heart! She just gave 20 dollars to that person begging for money.”

“It’s weird. He’s such a bleeding heart-type, but he’s always dating really mean women.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

It is a person who has a tender heart for people and sympathizes with their problems.
by englishteacher24/7
Olivine have such a wide heart and full of feeling
by Olivine
Plx one who feels emotion and pity for everyone and everything
by Plx
FUN777 Loving and sensitive heart.
by FUN777
TITO007 Feeling sorry for everything and everyone and giving in to emotions quickly
by TITO007
Nijar kind,sensitive heart.
by Nijar
Crizsearch softhearted person or exccesively sympathetic.
by Crizsearch
Julissita Kind-hearted, generous.
by Julissita

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Having a bleeding heart means you are able to give lots and lots of love , means you have a sence of caring and sensible feelings ..
Warm hearted people are the bright aspect of this cruel world, we need them to bring happiness and peace to our life.
They can’t be weak or stupid because simply I think they are a good example of what a human being must be like.

03:05 PM Apr 24 2013 |




It is great to be bleeding heart. Allah asks us to be so, to fight the selfish side of our nature because the giver hand is always upper. The much you are   compassionate, forgiving and helper, the much you will be closer to Allah. It is a gift if you find such people who support you and care about you without expecting reward.  

04:36 PM Apr 04 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

I know who :) It’s me :))))))))))))))

11:57 AM Apr 02 2013 |



kind, pity, helpful, sensitive

08:32 AM Apr 02 2013 |


Viet Nam

my english is very bad! can you help me???

02:50 PM Apr 01 2013 |




Dedication is a very glorious ,wo should help each other in life

07:58 AM Mar 31 2013 |




very kind and sensitive person

07:29 AM Mar 31 2013 |

m.aslam kadkhodaie

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

the best manner for the best life and be best by the people who r around u to make the best community for the best future life special the marrige life and have the long life without any trouble…

03:50 AM Mar 31 2013 |




I was taught that when we unselfishly help others ,  in  return unknowingly are helping ourselves, neither a good nor a  bad action goes unrewarded in this world . Giving without expectations  , giving because it is our nature  to give .   For me  it is daily practice  ,I am far from perfect   but  i am growing to that ideal.

09:46 PM Mar 28 2013 |




Such an expression “bleeding heart” and it describes people with the most honorable traits:)

As for me I would call such “shiny heart”.

Having read the explanation of today’s lesson it came to my mind that the people who , as the lesson describes They feel so much. It’s as if they can’t contain their hearts inside their bodies. Their hearts are bleeding compassion all over the place.” are HSP.

Yes, all people are sensitive, but while for others sensitivity sometimes is expressed in an act of kindness for HSP it’s a need triggered by their physiological trait.Anyone can choose to act in a sensitive manner but HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) actually don’t have a choice.

Such people are often :

easily shaken up and distressed by changes

-often negatively affected by loud noises, strong scents, bright light.

they experience mood swings and are easily affected by other people’s moods, emotions and problems

-they can easily sense if someone is not telling the truth..

In other words they are highly affected by their environment.Their honorable behaviours can be explained as the immunity of their nervous system. They do feel the pain of the world and suffer the same fate.

If someone would like to test themselves on high sensitivity here net offers some test:)


09:21 PM Mar 28 2013 |



South Africa

Me myself and I, am such a bleeding heart type! Drawbacks for this type of people are, we tend to spend our whole lifes focusing on other peoples’ lifes, taking focus away from us forgetting the fact that we also got a life to live. People start using you like hell ‘cause all you want is to see smiles on their faces..

Its somewhat a calling/biblical principle! Just put God and his people first and see how He takes you places.

09:10 PM Mar 28 2013 |




The persons with bleeding hearts make good deeds with no expectations in response.Of course,we need to have them around:the more- the better.Coz nowadays less and less people are ready to do smth or  give a help  without being  paying ahead.

What I realize  that is we should help those who can,t help themselves .

07:59 PM Mar 28 2013 |




It’s one of God’s traditions on earth that you find people who are ready to give their lives for others..for every selfish selfcentred person in this world there’s that kind, open-handed person whose whole life is focused on how to give people hope..that’s how balance between good and evil is maintained..how lucky are those..who never stop giving..!!!

Charles Dickens once said..”Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts!!!” 

06:23 PM Mar 28 2013 |




An endangered species!

04:35 PM Mar 28 2013 |

1 person likes this




Mankind have had clear examples of characters  that at the sight of  human misery and injustice, at the risk of their own life  and wellbeing have  devoted  their  life  for the noble cause of lifting up  people  from  apparently hopeless  situations. Really, they had a bleeding heart  that felt  as  their own  the suffering  of the people.

04:29 PM Mar 28 2013 |



I admire bleeding hearts. They deserve respect. And as much as I admire these kind of people I hate people try to make advantage of them. 

03:34 PM Mar 28 2013 |




I think those people represent goodness, happiness and peace in our lives, and because of them life is still going on. So i don’t consider being a bleeding heart person as a drawback if we don’t allow people to use it in bad way.

03:04 PM Mar 28 2013 |



they have a pure heart which full of loving and sympathetic

12:42 PM Mar 28 2013 |

1 person likes this

Ya Nina


If we think about how many kind, generous people live in our world, your country, your city, your street and in your house, you’ll really wonder knowing that they exist. And their number aren’t so small how you can think. I’m sure that in the heart of hearts almost every person is the kind sympathize man but hide that fact from himself. Every child comes to our world creature with big-hearted which love every people. But during his life due to his parents and society, every kind child turn into cold adult person which interested only own problems and own life. In spite of that person with bleeding-heart exist and forget about own interests and help those people who really need help. They help in different ways. Someone helps important word, someone helps specific acts, another supports those who need money. It couldn’t be a lot of sum but how important is that? Really important to love life and people. If these people need help, you need to do everything to help them. Then our world will become a little happier. 

sol de verão


a generous person who wants to help everybody

10:48 AM Mar 28 2013 |

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