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walk in the park

walk in the park

Date: Apr 11 2013

Themes: Fashion


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Passion and being able to take direction. And having thick skin since this business is not a walk in the park.”

- Model Naomi Campbell, on what she was looking for in her team for her new modeling reality show, The Face. (Parade)


— 模特纳奥米·坎贝尔 (Naomi Campbell) 表达对自己的团队参加新推出的模特真人秀节目 The Face 所寄予的希望。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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easy experience

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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You know what’s relaxing? Taking a walk. It’s especially nice to take a walk in a peaceful environment. It’s nice if the environment contains some lovely green grass, and some colorful flowers. Maybe it contains some other people going for a stroll. You know what that sounds like? A walk in the park.

Yes, walking in the park can be extremely peaceful and relaxing. It can be a great way to get rid of stress. In fact, sometimes when you’re having a particularly stressful day, you might wish that you were just taking a walk in the park. The idea of beautiful weather, nice flowers and plants, and calm company might sound like just the opposite of the stressful environment you’re in. Usually, you use the phrase walk in the park to compare it to something stressful by saying that something is no walk in the park.

Model Naomi Campbell reveals that modeling is a stressful business when she says it’s no walk in the park. That means it’s not calm, or peaceful. She needs people for the team for her new show who have a thick skin, or aren’t too sensitive, and who know that the business they’re getting involved in is not relaxing.

Do you get stressed out? What do you do to relax? Can you describe a stressful aspect of your life by sharing how it’s no walk in the park?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“You may think that poetry class is an easy A, but, let me tell you, it’s no walk in the park.”

“I’ve been working 12 hour days all week. This job is no walk in the park.”

“I think I need to move out. I thought living with you would be easy, but it’s no walk in the park.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

mkuang easy thing to do
by mkuang
bienemaja Easy and relaxing
by bienemaja
To be relax; with no difficulty
by zhaleh hoor
Flyaway easy as ABC
by Flyaway
goodmahsa an easy job that poses no difficulty
by goodmahsa
Neptune Tasks which are easy to complete.
by Neptune
Englishty It means something easy or funny.
by Englishty
DAMAVAND To be an easy and relaxing thing to do.

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Yeah, answering calls 8 or 12 hours a day is no walk in the park. I listen to music to relax, it always helps me.

06:46 PM Apr 21 2013 |

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You know what? I’m a stress resistant type and at these moments I show the ability to handle with it very well, mainly with clients. But what I can say for sure is no walk in the park is dealling with some colleagues. It’s such an ego trip :O

04:09 PM Apr 16 2013 |


bkmiller69Super Member!

United States

not walk in the park ? it depends on you what you feel, how you think.

01:14 AM Apr 15 2013 |



no calm, or peaceful, or relax.  its usually used in nagetive sentences , as you know, most of people whose jobs are not good , long-time working, bad environment, lower paycheck and full of stress and so on , nothing is walking in the park if you complain all the time without going for  it hardly

05:16 AM Apr 14 2013 |



happy,easy without stress

Just come to Luoyang for the Peony!

07:35 AM Apr 13 2013 |



Study at a college is no walk in the park! To chill out, I usually go out with friends or have something to eat.

10:28 PM Apr 12 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes indeed, judgment of people in their personal positions is not a true work, but i wanna say i can imagine a day without any model persons, so it doesn’t matter how hard the job is ;)

10:16 PM Apr 11 2013 |




Julito & Damavand,

I always thought about what you mentioned in your comments and on the brink of starting up my business, I still catch myself pondering over it many times a day. That is the unfair side of life, unfair to those who cannot earn as much as those who make a huge amount of money by displaying their bodies, cat walking on podiums, playing in movies, singing songs, etc, but I am not judging them, never ever. Yet on the other hand, many other people are striving really harder than they are, putting their lives at risk, making a ton of sacrifices for the sake of their jobs, sleeping less tc. but still finding it too hard to make the ends meet at the end of the month. But when looking at it from a different perspective, it is very clear that what really matters most is NOT how much money you earn or how much wealth you have. The thing that matters most is how much satisfaction and happiness you get from what you do, because wealth and fame are in your hands now but they run the risk of being lost any second.

The long and short of it, every job surely has its own difficulty but some jobs are harder than others so difficulty might be in the eye of the beholder depending on many other factors such as the physical situation of the person, willingness to work, age, and so on. Therefore, not every job is a walk in the park but good for those who can make it turn into an easy walk in the park. :)

08:18 PM Apr 11 2013 |




I agree with Damavand, the top model sometimes stresses out  running her own business  but what about  people that are on the daily  grind  to earn a meager salary and also putting their life at risk  as police officers ,  fire fighters  ,to name a few. At least by  walking the catwalk  ,reality shows and    sponsoring perfumes she is   fattening her bank account. 

07:53 PM Apr 11 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

walk in the park

its realy make me relaxe and can rubbish all of my bad seconds on that day!!

06:54 PM Apr 11 2013 |

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06:09 PM Apr 11 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I really wonder, if modelling is a stressful job, so what about miners, surgeons, firefighters, military soldiers, air traffic controlers and newspaper reporters? What should they say about their jobs?!! I think when you deal or scrimmage with your death or someone’s else in your job, then you can say it’s not a walk in the park.

02:04 PM Apr 11 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

To get rid of all stress, boredom, tiredness and problems in our life the best way for that  daily routine change . In addition to traveling from one period to another because it renews activity and restores vitality .Most people their life not a walk in the park , they are facing alot of difficulties . The intelligent  person he knows how go out himself from all the troubles ..

01:25 PM Apr 11 2013 |

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We adults know that life is not like a walk in the park,or as the famous french  singer Edith Piaf`s song goes ” La vie en rose”, which means: life is color rose. As Englishty put it, life has its ups and down  and to release tension  I prefer to read a good book, a walk in the park ,to meditate  and the company of  family and friends that  i know will back me up  ,lift my mood  and listening in to my problems. 

12:25 PM Apr 11 2013 |

Ya Nina


I recall an intensive period in my life when I studied at University, worked at part-time job, learned English at special centre. It was very difficult time and exactly it didn’t remember a walk in the park. But there was a one special aspect – I didn’t feel any tiredness and in spite of such challenging period I always remember about it with pleasure and warmth. I feel such emotions because it was very interesting, eventful and joyful time. I had a many new acquaintances, a lot of merry friends, the different interesting projects. We spent our time very differently. We went to the mountains, dancing, cinema club and literatures evenings.

So I’m sure that any stressful situations only depend on your attitude and behaviors by it. Besides we should always remember that our life is wonderful and it always has to remind a walk in the beautiful park but not vice versa.


12:22 PM Apr 11 2013 |




I think that all our life , full of stress,troubles is not a walk in the park.And sometimes we need to relax and rest.I think travelling is a good way for me.Going out somewhere, I try to get rid of problems for some time.

10:15 AM Apr 11 2013 |




This topic really speaks to me, this period of my life is no walk in the park but i know i’m making progress in my life and the ways i use to keep myself relaxed are to keep calming and motivating myself. Life is ups and downs and all you have to do when you have a bad day is to believe you get stronger when you experience a stressful and bad days especially when you pass them successfully.

10:04 AM Apr 11 2013 |



i’m watching tv series and reading a book whenever i want to get rid of my all stressful day.if i’m near the sea.i go there and listen  sound of sea .it is a really beneficial therapy for brain

08:36 AM Apr 11 2013 |


Czech Republic

In Czech REPUBLIC we have a similar “sentence” Is sounds as follows:

provided that I translate it word by word …..

“It is not walking through rosy garden!”


07:35 AM Apr 11 2013 |




I may say that bringing up the kids is no walk in the park.It,s a huge responsibility and parents have to be very educated,loving,careful,judicious and patient.What is the main-they should be a good pattern for them.

05:58 AM Apr 11 2013 |

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