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Date: Jun 10 2013

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Have you ever found yourself gazing at the night sky, lost in thought? Maybe the stars inspire you to write, draw or make music. Do you imagine what it would be like to float in space, close enough to touch one? Have you ever wished on a star?

Humans have always been interested in stars and determined to be among them. Scientists know a lot about outer space, but there is so much yet to learn. In fact, new stars are discovered every day. The truth is that we may never find them all.

No matter where you live, you can look up at night to see the constellations. Listen to what Amanda and Mason think and wonder about them in this English lesson about stars.





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Mason:  Gosh, have you been catching the stars lately? The sky’s been so clear at night. I’ve been trying to remember all of the constellations like Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Orion…

Amanda:  Big Dipper, Little Dipper…

Mason:  It’s pretty easy because pretty much all of the astrological signs are stars. It kind of works out that way. Gemini, Pisces… they’re all there.

Amanda:  What is that Milky Way thing, again? Is that a galaxy or a cluster?

Mason:  It’s a galaxy. It’s our galaxy. Isn’t that kind of weird that we can see the galaxy that we’re in? It’s kind of meta.

Amanda:  Yes. You know what else I like? It’s a supernova. Isn’t it an explosion of stars?

Mason:  It’s when a big star explodes.

Amanda:  Something that’s on my bucket list is seeing a shooting star live and in person.

Mason:  Have you never?

Amanda:  No! I don’t even know if they’re real.

Mason:  Well, they happen all the time.

Amanda:  Where?

Mason:  Well, everywhere, but it’s usually too bright to see them. You’ve got to get out away from all the light pollution and there’s going to be one every five minutes. It’s great!

Amanda:  What does it look like? A firework?

Mason:  It looks like a tear from heaven.


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Amanda and Mason are discussing how clear the night sky has been lately. All of their star gazing reminds them of the constellations, the Milky Way, and so many other amazing things they can see just by looking up.

Mason is shocked that Amanda has never seen a shooting star. She wonders if shooting stars are even real, but admits that seeing one is on her bucket list. Mason assures Amanda that shooting stars are real. He dreamily says that they look “like a tear from heaven.”

Have you seen a shooting star? What does looking at the sky make you think about? Do you believe in wishing on a star?



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I don’t know if I belive it, but people say when you wish upon a star your dreams can come true.

” A star falls from the sky and into your hands. Then it seeps through your veins and swims inside your blood and becomes every part of you. And then you have to put it back into the sky. And it’s the most painful thing you’ll ever have to do and that you’ve ever done. But what’s yours is yours. Whether it’s up in the sky or here in your hands. And one day, it’ll fall from the sky  and hit you in the head real hard and that time you won’t have to put it back in the sky again.”


06:11 PM Aug 11 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

if u wish smth ask it from Allah(God) not from a shooting star

12:02 PM Jul 17 2013 |



every one want to shine like a star in own life. but it is not possible because circuamantances is not same for every one. if you become a star then you should have to hard work to remain this position.it not easy to become a star and it is very difficult to remain this position always.i know very well that i do hard work but it is not sure that i will be a star many thing is neccessary to become a star  

09:34 AM Jun 14 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

yes i have seen a lot of them

and tried wishing on them a lot but i dont think it work out in fact

06:47 AM Jun 12 2013 |

javier armando


I have never seen a shooting star in the night sky so I also wonder whether they are real or not, but one thing I am sure is that I feel so tiny and amazed about the limitless depth of sky when I stare at it.

05:02 AM Jun 12 2013 |




I am a star gazer since my childhood ,when my father passed away, and as a consolation I was told  that my dad now was living up in the sky  in one of those flickering stars. I have had the fortune that in my lifetime I could have spotted several shooting stars , filling my vision with wonder  at the  sight of this display  of nature and the infinite glory of God.




Alpha, Eta, Beta ,Theta, many designations, you can gaze them through a telescope in the highest towers, in a desert night ,while sitting near the sea or through a balcony. Not only engage us staring at but also lead us..

Shoot star I saw it many Amanda due to the clear sky here in Egypt!!, mysterious science.  Watching sky at night feel us peace ,calm tune, and move our emotions. I love the view much, nevertheless I have loads of Q about this puzzling sensation like ;why the stars? Why night? If we have a moon in a day light ,will it attract us too or it’s the combination of this system which do it?

Stars stuff are a fertile environment and stretch ground to imagine and invent scenes, write poems , relaxation, play , spend time and have chit chat with the friends. 


      Can you see ,it’s real 100%....hehe

11:15 PM Jun 10 2013 |



i had never seen a shooting star till 3 years ago.my friend and i was taking a walk on the beach,we were having conversation at the same time,all of sudden a massive bright ball dropped down from sky.we were shocked .we couldnt believe what we saw first.i asked him did you see that? he said ‘yes ’ but i couldnt get it what was that.it was  a shooting star.that’s was faboluous.actually i wished nearly impossible wishes many times .it never happened,so i lost my belief on stars :) they’re only nice display :)

06:45 PM Jun 10 2013 |

zhaleh hoor

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Stars are ambiguous they blink & shine for all but still belong to nobody.They are all illusion. But still sth interesting about them is this fact that  everybody takes them for herself/himself.

06:24 PM Jun 10 2013 |




I like to sit outside and to look at the sky. I think, how far away are the stars how old is the light, which reaches us. Does this star still exist, I am watching right now? Does he have earth like planets surround him? It’s really magic to me.

06:20 PM Jun 10 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

every time I gazed to stars I lost in my thought, do not care what happens around me. It’s woundering time.

06:18 PM Jun 10 2013 |




I love staring at the stars. It makes me calm and relaxed, and then it makes me realize what i am tiny in the universe. I think staring together with close friend is a beautiful moment and u dont need to say anything, only stare. Its romantic & magical :)

02:50 PM Jun 10 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them.my best friend in all night.they are stay for me,and listen to me…they are the bests in sky….

i love to touch and hug them from earth:)

02:36 PM Jun 10 2013 |




The sky with shinny stars and a big moon is the perfect poison for a nice kiss, for a romantic dinner, or only for spending time with friends, stars make the Sky shine, and surely make a wish upon the stars, why not :)

02:11 PM Jun 10 2013 |




When I look up into the sky I feel dizzy! $:
I like viewing of stars and its sparkle!

02:02 PM Jun 10 2013 |




lookin at the stars made me thinking that the sky and the world are truly infinite. That in this huge world, people live their own lives with their own way. We might think that we are the most happy person, the most pathetic person in the world or the most of anything bad that we could describe it. in certain parts of this world, there is always someone who is more happy, more rich, more miserable and more pathetic. It made the gratitude feeling come to the surface

01:27 PM Jun 10 2013 |




  Stars is connected with  many beautifull  visions. They are  connected to guiding light, hope, sucess, harmony and balance. The divine voice swearing”By the star when it descends,” surat An-Njim. In literature, usually a stary sky is used as backdrop to a romantic scene , where the the lovers are gazing the stars at night. In dream, you are lucky if you see a shooting star, which signifies  fortun  and luck. In childhood, it is a space for  joy and happiness. I remember how we as children stay the night gazing at the star, trying to see if it is movable or static. Sometimes we make our eyes half closed to imagining the secret of hide away in a glittering  star. 

11:01 AM Jun 10 2013 |



stars with no count number apperas at night

08:12 AM Jun 10 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The Sky is all beautiful, where you can lie down in Lord’s hand and enjoy the shiny quietness, raise your hand to touch stars, one by one in your eyes …one of the best creatures of nature…lights of love in darkness of night … let’s sink in the sky, all stars surround us and we lose ourselves in the splendor and glory of God. Have you ever known stars are so closer than what you really see?!

 (Because of refraction phenomenon)




Gazing the constellations at night sky, make me think of our universe and not thing can last forever, even the universe itself. The only thing left is the endless  transformation chain-one thing transfering to the other  one after the other.Every exsitance is countted for this transformation chain. No matter how small ,mini and micro this event is.

07:51 AM Jun 10 2013 |

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