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add fuel to the fire

add fuel to the fire

Date: Jul 18 2013


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I think it’s all so sad and I don’t want to add any fuel to that fire.”

- Singer and actress Miley Cyrus responding to an insult from Amanda Bynes


- 歌手兼演员麦莉·赛勒斯 (Miley Cyrus) 在回应阿曼达·贝尼斯 (Amanda Bynes) 的侮辱时这样说道。


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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make a bad situation worse

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Fires are so amazing, aren’t they? From a pile of sticks, or paper, or whatever you have, these glorious flames just rise up. Sometimes the flames can be destructive. Sometimes they can provide warmth. But whatever it is that a fire is doing, it can’t just keep burning forever. It needs fuel. It needs more paper, or wood, or coal, or something to help it along, like lighter fluid. You need to add fuel to the fire if you want it to burn on.

Emotions, like excitement or anger, can feel like a fire, too. So can arguments, or scandals. Just like a real fire, these things can make you feel hot and full of passion. But they need something to keep them burning: more excitement, more arguing, more scandal. Maybe you think an argument is over, but then the person you were arguing with says something else to get you angry all over again. That person is adding fuel to the fire.

Singer and actress Amanda Bynes insulted Miley Cyrus. But Cyrus isn’t interested in having this public fight burn on. She’s choosing not to comment on it because she just doesn’t want to add fuel to the fire.

Do you ever build fires? How do you get them to keep burning? Have you ever been in an argument and noticed when someone was adding fuel to the fire?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Please don’t criticize his writing. He’s already insecure about it, and you’re just going to add fuel to the fire.”

“If you tell her she’s pretty, you’ll just be adding fuel to the fire. She’s so vain!”

“The sportscaster added fuel to the fire when he told the already angry fans to boo at the visiting team. “


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Olivine make it worst
by Olivine
samaneh64 to make a problem worse
by samaneh64
It means making a bad situation worse.
by Sir_pouria_H
shaerwan do or say something that can worsen an already bad situation
by shaerwan

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To increase the severity

09:25 AM Sep 08 2013 |




to add fuel to the fire is like to add water to the sea ….am i sure ??

12:17 PM Jul 23 2013 |

javier armando


In Spanish this phrase goes like this ” Echarle candela ”, just two words when someone keeps adding arguments istead of fading them out. I sometimes argue badly with my brother and we just lose temper and keep adding fuel to the fire till my mom sreams to slow it down. 

04:35 AM Jul 19 2013 |




snoopyboy, I think it is the best way to add fuel to fire when your mom is angry and fighting you and you just stare her. If really care about some people  and you dont want to hurt them try to calm them   especially moms, coz im a mom ;)

02:13 AM Jul 19 2013 |



Here in Brazil it’s called ” Colocar fogo na lenha ” ( Put fire in firewood ).

Obviously, there is people that loves “to add fuel to the fire”, I’ve witnessed sometimes. I don’t remember if I already “add fuel to the fire” , maybe .
In angry moments, you say something to get it angry.

11:20 PM Jul 18 2013 |




   Like many previous posters here, I’m inclined to be on the pacifist side of an argument. Whenever someone starts addressing me with foul words or threatens to escalate the dispute to a physical confrontation level, I calmly wave my white flag and distance myself from that person. I don’t waste my time jostling back and forth with anyone that doesn’t know how to keep a conversation within civil bounds. God forbid if I see myself better than anyone, but resorting to vulgar language is not in my character and I’m proud of it. Unfortunately, many people try to come across as intimidating and impressive by pelting derogatory words at others in a bid to win a dispute or impose a statement.  I don’t support such delusional thinking and as I result, I have limited respect for people who foster such behavior.

     I don’t how everybody else feels about this, but I‘d be filled with self-guilt if I ever insulted someone deliberately.  But sometimes, especially in the past, in the heat of an argument I would use a distasteful term in the wrong tone, and frankly I don’t recollect any instance in which I felt proud after I assessed how I handled those disputes .I’ve been lucky that those I have insulted so far, have been forgiving enough and understanding. As the saying suggests, that although you could be forgiven some of the things you say may never be forgotten.  For instance, my mother hates it when I just stare at her while she’s fuming in anger, she hates settling an argument without me putting up a fight.  It’s not that she’s always right; I opt to remain quiet because I don’t want to say anything that I will regret, especially to her. I always tell her that.

        Good job Miley. I don’t claim to know Amanda Bynes well enough to pass any judgment on her. But, I understand she’s been dealing with some intrapersonal issues over the past few months and some run-ins with the law perhaps her insult to Miley Cyrus wasn’t premeditated, she must have been on the wrong pill. I bet that one day news of collaboration between her Miley is going to spread in the world like wild fire, and everybody who took side in their argument will be left wide-mouthed  :D

08:44 PM Jul 18 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

To make matters worse

07:00 PM Jul 18 2013 |




For us muslims, Ramadan is a time to  practice self control and not to add fuel to the fire. It is a time to re- evaluate our habits and behaviours according to Islamic rules.  Our  Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If any one of you is fasting, let him not utter obscenities or act in an ignorant manner, and if anyone insults him or wants to fight him, let him say, I am fasting.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1894; Muslim 1151. 


06:34 PM Jul 18 2013 |



increase the problem

03:25 PM Jul 18 2013 |



making longer the argument isnt beneficial for both.nobody wins.i approve of having compromise with whom i argue with.it shows how mature you are :) .

01:51 PM Jul 18 2013 |




Miley  Cyrus is a wise woman. Insult after insult  is a waste iof time and energy  ,many times I  I would have  had preferred to keep quiet  and not  lowering myself  at the same  level  my antagonist had sinking in . 

12:21 PM Jul 18 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

people like Miley Cyrus,they are my favourit.they have their emotions under control and they don’t let others push them into an unpleasent situation.I’ve tried to be like this and believe me it’s not that simple when you have been insulted and you don’t want try to pay it back.




In general,I will keep silent if someone add fuel to the fire and I will communicate with him after it. But sometimes,I am too angry to keep my silent. I think we should  not argue voilent when we are in firing because it cannot solve problem in the condition.We should communicate or discuss it when we all are calming.

06:21 AM Jul 18 2013 |



i prefer keep silence, rsther than add fuel to that fire. i am a peace keeper. lol… I never ever build fires. I would like to get the fire to disspear not keeping it burning. I have been in an argument, and I am the one who try to let other people be chilled, and let people work through the problem together and find solution.

06:16 AM Jul 18 2013 |




I was used to keep silent while someone was adding fuel to the fire. But it didn’t help to solve heated arguments. Then I became to get into an argument, that is I added any fuel to that fire!! This was the cause of all my problems. So I don’t know what to do.

05:38 AM Jul 18 2013 |

La Princesse de la vie


I prefer to put the fire down than to add fuel to it. If someone criticize you, you can just ignore him as if you don’t care, because making the situation worse wouldn’t help at all.

05:21 AM Jul 18 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think it means that to make the arguing situation worse by saying sth or doing sth so it causes trouble and may be giving up the relationship.

04:38 AM Jul 18 2013 |




it will be something to happan ,more  and more worse

03:24 AM Jul 18 2013 |

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