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Learn English with this jeans English lesson

Date: Jul 19 2013

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Would you believe that jeans were created for cowboys? Made from denim, blue jeans were so durable that it made perfect sense to wear them on the ranch. Eventually jeans became popular with the everyday person. From babies to grandmothers, everyone owns a pair.

Celebrities even wear high-fashion jeans on the red carpet. But is that cool? Can they be worn anytime and anywhere, or should jeans be worn only in casual situations? There must be limits. Who decides?

Keep reading to hear Jeff and Mason discuss when and where they think it’s OK to wear jeans today.





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Jeff:  So, I’ve got a question. I was at this event the other night and I had a pair of jeans on. I looked around and I felt a little self-conscious. When do you think it’s OK to wear jeans and when is it not?

Mason:  This is a complicated question, I think, because there are jeans and there are jeans. Right? Jeans have become such an industry. The denim industry is so big that there are high-fashion jeans that you’d probably be OK wearing to an event of a certain type. Versus if you’re just grabbing a pair of 501s… that’s maybe a little bit too casual for anything other than working in the garage on the weekend.

Jeff:  Well, I had the professional look going on that night.

Mason:  They had the nice sparkle thread in them.

Jeff:  No, I don’t do that. I don’t go that far.

Mason:  Cool. I’ve got to be honest with you. One of my big pet peeves is buying the pre-torn jeans. That makes zero sense to me.

Jeff:  Wear them enough and that’ll happen. It’s funny how they could be considered a “dress pant” when they became popular purely out of function.

Mason:  I would say the fact that I could basically wear nothing but jeans is just a fulfillment of their function at the highest state of performance.


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Jeff recently went to an event wearing jeans. He tells Mason that looking around at the other guests, he felt uncomfortable. He wasn’t sure that it was OK to be in jeans even though he thought his clothes were professional. Jeff asks Mason when he thinks it’s OK to wear jeans and when it isn’t.

His answer? It depends. There are all kinds of jeans today, and some are definitely OK to wear when you’re going out. Masons points out that the fashion industry makes jeans that are very different from the kind you’d wear while working around the house. Basically, there are jeans for every occasion.

Jeans can cost a few dollars at a second-hand store, or thousands of dollars from a famous designer. It’s amazing how one type of clothing can function for so many situations.

Is it always OK to wear jeans? When is it not OK? Where have you seen people wearing jeans that seemed improper or inconsiderate?



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United States

Fashion never ends, style and fashion getting more important day by day and now mostly people are following their favorite celebrity.

safinaz Replica

12:02 PM Jun 20 2016 |



I heared the frist person to creat Jeans was  a JEWISH, nd stayed in gremany lol,.. 

08:34 PM Jul 21 2013 |




ok, i remember a groom wanted to wear jeens in his wedding ceremony, i dont know why but maybe he would like to be typical and show it easily to other that appereance of people doesnt matter for him even in his special day, by the way i like jeans too, they are comfortable and convenient especially when im at work or going out with my friends, but i think this kind of cloths may be not proper for fat guys which i always hate to see them in jeans, especially tight ones, they look very bad and shameful!!

05:49 PM Jul 21 2013 |

1 person likes this


United States

I have weared the same jeans every day for 5 years the are so cool! they were new back then but now are all faded and broken but naive girls think that are from a designer! haha!

02:32 PM Jul 21 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like jeans very much.i wear jeans when i want to go everywhere


12:36 PM Jul 21 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i do love jeans!i can never imagine aday without jeans!they are cool!jeans with T-shirts!that is my thing!

09:10 AM Jul 21 2013 |




Thank you Seiyf, will hit tomorrow the store and buy the cocktail dress i really liked but refrained from buying it for fear to be out of fashion and glancing at the girl next to me holding Dolce and Gabbana shorts and something else casual :)

Yep, to be happy no matter what… to wear whatever you like no matter what. Cewl!

11:52 PM Jul 20 2013 |




Seiyf, nice story, now you keep it in mind :))

” Long as I can have you here with me, I’d much rather be Forever in Blue Jeans, babe”

And I’d like to say, I do ok :)) Forever in blue jeans too. It’s all reverse with me, back in my 20’s I was wearing classic – dresses, skirts, even, oh my God, shawl!! Now, by some reason, I got down to very casual style  – jeans, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops. I think, it’s because there’s nobody to empress :) I’m kidding :) And well..  the era of Elvis Presly’s gone when women put on earings, bangles, applied too much make-up, wrapped themselves in intoxicating ordour of perfume, colone. And….!! what i still like were wearing heels. So feminine and girly is all about it.

Now.. in the time of high-tech gurus, jeans rule and it’s quite convinient.

So, we do ok, Forever in Blue Jeans;)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwZv-mooSW8 Love this song!

11:17 PM Jul 20 2013 |




why not?i think its okey to wear jeans where ever u like but some times you have to obey the rules in offices or formal places such a meeting or some thing like thats i prefer to wear formal cloths instead of jeans in this places .

03:20 PM Jul 20 2013 |




In my country, wearing Jeans is for young people. It is a sign of childishness or at least irresponsability, for we have our traditional clothing. It is allowed to wear Jeans only in farms and works like that.

10:34 AM Jul 20 2013 |




I think it’s ok always to wear jeans, during we can match it well. I love to wear jeans when going to college, because simple :), casual. 

jeans was not ok to wear it when u was have formal event. I had seen people wearing jeans that seemed improper in formal event. which in that event, we should wear formal dress or formal clothes. but the important thing, we should see first our condition or good time to wear jeans

08:53 AM Jul 20 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i wear jeans when going to college and hanging out with friends

05:12 AM Jul 20 2013 |

shelwin wu

shelwin wu


I like jeans very much, I wear it all day long with sport shoes. to me it is a life style.

by the way.

speak english like an american android app is avaliable on google play store now,

just open play store and search  “Speak English Like an American”, you’ll never miss it.

04:19 AM Jul 20 2013 |



i like jeans, most of the time i wear it in the compan and at home. but for some business men it is not so proper to wear it, but i am not that kind of man, haha.

03:16 AM Jul 20 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think every thing is good when we use it in the appropriate
time and place.

The popularity of jeans can have many complicated cultural & economic reasons

It have many advantages for manufacturers so they try to develop the demand of jeans

I think we can also find more cultural & economic & even political reasons for the popularity of jeans

 for example becouse of jeans’s durability we can use them for a long time so it is advantageous

09:46 PM Jul 19 2013 |




I like to wear 501s almost all the time , dressing casual is great but on certain occasions I prefer  to dress  more formal. What I don´t like   (although for many is cool ) is wearing torn up jeans . What if a celebrity  is walking on the red carpet wearing jeans ? well , nobody would care , they are rich and famous  and the paparazzi  would have  a good  photo of it and the media  something more to talk about.

07:44 PM Jul 19 2013 |

2 people like this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like jean and I wear it.It’s nice and stylish

05:40 PM Jul 19 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i love jeans!they make me feel confident!there is always a good one to wear to special place.

05:32 PM Jul 19 2013 |

1 person likes this



I like pre-torn jeans

04:21 PM Jul 19 2013 |

1 person likes this




First of all, you have to know what kind of environment you’ll find. So, you can have an idea if it is approper or not.

But nowadays you can use a pair of jeans in almost all situations.

04:07 PM Jul 19 2013 |

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