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Pull the Wool Over One's Eyes
Pull the Wool Over One's Eyes English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this dating English lesson

Date: Jul 23 2013

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Has anyone ever tried to trick you? Has someone lied to you, or given you incorrect information, so you won’t find out what they’re really up to? When you find out that you’ve been tricked, it can feel as if you were blind to the truth. It can feel as if you didn’t see the truth because you simply couldn’t see. It can feel as if someone pulled the wool over your eyes.

This phrase probably originates from a time when many people wore woolen wigs. If someone wanted to play a trick on you, for example, replacing the salt with sugar at the table, they could pull your wig over your eyes so you wouldn’t see them do it. That sounds itchy!

Some people in the office have a secret, and they’re trying to pull the wool over their co-workers’ eyes. Find out if they’re successful in this English lesson.


Pull the Wool Over One’s Eyes 这一习语可能源于许多人戴羊毛假发的时代。如果有人想要捉弄你,比如吃饭时把盐换成糖,他们就会用你的假发遮住你的眼睛,让你看不见他们在做什么。听起来很痒吧!


3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Lily:  So, what’s happening on your phone, Jeff?

Jeff:  Nothing. Somebody just sent me a joke.

Lily:  Oh, really? What joke? I love jokes.

Jeff:  Why did the chicken cross the road?

Lily:  Why?

Jeff:  Wait, what?

Lily:  What’s the punchline?

Mason:  Looks like somebody got an awesome text.

Greta:  What? I’m just texting with my… grandma.

Mason:  Oh! Your grandma texts? That’s cool. What are you texting about?

Greta:  Oh, she just wants to know what kind of sweater I want her to knit for me for Christmas.

Mason:  Nice. Grandma sweater. That’s pretty cool. Tell her not to use wool. Wool sweaters itch like crazy.

Greta:  Sorry, what? What did you say? You’re crazy about wool sweaters?

Mason:  It is so funny—Greta and Jeff have been texting each other all day. Greta’s saying that she’s just texting with her grandma.

Lily:  Dude, I know! Jeff just told me someone texted him this really stupid joke about the chicken crossing the road. Meanwhile, I bet he’s totally sexting her.

Mason:  Why are they trying to pull the wool over our eyes? Why should we care that they’re dating?

Lily:  I don’t know! Maybe they’re trying to trick us or something? Or they could just be shy.

Mason:  Aha! I knew it!

Greta:  What?

Jeff:  I was just showing Greta this business proposition I’m working on.

Greta:  Yeah, yeah. It’s very businessy.

Lily:  Come on, you guys. You don’t need to pull the wool over our eyes. We think it’s great that you’re dating.

Jeff:  Dating?

Greta:  What are you talking about?

Mason:  Come on, you guys don’t need to hide anything from us. Plus, you should know by now, it is impossible to keep secrets around this place.

Jeff:  Man. I thought we were being really stealth.


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Lily notices that Jeff is acting a little bit strange. He’s texting a lot and laughing, when he should be working. When she tries to find out what’s going on, he just brings up a dumb joke.

Meanwhile, Mason’s noticing Greta acting strangely, too. She’s also texting and laughing a lot. She tells Mason that she’s texting with her grandmother, which is odd, since many grandparents don’t text.

Mason and Lily get together to talk about what’s going on. They have both figured out that Greta and Jeff are dating, and don’t know why they’re trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Finally, Mason and Lily confront Greta and Jeff, and the truth is out.

Why do you think Greta and Jeff might have been trying to pull the wool over their co-workers’ eyes? Have you ever tried to keep it a secret when you’re dating someone new?



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I know that the policy of some companies forbids inter-company relations. May be that’s why Greta and Jeff have been trying to pull the wool over their co-workers’ eyes. In my country we call it “to put the noodles onto smb’s ears”.

09:14 PM Jul 31 2013 |


YbelousoSuper Member!

Russian Federation

In my opinion as Greta and Jeff is colleagues better not to say that they are dating. They didn’t want that other colleagues were discussing their personal lives. 

I have been tried to keep a secret of my office romance, I think it was successfully. Maybe because we were dating not long

03:43 PM Jul 25 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

It’s true, in the beginning of love, everyone’s bound to pull the wool over people eyes

12:43 PM Jul 24 2013 |

Sumer wql

Sumer wql


Mybe they’re shy to share this new with their friends or co-workers.

If i was Greta,mybe i would be the same.I won’t tell anyone about it until the love be stronger.

01:08 AM Jul 24 2013 |

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I think they were ashamed to tell everyone the truth. But it’s hard to pull the wool over one’s eyes mainly close friends. Sooner or later the truth turns up. However a small lie not make bad for anyone. 

04:03 PM Jul 23 2013 |

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i think dating is a personal event so we don’t have need to aware all people about it and as well there is no need to hide it from others, if i like someone let others know it but don’t let them judge or have comment about my friend unless i ask them or want them to say something to me.

12:58 PM Jul 23 2013 |



Pulling the wool over ones eye is an stupid thing that everyone once does in their life. because one day everyone will know about it.thats the fact.

11:36 AM Jul 23 2013 |

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One possibility is that they both think it may be a bad thing for company when co-workers are dating each other and it may give them a trouble . Or sometimes, people do that just for excitement because they think they are doing the dirty thing under everyone’s eyes and nobody seem to know about it.

07:40 AM Jul 23 2013 |

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