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Make a Move On
Make a Move On English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this kissing English lesson

Date: Feb 11 2014

Themes: Friend, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Lions are very good at hunting. They choose the animal they want to eat, work together to bring the animal closer, and then they kill it. Lions don’t sit and think about how to do this, and they don’t talk things over. They know when it’s time. And when it’s time, they make their move.

People don’t act the same way that lions do, of course. They are much more subtle when it comes to getting close to what they want. When trying to start a relationship, most of us try to choose the best time to make a move. Making a move could mean asking someone out, kissing someone for the first time, or letting someone know that we’re interested.

People can also make a move at work, at school and in sports. When someone makes a move, they are taking a risk or making a big change. It may not work out, but it’s important to try.

Who is thinking about making a move? It’s either Amanda, Lily or Marni. Find out in this English lesson about feelings.

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Lily:  I am so excited that you guys came over for girls’ night. I haven’t done something like this in years.

Amanda:  I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to come. I’m so tired all the time, but this is pretty fun.

Marni:  It is. I’m so glad that we’re doing this. We should really do it more often.

Lily:  Especially before the baby comes, right? Of course, after the baby does come, we can bring the party to you, Amanda.

Marni:  That’s true.

Amanda:  Thanks, Lily. That’s very sweet. Thank you.

Marni:  So, how’s it going with your new apartment? Do you still love it here?

Lily:  Oh, yeah. Totally. It’s so amazing. You know, Amanda just gave me all of this new responsibility at work. Now I’ve got this amazing new apartment. I really feel like a grown-up! I’m feeling really confident and, just, I feel great!

Marni:  Good!

Amanda:  Well, you look great. I was actually going to ask if you have a new boyfriend. You seem so radiant lately.

Lily:  No, I don’t have a boyfriend.

Marni:  But you do have a crush on someone. Am I right?

Lily:  Yeah, OK. Fine. It’s true. I do have a crush on someone. He’s a friend of mine. He’s such a great guy, and we’ve been hanging out so much, but I just don’t know if I’m ready to make a move. Do you know what I mean?

Marni:  Well, do you think he likes you, too?

Lily:  That’s the thing. I have no clue. How can you tell?

Amanda:  Well, how often do you guys hang out?

Lily:  Every day, but…

Marni:  Do your friends like him?

Lily:  Yeah, I think so, but I just don’t…

Amanda:  OK, Lily, you’re killing us. Who is it?

Lily:  Well, you’ve met him before. I don’t know. I may be making a huge mistake, but it’s…

Rafael:  Hey, everyone! How’s it going?

Lily:  Hey! What’s up? Why don’t you sit down? How’s your day going? Come on and hang out.

Rafael:  OK.

Amanda:  The more, the merrier.

Lily:  Yeah, exactly!

Marni:  I thought this was supposed to be a girls’ night.

Amanda:  I thought so, too.

Marni:  Well, since this is supposed to be girls’ night, you’re going to have to get your toenails painted.

Rafael:  OK. That sounds fine by me.

Lily:  Yeah! What color do you want?

Rafael:  How about red?

Lily:  All right. Come on! Put your feet in my lap.

Rafael:  OK.


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Lily is hosting a girls’ night for her friends from the office. Marni and Amanda are at Lily’s new apartment, talking and having fun together. Soon the subject of men comes up, and Marni and Amanda want to know who Lily is interested in. It’s obvious to them that Lily has a crush on someone, and they start asking questions.

Lily tells her friends that it’s true. She does have feelings for someone she has been spending time with. She answers their questions and is about to tell them who it is, but then Rafael arrives home and they can no longer gossip.

It’s beginning to look like Lily is interested in her new roommate, Rafael, but she hasn’t said so. He seems to enjoy Lily’s company, but it’s not clear if he likes her as more than a friend.

Do you think Lily likes Rafael? If so, are they right for each other? Is it OK to date your roommate?



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United States

Hello, I am divine!
How are you? hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health. Please I went through your profile and i read it and took interest in it, please if you don’t mind i will like you to write me on this ID(divine_abidi(at) y a h o o .c o m)hope to hear from you soon, and I will be waiting for your mail because i have something VERY important to tell you.
Lots of love

08:33 PM Apr 19 2014 |



I think Lily likes Rafael, it’s just normal since they share a lot of time together.  It’s difficult to know if they are right for each other, there are many factors to analyze.

About dating your roommate could have pros and cons.  If they are able to keep their relationship it will be good for them, but if they don’t it will be very difficult for them to be roommates.  One of them will leave the place at some point.

Now, to make a move should be something you are really sure.  You got to be confident otherwise your feelings could be broken.

You have to be ready for receiving both answers, if you are not ready, you should think about it a little bit more.

Personally I prefer to know the person for a while and then if everything flows without pressure a relationship could be built.

11:35 PM Feb 17 2014 |



Russian Federation

Girls, please, avoid as much as you can making a first move, unless you’re sure your beloved’s about to do it himself! When doing this, you’re risking of your potential BF loosing any interest in you! As for me, as soon as the girl tries to ask me out, she instantly turns out extremely irritative to me arrising the wish to break all the stuff up. Be highly careful!

11:37 PM Feb 12 2014 |



United States

Judi- just remember how terrifying it is for the guy to ask!

Jobee- My grandfather told me I’d always be happy if I married my best friend. I did and he was right. at least the first 30 years have been fun.

I think it’s better to get to know them first. Like them for who they are before getting romantic about it all. 

Oh, my situation was she was just out of a relationship and had no interest in me. Had we not become friends first, she probably wouldn’t be married to me now. I was fresh out of the military and hardly good at talking to women. 

04:21 PM Feb 12 2014 |




Interesting, but I’m very traditional and think man should make the first move. I find it more romantic :)

03:20 PM Feb 12 2014 |




I confess that I have a crush on a girl who is introduced by a female friend.But she said we could start as a normal friend.I guess she has no feelings for me.what should I do?wait for her to recover from last relationship?or I make a move?

11:26 AM Feb 12 2014 |

quick to pardon


well in that case I prefer the second choise it’s pretty good

07:44 PM Feb 11 2014 |



Well ,my advice is ,keep watching .I ‘m a high school girl and I don ‘t have much experience ,but I think it ’s hard to know somebody ’s heart .Maybe he just take Lily as a good female friend ,together they can chat with each other and relax just like normal friends .I once have a male friend (now he is my ex ),we hang out and spent a lot of time together ,and I thought he liked me .So I asked and we started dating .But finally we both found out we are not fit for each other and he did not even like me !Of course I have bad days but I ‘m okay now …That did hurt ,didn ‘t it ?So be careful about this kind of guy you meet ,if you don ‘t want to get hurt .(maybe that sounds childish ….)

03:41 PM Feb 11 2014 |




Hi julito,I have the same worry with you what if Rafa isn’t interested in Lily.If Lily make a move and told Rafa her feelings for him then get rufused that would be embrassing for roommates,right?All my wishes for Lily.After all.It’s hard to pretent.

02:38 PM Feb 11 2014 |




I think that  lily must have been sending “signals” to Rafael that she  is  ready to start  a romantic relationship . What if Rafa  is only interested in hanging out with Lily  without  any serious commitment ? I am wondering what will Lily do  about it , it must be tough to  have a crush on  your roommate  and then realizing   you have zero possibility .  I    wish for lily the best and if this is not going anywhere , as long as Rafa  is sharing her apartment  she would have to pretend that everything is ok , when actually, inwardly  she will be  holding up  her frustration.

02:17 PM Feb 11 2014 |



Serbia and Montenegro

Although, I believe that men should make the first step (traditionally), my experience shows that women have more guts than men to do something like that. I think that if Lilly really wants to be with him, she’d make the first move. There’s nothing to lose.  They’re adults.

01:58 PM Feb 11 2014 |




OK, so this “girl’s night” is Lily’s another excuse to get to see Rafael. Well, she must have been making small moves then. But if it still takes a girl’s night for her to have him come over, then the prospect might not be as promising as Lily’s liking (or Rafael is hopelessly clueless, or too nice to say no, or too cynical to let Lily know how he really feels). It seems we will be knowing how it will go in coming episodes. 

I feel there aren’t many males in the sample dialogues. I don’t know about others but understanding English by men are harder for me than by women. I’d like to see more conversations between males.   

01:40 PM Feb 11 2014 |




First thing firstly congrats to Lily and also Janezhang123 to make move on with someone. As a matter of fact, it seems this lesson RINGS TRUE to most of us. 

I strongly believe that Lily fall in love with Rafael. Her last action revealed that thoroughly. Finding decent marriage partner is is SO HARD TO COME BY however I think we have to WAIT AND SEE Rafael’s reaction for Lily’s interests. 

Why not. I suppose have a crush on someone makes sb to feel great no matter he/she is sb’s roommate or classmates. consequently, the only thing we should perform is to fOLLOW OUR HEART in these special cases.

08:03 AM Feb 11 2014 |




If like,then talk out; not like,then keep silence. If not sure,then talking out or not doesn’t matter. Don’t cry after miss him/her. So come on! It is easy!!!

06:26 AM Feb 11 2014 |

munisa alimatova


Actually, Lily likes Rafael cos she said that she feelings very great and confident, grown-up as well. but i bet, she isn’t sure to make a move.

05:47 AM Feb 11 2014 |




Ya. I agree with AryelLanes. There is misconception in many socities that male should take inititatives and firstly he should make a move.

05:44 AM Feb 11 2014 |



with the more things we know we have more things to think about and when the opportunity comes we make those  so called think more as an excuse to the fact that we don’t have the courage,i am so that kind of person .this lesson is just right for me ,now i will strat making my move.

02:46 AM Feb 11 2014 |




It blew me away when I heard Lily saying that she wasn’t sure if it was time to make a move. Congrats, Lily! Some people think that the man is the one who has to make the first move – always! I’m not of that opinion… Maybe he doesn’t know you like him. How will he ever find out? You have to make a move or at least leave clues! It’d help a lot!

12:08 AM Feb 11 2014 |

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