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blown away

blown away

Date: Nov 01 2018

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“When I heard that he wanted to sit down with me, first I was amazed that he even knew who I was. I was just kind of blown away by the story that he wanted to tell using the concept of “RoboCop.” I just thought it was brilliant.”

Actor Joel Kinnaman, talking about his role in the movie RoboCop (Moviefone)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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very impressed; amazed

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Have you ever been outside in a wind storm? You try to walk forward, but the wind is too strong. You’re pushed to the side by the wind. In fact, you’re nearly blown away by its power.

Many objects can be blown away by the wind. Small things, such as flowers, need the wind to carry them to other places. It only takes a small breeze for flowers and leaves to be blown away. Sometimes, during a wind storm or tornado, even large objects like houses or cars can be blown away by the wind.

Like a strong wind storm, big news or ideas can also blow us away. When we’re especially surprised or impressed by something, we usually say that we’re blown away. Whatever we have heard or discovered is powerful enough to make us feel off balance, just like being outside in a wind storm.

Talking about the movie RoboCop, actor Joel Kinnaman said that the producer’s idea for the film was so powerful and exciting that he was blown away. He was instantly interested in being part of the movie.

When have you been blown away by surprising or exciting news?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I was blown away when I heard that my brother is getting married.”

“The new X-Men movie blew me away. It was so good.”

“I think this song is going to blow you away.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Manu4 Impressed.
by Manu4
cubi1604 Amazed
by cubi1604
a2020 Amazed.
by a2020
blown away means astonished, surprised
by Valentina Monaco
by mwiard22746
completely surprised
by MHVahdati

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the last time i was completely blown away was when i watched a short movie L’accordeur. i think it’s ingenious. 

and one more thing. recently i began dating with one guy. he’s a wonderful person! i met him 3-4 years ago in a summer camp. since then we sometimes met in some companies but never talk to each other like friends. and if somebody told me that he would be my boyfriend in some years i would be extremely blown away!!!!))

09:47 AM Apr 06 2014 |




Sure. When my wife told me she was pregnant I totally blown away.

04:12 PM Apr 03 2014 |




I was blown away when I heard that Michael Jackson had died. Definitely!

01:35 PM Apr 03 2014 |


Dominican Republic

I was blown away when my aunt got married.

01:26 PM Apr 03 2014 |




First time i know this slang was from carrie Underwood’s song “Blown Away.That song really blow me away.honestly,Learning english here and making friends blow me away.

11:46 AM Apr 03 2014 |




Totally, there was a great deal of things that deeply amazed me in first month of New Year according solar calendar. At first, I heard about the numbers of real estates of a friend of mine, lately and actually, I impressed which blew me away. Secondly, I visited another friend in street recently after a long time and no see. In fact, his change with respect to his believes, style and appearance were great and other than it made me surprised. The last but not the least is an announcement from a member of my relatives that wanna get married in this year asap. He is only 21 years old with no good situation for marriage in connection with his economic issues, family difficulties and other struggles. I deeply praise his braveness. I wish I had just a bit part of his courageousness. 

09:43 AM Apr 03 2014 |


Viet Nam

i have seen this phrase before, but can’s understand the whole meaning of it, really, i think english is a very interesting language, but wonder how to translate it into my language nicely :)

04:36 AM Apr 03 2014 |



nice lesson!!!!

03:54 AM Apr 03 2014 |

deyvison oliveira


Very nice Slang

01:13 AM Apr 03 2014 |




soooo cool haha:)))

12:35 AM Apr 03 2014 |




This new interesting lesson has certainly blown me away :)

12:25 AM Apr 03 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

our site blown me away how it easy learning english in it:)

12:24 AM Apr 03 2014 |

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