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Have One's Hands Full
Have One's Hands Full English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Apr 15 2014

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Adverbs


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Have you ever tried to carry too many things at once? Like groceries from your car into your home, or laundry from the dryer to your bedroom? Chances are you’ll drop something when you have too many items in your arms, but everyone does it anyway. We like to think we’ve got everything under control, even when apples and socks are falling on the floor!

When we have our hands full, we literally have too much in our hands. But in English, this expression also means that we have a lot of responsibilities. Maybe even too many. A doctor can have her hands full because she has too many patients, or a teacher can have his hands full with a large class of students. And it usually means that you can’t or won’t agree to do anything more.

Amanda’s worried that she and Mason will have their hands full after the baby comes. Read on to hear what her friends have to say in today’s English lesson about life’s responsibilities.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Amanda:  Thank you so much, you guys. You really didn’t have to do all of this.

Lily:  Of course we did.

Marni:  It’s a big deal. Both the new baby and you taking a leave of absence from the office.

Jeff:  You know, we’re really, really going to miss you.

Lily:  Totally.

Rafael:  It won’t be the same at all. I mean, you’re always here when I stop by.

Amanda:  I know I am. But I’m only a phone call or a text away, and even if Mason and I will have our hands full at first, it’ll get easier. Right?

Marni:  Yes, it will. And you know that we’re all available to help you. Right? Jeff, for example, would like to do some babysitting.

Rafael:  Yeah.

Jeff:  What? Yeah.

Rafael:  Jeff is totally going to do some babysitting.

Lily:  We’ll all babysit. You and Mason will want to get out sometimes, and we can come over and watch the baby while you guys go out and have a good time.

Amanda:  You know, I’m starting to wonder if we’re ever going to have the motivation to want to go out. But thank you nonetheless. That’s sweet.

Marni:  You’ll get into the routine. Don’t worry.

Lily:  And don’t worry about things here. We’ve got it all under control. We will take very good care of your company.

Jeff:  Absolutely. Between the three of us, we’ve got everything under control. Right?

Lily:  Exactly.

Rafael:  Yeah, and that’s true. Until my job starts, I can help out anytime.

Marni:  You got the job? Wait…

Rafael:  I got the job!

Amanda:  Congratulations. Good for you. See, this is the stuff that I don’t want to miss, even if I do have my hands full.

Lily:  We will keep you informed.

Amanda:  You’d better.


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Lily, Jeff and Rafael are throwing a goodbye party for Amanda. She’s taking time off from AmericanDreamD8.com to have her baby, and Marni’s going to be the new boss while Amanda’s away. Her friends want Amanda to know that they will take very good care of the company while she’s gone. They also tell Amanda that they can babysit for her if she wants a night out with Mason.

Leaving her company is bittersweet for Amanda. She’s excited to meet her new baby, but she loves her work and spending time with her friends. It seems like Amanda’s a little worried that she will miss out on important events when she’s gone. Still, she knows that Marni will do a fine job.

Can you remember the last time you had your hands full? What was going on, and how did you get everything done?



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United Kingdom

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Yes, in my work, sometimes, I have that to decide very fast. This situation us do to think or to feel, we hands full. The better form of solve problem is to make how the friend talked following:   

1. I make a ” to do” list.
2. I sort them in order of importance and deadline.
3. I check whole work load and I assign some jobs to someone if I cannot do all.

This action can to help us.

02:36 PM Apr 18 2014 |




Have you ever tried to carry too many things at once? – Yes, I have. Were you watching me?  I live in a second-floor apartment. Whenever I come back from my grocery shopping, I climb up the stairs with my hands full of groceries. I could make two trips carrying fewer bags each time. In fact, that could be quicker. But I guess I’m determined to deny that two times can be less than once.  I laugh at myself though, knowing how ridiculous I look with many bags of groceries and the struggles I make while I walk.

02:18 PM Apr 16 2014 |




In my job I always have my hands full. It´s a fast paced kind of job and you have to handle a lot of things at once. Trying to be organized and learning how to prioritize have helped me a great deal.

03:39 PM Apr 15 2014 |

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this feeling comes when i start a new trip

08:56 AM Apr 15 2014 |


United States

Sometimes, important things come at the same timing.
Every things seem important, and every thing have almost same deadline.

My family member passed away suddenly. This is the last time I had my hands full. Because his death wasn’t common, so many tasks came in the same timing.
In my country, deadline of the process, funeral, inheritance and  police, is too short. After all things finished, I was able to cry for family member’s death.
It was like a storm.

What should I have done?
I think setting a priority is important to do tasks. 
In the middle of  the process, we need to give up some tasks.

1. I make a ” to do” list.
2. I sort them in order of importance and deadline.
3. I check whole work load and I assign some jobs to someone if I cannot do all.

05:22 AM Apr 15 2014 |

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