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Dogs Vs. Cats

Dogs Vs. Cats

Date: Oct 09 2007

Themes: Pets


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Dog people and cat people.

Cat people like that they can have a pet that learns to go to the bathroom in a litter box or outside. Their pet doesn’t come when they call and it doesn’t do tricks, but it’s not much trouble either.

Dog people don’t mind that they have to take their dog on walks so he can use the bathroom because they love having a loyal pet that knows its name, sits on command, and protects the house when they’re away.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kevin:  I went to the Humane Society yesterday and I adopted a puppy.

Beren:  A puppy?

Kevin:  I did. It’s going to be a lot of work.

Beren:  Yeah, you should have gotten a cat.

Kevin:  You know, I used to have a cat, and I’m all for cats but I kind of…I went and saw which ones were sad in the corner. A lot of them sort of run up to you.

Beren:  Which puppy is the most depressed…

Kevin:  Yeah, and she’s so cute, so I think she’ll be fine.

Beren:  Alright…

Kevin:  How about you? Are you a dogs or cats…

Beren:  I’d have to say I’m a cat person.

Kevin:  Really?

Beren:  Yeah. They’re more independent, you don’t have to be there all the time to take care of them. They take care of themselves!

Kevin:  Yeah.

Beren:  And they’re fun. You can train ‘em.

Kevin:  Do you have a cat?

Beren:  I do have a cat. Kind of like a dog in a cat’s body so it’s the best of both worlds.

Kevin:  But, like, I used to have a cat and he was super needy. He was great, but he was incredibly needy.

Beren:  Hm. What do you mean, “needy”?

Kevin:  Like, he always had to be jumping on you.

Beren:  That’s a puppy in a nutshell!

Kevin:  I don’t know. I guess when I was a kid I always had dogs so I’m just more comfortable with them.



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Kevin adopted a stray puppy. He went to the Humane Society, where abandoned dogs end up, and picked the saddest, cutest puppy he could find. He says he knows the dog is going to be a lot of trouble.

Beren says he should have gotten a cat. She’s a cat person and likes that her cat doesn’t require a lot of care.

As it turns out, Kevin used to have a cat that, oddly enough, required too much attention. Beren says that Kevin’s former cat sounds more like a dog.

Which are you, a dog person or a cat person?



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I don’t believe in that

You can adore both, cat and dog

06:05 PM Dec 07 2013 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have one dog.i very love dogs and i hate cats.dogs are a true friend.

08:50 AM Jul 06 2013 |



Russian Federation

I ‘ve picked up this lesson as I like the picture. These two look fun, especially the cat.

When someone takes an animal at home, no matter is it a cat or a dog, he should be aware of the possible trouble , associated with that. I know it, as I used to have a dog 7 years ago and I have a cat now.

It is not good when a person takes an animal at home and then tryes to ride out of it for different reasons. It makes me sad to see newspaper announcements where people seek for any adoption for their pets.

I am a dog person. And not only becouse of reasons, pointed in this lesson. I’ve heard a saying recently ” If no one loves you, adopt a homeless dog and it will love you more then its own life”. I can say that it is truth as I had a very faithful dog for 9 years.

Cats are different. First of all they think about their own safety and comfort. My cat is young yet, but he demands more and more privileges and sometimes behaves unbearable. We took him from street two years ago, and being  too quiet, he did not see us much trouble. Now it is clear that we were wrong.

But this one is so much cute and lovely, so much friendly , that it is difficult to be angry for his misdemeanours for a long time. Anyway, I am glad that our home has become his home. And I hope he feels the same too.

07:36 PM Jul 05 2013 |




I have 2 dogs, they're friendly , cute.

11:11 PM Mar 06 2009 |




lesson for PET LOVERS… two thumbs up~~i have a white cat and she’s so lovable and 4 dogs.. they are very loyal… I LOVE THEM~

01:34 PM Dec 29 2008 |




I'm a cat person I think cat is more independent, decent and don't hurt anyone 

06:46 PM Dec 27 2008 |




nice lesson

06:40 PM Dec 27 2008 |

cat m

cat m


i like this lesson

02:49 PM Mar 22 2008 |




Cats are mythical….

10:13 AM Jan 15 2008 |




my msn :

12:54 PM Nov 02 2007 |



since i was a kid, and i had dogs in the house, so let me say that dogs rock lol:P, they are loyal and always love to play ball and can have some pictures of them while do some weird actions, like my female dog bells do lol:D,some cats are cute as well and loyal, my aunt had a cat that used to sit under her legs and know how or what she wants, really that was a cute thing to see.

09:36 AM Oct 22 2007 |




i have 2 dogs !! i prefere this animal because he's a true friend for the people !! the cat is more independant !! he doesn't like her friend !! he rob everything !!!

12:27 PM Oct 18 2007 |



  I really Like the dogs cause they re braves but I also like cats cause they re smarts

if I have to Choose about be a Cat or Dog person I would Like to be a half part of them

will be interesting in my way of think

08:38 AM Oct 16 2007 |




I like dog

09:19 AM Oct 15 2007 |




i love dogs but i have a little cat, i love animals, and i think when i have more space in my apartment i will have some cute dog, yeah it will be great”!

05:51 AM Oct 15 2007 |


Russian Federation

I think cats are best friends. I have got a cat. I'm fond of him!!! He behaves like little BABY! I can say so about dogs too. I had got a puppy in my childhood, but it's very sad story ( But now I have also three parrots and one big fish! :)))

09:36 AM Oct 14 2007 |




I'm a cat person too but I work at the factory where there are a lot of dog around me. Their owner is my managing director. Sometime they barked to other people and bited. Luckily they are friendly with me.

03:50 AM Oct 14 2007 |



i love dogs… :) they are more friendly and funny….

10:18 PM Oct 13 2007 |




i'm a dog person… I think is ok to be independent but you have to share a bit of yourself too!... and that's why I think dogs are the best pet… eventhough I like cats… Dogs are loyal and faithful… those are great qualities people don't have nowadays

09:57 PM Oct 13 2007 |



I haven't got any pets…Cry

07:43 PM Oct 13 2007 |

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