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X-Men: Days of Future Past
X-Men: Days of Future Past

Learn English with this superheroes English lesson

Date: May 19 2014

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture

Grammar: Adverbs


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X-Men fans around the world are waiting for the newest and seventh movie in the popular franchise to start showing in theaters this Friday. Fan favorites such as Wolverine, Professor X, Storm, and Mystique are all back, and actor Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones is joining the movie to play “the bad guy,” Bolivar Trask. If this movie is anything like the others, it will be non-stop, action-packed fun!

The best part of all X-Men movies is, of course, the mutations that give the X-Men special powers. For example, Wolverine heals quickly, Professor X knows what others are thinking, Storm can change the weather, and Mystique can change her shape. We’ve all thought about what powers we would want if we could have them, and X-Men movies help us imagine what life would really be like if we did.

Gary and Brian are both big fans of the X-Men. Find out what they think of the newest movie in today’s English lesson.


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Brian:  Hey, Gary. Have you seen all of the X-Men movies?

Gary:  Twice.

Brian:  And are you going to see Days of Future Past?

Gary:  Twice. Yeah, I am. You?

Brian:  Yeah, I’m actually a really big fan of the series. And it looks action-packed. They haven’t shown a lot of footage, but I’m pretty excited. The costumes look pretty fun.

Gary:  The variety of mutations that they are putting in there. All the different characters in the new film, the Days of Future Past… how many characters are we going to see in this? How many powers are we going to see in this?

Brian:  I’m pretty excited, but I’m a little afraid it’s going to turn out like X3, where I thought the franchise ran its course. And they tried to put in so many characters that there was no character development.

Gary:  You mean the non-stop fight that was the entire third act?

Brian:  Yes, just bridge-moving and people fighting for no reason?

Gary:  Yeah, yeah. That had run its course. I was done with it five minutes into the fight.

Brian:  I’m pretty excited, though, because there’s a lot of variety, and I love Peter Dinklage.

Gary:  How could you not?

Brian:  All right. Want to go together?

Gary:  I’m with you.

Brian:  All right. It’s a man date.


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Brian’s very excited about the new X-Men movie that’s coming to theaters in a week. Gary’s seen all of the X-Men movies two times already, and he plans to see this one more than once, too. They’re both interested to see how this movie has been made. It’s obvious that they’re hoping and expecting it to be good.

The two agree that the newest X-Men movie is going to have a lot of characters with a lot of powers. Maybe too many! But the actor Peter Dinklage will be in this film, and both Gary and Brian think he’s great. They decide to go together on what Brian calls a “man date.”

Do you enjoy the X-Men movies? Will you see Days of Future Past? What do you think will happen?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It’s good that those old characters are back. It would be something else with them undoubtedly. I have seen the first three parts but after that I just lost my desire to watch the next ones. However, after seeing the trailer and realizing that the original characters appear in this new part I will definitely watch it. But it’s a great idea. Have you ever thought about having those kinds of super powers, mutations and incredible abilities? What would be the world look like then with millions of people capable of doing super power things?

11:51 AM May 22 2014 |



I have never seen this movies but I want to see it, if I have free time I will go to theater with my famliy, I am interest in characters, it is amazing that someone has reals quickly, knows what other are thinking, change the weather and change her shape, I really like to see it.

09:44 AM May 20 2014 |




I love X-men! I wish I could have telepathic, telekinetic, healing and teleportation powers! It would also be nice to travel in time. Hahaha

07:40 PM May 19 2014 |

3 people like this


mrn90Super Member!


I’m gonna to see it. The trailer look great

04:21 PM May 19 2014 |

2 people like this




LOL,I don’t watch the X-men even though is shot by Marvel. Iron man is the best ever.

01:33 PM May 19 2014 |




I’d like seeing it. I think the best power could be to strike terror because in spite of you are not dangerous, people respect you and they don’t disturb you.

01:32 PM May 19 2014 |

1 person likes this

Mr. Learner


I haven’t watch any of X-Men movies .. 
And I don’t think I’ll do! 

12:38 PM May 19 2014 |

1 person likes this




I thought that Malcolm-X was added in the X-Men team.

Malcolm X has a great book “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and a great movie with the same title that help learn english. 


08:45 AM May 19 2014 |

2 people like this




 I only watched one of the X-men series on the train back home or school, if there is nothing wrong with my memory. It‘s reported that well-known Chinese actor Fang Bingbing  plays in Days of Future Past. So I will  watch it with full expectation.

06:26 AM May 19 2014 |




Can’t wait to watch it…:))  But it’s not comfortable to wear the 3D glasses…..

04:39 AM May 19 2014 |

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