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The Bourne Legacy
The Bourne Legacy
《谍影重重 4》

Using Adverbs

Date: Oct 17 2012

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Adverbs


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This fourth movie in the blockbuster Bourne series offers a new twist. This time around, Jason Bourne is out of the picture. Instead, the movie focuses on a new rebellious agent: Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner.

Cross has been part of a secretive program that gives agents special medication to enhance their mental and physical abilities. When the government decides to shut down the program and kill the agents, Cross goes on the run. What follows is two hours of action, chases, and the question that the Bourne movies always bring up: is the US government the good guy or the bad guy? Hear Mason and Sara discuss this hot new film.

这是风靡一时的《谍影重重》系列的第四部影片,情节出现了令人意外的全新发展。本片中不再有杰森·伯恩 (Jason Bourne) 这一角色。影片转而重点刻画一位新的反叛特工:由杰瑞米·雷纳 (Jeremy Renner) 饰演的亚伦·克罗斯 (Aaron Cross)。



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Mason:  I was thinking about seeing the new Bourne movie, but then I heard from a buddy of mine that it’s kind of not so great.

Sara:  I think you should definitely see it.

Mason:  Oh yeah? You caught it?

Sara:  Yeah. It’s not, like, high-quality cinema, but if you just want to escape for a couple hours and just watch some chase scenes and some high-action espionage, I would go for it.

Mason:  So how would you rank it against the other Bourne movies?

Sara:  I’m going to be honest with you and say I’ve only seen the first one and this one, but it was actually great because I could just figure out the plot really easily, without having seen the middle ones.

Mason:  Interesting. And so he’s like some rogue agent who’s running away from the FBI or CIA or whatever, and there’s lots of chase scenes…that kind of a thing.

Sara:  That kind of thing. You’re not really sure who his allegiance is to, there’s all these question marks throughout it. And, in fact, Matt Damon, Jason Bourne, isn’t even in this one.

Mason:  Do you feel like there’s a broader message to it, or is it pretty much just James Bond for the next generation?

Sara:  You know I think there’s this feeling that the agent who’s rebelling, or going rogue, has even a higher sense of morality than the government, and that person is being put out as sort of critiquing the government for that reason.

Mason:  Ooh!


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Mason says he’s heard that The Bourne Legacy isn’t such a great movie. Sara disagrees. She’s seen it, and she recommends it, particularly if Mason is in the mood for some action.

Mason asks Sara how this movie compares to the others in the series, but she hasn’t seen any others except the first one. Still, she thinks that the plot of this movie is very clear. Like the others, it’s about a rogue agent on the run from the US government.

Given this plot line, Mason asks Sara whether she thinks there’s a political message to the movie. She thinks the fact that the rogue agent is portrayed as having a high sense of morality means that the film is meant to critique the government, at least a bit.

If you’ve seen The Bourne Legacy how do you think it compares to the others in the series? Do you like action movies, in general? Do you like it when movies have a political message?



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Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i haven’t seen the bourne legacy movie.i do like action movie.i wish i could see it other day.

05:56 PM Apr 11 2013 |




02:42 PM Nov 05 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


Hmm, I’m not a big fan of spy movies, just for definite actors.. The only one I remember that I’ve seen is Salt starred by Angelina Jolie… 

Yes, I like action movies or most of them and yes I like political movies, one of them and my best one is V for Vendetta..

09:39 PM Oct 28 2012 |

Son of English

Hong Kong

I heard it’s pretty bad. E.g. the main character is ‘super’ because he takes drugs, but apprently he can still be ‘super’ even when he’s stopped using them. Does that make any kind of sense?

03:07 PM Oct 25 2012 |



Russian Federation

No Bourne can be without Matt Damon – he has something reflecting  the type of rogue agent – everyone would love him!

02:58 PM Oct 25 2012 |




some scenes are taken in philippines

12:03 PM Oct 23 2012 |



It’s impossible to imagine any of Bourne-movie without Matt Damon… I’ve seen all of them numbers times and those were all about him. I’m probably not gonna see this new one… Thanks for all your comments!

08:59 PM Oct 18 2012 |

1 person likes this

Cici Yong


I like catoon…............hahah.

04:00 AM Oct 18 2012 |

Cici Yong


The Vanpire Diary--—www.safasov.com

03:59 AM Oct 18 2012 |



06:58 PM Oct 17 2012 |

jossef 002010


no, i haven’t seen that movie,and yes i do really like action movies more than any other kind, because i find them interesting which impose me to watch them, and to interact with them by wishing a taugh punishment for the creminal and happy end for the hero for Example, i do beleive that the successful movie is the one that has a message whatever  that message is (political,social..), because for me a movie without a goal without a message is just a nonsense, a waste of time, that’s why people watch movies to understand to know what the derector of certain movie wants to say through that work, and what make this movie diffrent than others .

06:43 PM Oct 17 2012 |

Irene Forever


Unfortunately or fortunately :) I haven’t seen The Bourne Legacy.

In my point of view, movies  should touch hearts, otherwise what’s the use of wasting time on stupid plot which can do the only thing- to kill your time which is very precious.

Nevertheless, some action movies with a well thought-out plot can be still interesting for me.

To say something about movies with political implication, the only answer is -  no, I don’t like them. Though if a director of a film is so talented that he is able to catch my attention, I can watch it.:)

Still, no politics for me. I am just a woman made of flowers and perfum.:)♥

06:42 PM Oct 17 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually I prefered action movies more than any kind of movie , In my opinion should  on each movie has an different message specially If we are talking about some specific movies Interesting about our daily lives .
We  prefer to watch only The modest movies because we aren’t living alone , Each of us living with a big  family , sometimes our mood has become very strange , There’s nothing make you feel a big difference in yourself , Until If you have lots of money , because the happiness isn’t only having money
If I have the right to select a good Idea to making an amazing movie I will try to select different ideas over the world , One of them I will talk about Felix bugmunter , He deserves a big honor .

04:56 PM Oct 17 2012 |




Yes, in general, I like movies with some action scenes but not those with only action and a stupid story or plot. I think it is important that action movies have a message complying with the reality we experience or see in our life. As for me I like movies having political messages best.

01:27 PM Oct 17 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Criticism of the government’s wrong policies is true 

09:26 AM Oct 17 2012 |




I watched a couple of movies with Matt Demon and then I stopped. It’s a good action movie – run here, run there, run everywhere. Who is who chasing, what he’s backing up – definitely lot’s of quesitons marks. Well, maybe it’s good, just to sit, switch off, relax and watch without thinking, suspense, adrenaline rush :).

The movies with political messages first came to my mind - the Hunger Games :),  Avatar. 

09:23 AM Oct 17 2012 |




Yes i can watch action movie but i’m not a big fan and i think each movie has the right to express the director’s point of view freely.

09:01 AM Oct 17 2012 |




Actually, i haven’t seen it. For me sometimes i feel like seeing an action movie, but in general i don’t like the action movies especially those have a political message, i prefer more to see a movie that has a Humanitarian message.

06:35 AM Oct 17 2012 |

1 person likes this

Persian Gulf Girl

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I dont like action movies.

05:04 AM Oct 17 2012 |

1 person likes this

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