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Nothing is Sacred
Nothing is Sacred English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Aug 05 2014

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Tag Questions


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If an item or a location is connected to religion or used in a religious ceremony, we say that it is sacred. When a thing or a place is treated with great respect and highly valued, we might say that it is sacred, too. To call something sacred is to show how important it is and how worthy it is of respect. Most people take special care of sacred things and places, even if they’re part of a religion that’s different than their own.

The expression nothing is sacred is used when talking about someone who isn’t very respectful or thoughtful. If you say that nothing is sacred to your friend Mike, for example, then he doesn’t respect what’s important or of value to others. To Mike, it’s OK to do or say anything, no matter where he is, who he’s with, or what is expected of him. Whether he’s at school, in a church, or sitting next to President Obama, Mike is going to do or say whatever he wants!

Why is Jeff saying that nothing is sacred to Gary and Brian? What did they do? Find out by reading today’s English lesson.

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Marni:  OK. We’re just about ready here. Can you hear us? OK.

Jeff:  We just need our chairs, and we’re ready to go.

Marni:  OK. What did you do?

Jeff:  What was I supposed to do? I hung up! Just tell them we got disconnected.

Marni:  Oh my gosh. I just… I can’t… what? Whoopie cushions?

Jeff:  You! Hey, you! It was you. You just… Nothing is sacred with you two. Don’t think we won’t retaliate.

Marni:  Seriously. You’d better watch your backs.

Gary:  Hey, so did you do anything fun this weekend?

Brian:  Not really. Just watched a movie.

Gary:  Oh, yeah? What did you watch? What the heck? What is this? What the heck is this?

Brian:  It’s on my stapler and on my binder clips, too.

Gary:  Dude, this is honey. It’s on everything!

Brian:  It is on everything.

Gary:  This means war.

Rafael:  What is going on here?

Jeff:  Just having some fun!

Marni:  Yeah, pick a side!

Gary:  Yeah, you have to pick a side.

Rafael:  Do I have to?

Gary:  Yes, you have to!

Rafael:  Who started it?

Jeff:  They did!

Marni:  They did!

Rafael:  Nothing is sacred for you two, is it?

Marni:  Come on, Rafael, you’re wasting time!

Rafael:  Woo-hoo!


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Jeff and Marni are about to participate in a business phone call. But just before they can begin, they both sit on something that makes a rude noise! Jeff is so embarrassed that he ends the call. That’s when they notice that Brian and Gary are laughing in their office.

Marni and Jeff decide to retaliate for being embarrassed during their call, so they put honey all over Gary and Brian’s desk. This means war to the owners of StarScoop.com, and Rafael next finds them throwing balls of paper at Marni and Jeff. Rafael decides to join in on the fun even though he doesn’t know what’s really going on.

Do you agree that nothing is sacred to Brian and Gary? Do you know someone who acts like nothing is sacred to him or her? How do they behave?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


10:12 AM Sep 07 2014 |




so true..it usually happens when you have lots of friends and some of them are like that only.. be it any situtation or location they will start making fun of you and pulling your leg. nothing is sacred with them

08:51 AM Aug 16 2014 |


sibylla_3Super Member!


amazing !!!!!

10:47 AM Aug 15 2014 |




EB is sacred. Never shoud it be broken down.

11:09 PM Aug 06 2014 |

1 person likes this



I think Gary and Brian are a little mischievous with Marny and Jeff because they are good friends.

I haven’t met any person who really behaves like nothing is sacred to him or her.  My colleagues are usually very serious and focused on working.

I don’t know how I would react with someone behaving like that :D

04:06 PM Aug 05 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it doesn’t right about them, they just had a fun, they are friends and respect eachothers

02:05 PM Aug 05 2014 |

2 people like this




i like watching this War…  :DDDD

i used to play with that kind of whoopie cushion at my friends! It really makes a rude noise! :)) I remember people laughed out loud when my friend sat on the chair with an awkward face!

03:55 AM Aug 05 2014 |

2 people like this




I think each of us has the own idea on what is sacred for him/her, it doesn’t matter what other people think about it.

03:41 AM Aug 05 2014 |




Very happy to see English Baby is back to work normal.Yesterday,i was worried that i can’t learn today’s lesson.I like this vedio with so much fun!!!!

01:24 AM Aug 05 2014 |

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