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In The Doghouse

In The Doghouse English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Aug 24 2010

Themes: Romance

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Jason and Devan have been dating for a long time. They usually get along well and don’t fight. But last week, Devan explained to Marni that things aren’t as good as they used to be. Some of the magic is gone.

But now something bad must have happened because Devan has kicked Jason out of their home! When couples fight, someone usually ends up in the doghouse. If you’re in the doghouse it means you did something wrong and have to make it up to the other person. The phrase comes from the idea that if what you did is bad enough, you may have to go sleep outside with the dogs until you’re forgiven.

Watch as Mason discovers that, at least for a few days, the office has become the doghouse for Jason.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  Alright. It’s first thing in the morning, I just got here, for work, ‘cause I show up early every day, and this is what I find. I don’t know what this is about. Let’s find out. Dude! Jason!

Jason:  Whoa! Hey, hey!

Mason:  You’re making a mess in my office, man, what the heck’s going on?

Jason:  Uh, well, uh… I’ve actually been sleeping here the last couple of nights.

Mason:  What?

Jason:  I’m kinda in the doghouse with Devan.

Mason:  Oh, man. What did you do?

Jason:  I… well, I got a couple of texts from our old friend Amanda.

Mason:  No kidding! How’s she doing?

Jason:  She’s doing alright. you know, she’s having, you know, some theological issues at the convent that she wanted to discuss. And so I was texting her back and forth, and Devan went through my phone.

Mason:  Yeah?

Jason:  And she totally freaked out ‘cause she knows I used to have a thing for Amanda.

Mason:  Yeah, man, no wonder you’re in the doghouse. Your current girl can’t see you talking to an old girl. That’s a surefire trip to the doghouse. Like, “Do not pass go, Do not collect $200

Jason:  Fair enough. I mean I should’ve known that she’d go through my phone, I mean she basically goes through every other aspect of my life, so…Just like guys are apt to do I upset my girlfriend and I’ve been thrown out of our house and into the doghouse.

Mason:  Ah. What are you going to do to get yourself out of the doghouse?

Jason:  Boy, I don’t know! I thought, you know, that if you just stayed there long enough and, you know, didn’t screw up again, that maybe…

Mason:  Rookie…rookie mistake, my friend. Like, I mean, maybe it’ll blow over. If you wait long enough. But the thing about being in the doghouse, it’s up to you to get out of the doghouse. You gotta buy flowers, you gotta buy chocolates, you gotta beg. Clean this crap up.

Jason:  Yeah, okay.


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Jason’s girlfriend, Devan, recently discovered that he has been texting with his old friend Amanda. Jason used to have a crush on Amanda before she moved away to become a nun. Devan got very upset about the texts and made Jason leave. He has been sleeping at the office since then.

Mason arrives early one morning to clean the office and discovers that Jason is there…sleeping. He wakes him up and learns that Jason is in the doghouse. Mason advises him that waiting alone won’t get you out of the doghouse. You have to do something to make it up to the person you wronged. Mason suggests flowers and chocolates.

People most often end up in the doghouse with their romantic partner, but you can also find yourself in the doghouse with your employer, your friends or your family. Have you ever been in the doghouse? How did you get out of it?



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Poor Jason end up in the doghouse, girl is often jealous for every small reason, I think it’s alright texting to old friends even they used to get relationship before, for normal text of course, I meant it’s kinda asking for suggestion or something not serious thing for example dating again, or talking about love, that’s worse and girls have their right to kick their boyfriend to get out of their house. I think Jason should wrap the problem soon and quickly make it up with Devan.

05:52 AM Dec 10 2011 |

Anna Aragonès


Perhaps if he had explained her what was going on, nothing would have happened. But, by the other hand, does people look through partner’s mobiles so easy? Is a question of trusting one with the other. Really, I think he has to appologise, and after that have a long talk. 

I think I3ve been lucky. Till now, I3ve never been in the doghouse.

02:29 PM Dec 09 2011 |



jason , u should be more careful more than than , 

11:13 AM Sep 12 2010 |



goooood, and coool

06:02 PM Sep 02 2010 |

Sandra B.

Sandra B.


Mybe I have not been in a doghouse but in my cat's house. Last year I had a party and my aunt told me come early…when i arrived at home at 5:00 am the next day my aunt was really angry with me…I told her "you told me that I had to arrive at home early and it's 5:00 am" she got worst…so then she said that I had to sleep with my cat in it's house…and I had to…Tongue out

08:06 PM Sep 01 2010 |




As far as I remeber Mason used to date Amanda, no?

01:20 PM Aug 30 2010 |



This is correct: I have been thinking about quitting my job”?

02:18 AM Aug 29 2010 |

Kyoko Shin

Kyoko Shin


I've never been in doghouse xD

06:12 AM Aug 28 2010 |



United States

Once, I got in trouble – in the doghouse with mom. I broke her lovely vase :(

04:33 AM Aug 28 2010 |




poor jason.if i were your shone .i would go to  talk to her. 

 explain to her what  happened Kiss

03:27 AM Aug 27 2010 |



South Korea

When you past the honeymoon phase, you might get this kind of situation. I've gone through this many time but we made up and get back to normal. One thing you should not is that don't say "I will leave or I want to divorce.." This saying might cause bad side effect to your family especially to kids that they get hurt so bad.. 

12:13 AM Aug 26 2010 |


Viet Nam

i am not really in the dog house yet so far.  though i have been freak out and upset occassionally. 

for most of things, i am easy to forgive but once it's serious, i'll…  i don't know how to do exactly.  it depends on what is that situation.

01:32 PM Aug 25 2010 |




Putz this is really a bad situation! Sure I have been in the doghouse several times hehe but not because I have done something wrong but yes because for lack of understanding…Course I always try to have a conversation with the person but not always the time of digest the problem is fast for the other! So I try to contain myself and waiting…My current girlfriend is very very blown! but she has a good thing too…she is pretty comprehensive :)

12:32 AM Aug 25 2010 |




oowh.. and one more thing …. Who let the dog out? LOL !!

10:51 PM Aug 24 2010 |




Dude , the girl is way out of line …she's didn't respect any privacy in here ..poor thing , when all of the texts message about theologies ..

10:46 PM Aug 24 2010 |

charming princess

Saudi Arabia

poor thing ! His girlfriend got jealous of him and felt somehow that he has been cheating on her. I think if he goes back to her and explains everything to her, maybe she will understand the situation and forgive him . 

09:49 PM Aug 24 2010 |




you're welcome, Qualmpaw!

08:17 PM Aug 24 2010 |

Holmes nash phil


Jason will never forgate coz now ooooh oooh no boo he’s alone i know she will forgive..dnt worry and ask ur self.

07:37 PM Aug 24 2010 |

Holmes nash phil


Jason will never forgate coz now ooooh oooh no boo he’s alone i know she will forgive..dnt worry and ask ur self.

07:37 PM Aug 24 2010 |

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