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Learn English with this commuting English lesson

Date: Nov 26 2014

Themes: Work

Grammar: Possessive Pronouns


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No one likes sitting in traffic, waiting to move little by little on a long highway. But millions of people have a long commute every day to and from their jobs, which causes rush hour traffic during peak times. Many big cities try to fix this problem with mass transit like public busses, subways, and trains.

Public transit isn’t convenient for everyone, so people continue to drive, even if driving is mostly spent in a car that is moving very slowly. Since the payoff for many of these commuters is a job, people need to think about whether the job is worth sitting in traffic for many hours every week.

Jeff and Marni both hate traffic, but know that it’s part of our everyday life. Find out more in today’s English lesson about commuting.


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Jeff:  Ugh, Marni.

Marni:  Yeah?

Jeff:  Commuting.

Marni:  Ugh!

Jeff:  I don’t even have that long of a commute.

Marni:  It is terrible, and traffic is just getting worse and worse. I feel you. I really dislike commuting.

Jeff:  You noticed that?

Marni:  Yeah, traffic is getting really bad. When it’s bad traffic, it really affects the quality of life that you have because everybody is all stressed out. I just feel like I’m wasting so much of my time sitting in a car.

Jeff:  It’s down time and you just feel like you’re doing nothing.

Marni:  Exactly. It’s such a pet peeve of mine. I just absolutely hate sitting in traffic and commuting back and forth. I just feel like I should be riding a bike, but if your commute is too long that can be difficult. It’s just part of our modern culture.

Jeff:  That’s true. The modern era.

Marni:  Something we have to deal with.


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Jeff and Marni both agree that there is nothing to like about commuting. They hate sitting in traffic because they feel it’s a big waste of time when they can’t do anything but wait in their cars. Both of them have noticed that traffic is getting worse with more people on the roads.

Marni thinks about riding her bicycle more often, but says that she can’t bike if the commute is too long. Even though they both dislike traffic and commuting, they know that it’s just part of modern daily life and they’ll just have to deal with it.

Do you have a long commute to work? What do you do with the down time?



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04:52 PM Aug 15 2017 |




yes most of our time beeing waste in cars commuting to job and came back ,

but to go away from this trouble make your mind and get some benefit from that time in reading , listening , and by mention some Remembrances if you are MUSLIM

08:33 AM Apr 24 2016 |




Fortunately i dont need to commute for my work as my office is within 1 km radius from my home. This way i save lot of time and energy.

09:04 AM Dec 15 2014 |


United States

Anyone that lives in Southern California and uses the freeways know the dilemma of getting to work if you have to commute. It can be frustrating and seemingly a waste of time, especially if there was an accident.

However, you may have heard the saying along the lines of, “if life serves you lemons, make lemonade!”

Well, in the case of the time spent commuting, it is also an excellent time to learn a language or some other subject.

I had many hours of instruction or enjoyment of listening to music when I was commuting to and from work.

Marni uses a popular phrase, “I feel you” which means “I understand your point.”

I can relate to this dialogue lesson, thanks!

10:30 PM Nov 28 2014 |




I can unserstand what they’re going through now about wasting their times cause at this point of my life i began to appreciate the value of time, imagine how much you can accomplish, how far you can go if you start to take advantage of every minute you have.

06:29 PM Nov 26 2014 |




Traffic jams, a nightmare that people have to face on rush hour  while commuting back and forth to work, and what if miles aways there has been an accident with cars piling up, how is it possible for the police officers to untangle such a mess if there is not an easy detour  .  Also blocked traffic interfere  with the passage of emergency vehicles speeding up where they are urgently needed .    .For Marni  it might be a pet peeve  but can lead others drivers  becoming so frustrated and engaging in road rage.

11:12 AM Nov 26 2014 |



South Korea

commute is a part of modern society cuz of high price of housing in a downtown.

traffic is increasing a lot , so people are wasting their time on a road ,,,it could be stressing out so much. quality of life decreases….down time we can enjoy does too. 

the peak of commute is rush our….this is the worst pet peeve.

even though there is mass transit in a metro city….there must be a big pet peeve anywhere

05:31 AM Nov 26 2014 |




U got to be patient when waiting the traffice jam…

Nobody likes being stuck in the rush hour. Luckily, on my way back home from the office, the traffic is not that heavy. But the central city is bad, of course. 

03:11 AM Nov 26 2014 |



I live a small city. So my commute is not too long. it takes 20 minutes from my home to work. 

02:01 AM Nov 26 2014 |

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