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Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

Learn English with this Daniel Radcliffe English lesson

Date: Dec 26 2014

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture

Grammar: Future in the Past


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Acting as the same character in many successful movies can be great! And not so great. On the one hand, you can become famous and earn a lot of money. On the other hand, filmmakers may not see you as any other character. It’s easy to be typecast if you are so well-known for acting as one character in the popular consciousness.

Daniel Radcliffe seems to be breaking out from his role as Harry Potter, slowly but surely. His brand new film, “Horns,” could be a true renaissance for him, and his nuanced acting could help people to see that he has the innate ability to be someone other than a wizard. Does he want people to see him differently, and can he do it? It might be too soon to say.

Lily and Brian are talking about Daniel Radcliffe and his new film, “Horns.” Find out if they want him to succeed or not in today’s English lesson.


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Brian:  Hey, Lily. Have you seen that Daniel Radcliffe has been in a bunch of brand new movies?

Lily:  Yeah. What’s the deal? I always thought that he was going to just fade after Harry Potter, but it seems like he’s definitely having this renaissance. He’s breaking out all over the place.

Brian:  Yeah, I think that he took a break, but slowly but surely he’s coming back into acting. I really like him. I’m a little afraid, though, that he’ll always be known as Harry Potter.

Lily:  Yeah, it’s hard, especially when you’re that young and you’re in the popular consciousness typecast as “the wizard” or whatever. But it seems like he’s playing something interesting. I saw this trailer for this new movie, “Horns,” that he’s in.

Brian:  Yeah. It’s like a thriller drama.

Lily:  It looks so interesting. His American accent isn’t very good, though, but…

Brian:  It’s very nuanced.

Lily:  But I definitely think he’s got this innate talent, so I’m excited to see him grow.

Brian:  Yeah, me too. I’m excited to see the movie. I hope he does well.

Lily:  Me, too.


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Lily and Brian are talking about actor Daniel Radcliffe. He is famous for his role as Harry Potter in eight movies, but now he’s acting in different films. Both Brian and Lily wonder if people will think of him as Harry Potter forever. It’s an excellent question. He’s been Harry Potter since he was 11 years old.

Lily asks Brian if he’s seen the trailer for Daniel Radcliffe’s new film, “Horns.” It looks truly interesting, and the part he plays is nothing like Harry Potter. Lily thinks that Daniel Radcliffe is talented and she hopes that he can build a career that’s more than just being a wizard. Brian shares that he’d like to see Daniel Radcliffe do well.

Do you believe that Daniel Radcliffe can become a successful actor, or will he always be Harry Potter?



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jayesha kumar


  1. I believe that he difinetely become very famous all over the world, because he proof himself a very talented young man in his acting skill Harry Potter. I love his acting and I’m exciting to see his other movie too…

09:20 AM Mar 25 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I believe that he became famous by the name Hrry potter and this name will never be forgotten even if some one says Daniel Radclif many years later,most of us remember Harry but it doesn’t mean that he can’t be as successful as he was in harry role!Ofcourse he can be a star and much better than what he is now but his name always remind us harry :)

04:17 PM Jan 07 2015 |



Young doctor’s notebook is one of my favourites :-) 

04:37 PM Dec 28 2014 |



i belive he become a sucessfull actor

11:32 AM Dec 28 2014 |




Jason, he is paid millions ,hard to say no !!!

06:24 PM Dec 27 2014 |




It is true what lily says about actors that after portraying the same role in several movies couldn`t move forward  in  his acting career .One typical example was Adam West , after playing so many times the Batman character, his successful acting career  drew to an end   and never  took off again .So ingrained was in the popular consciousness to see Adam West  as Batman that movie goers never  gave him a second chance. This was a great frustration for him,It happened that his ‘box-office attraction’ faded away the moment that he was stripped of his batman costume.

02:41 PM Dec 27 2014 |




Apsolutely he is innate actor and i am sure he will do well in other movies also apart from harry potter series. i am afraid he will always be remembered as harry potter which isn’t bad, though. Harry potter brought him the success,wealth and lot of recognition worldwide.

07:41 AM Dec 27 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Technically , every body has right to post any thing about him , but we have to realize that he is nominated from tough winner of holly wood Jory . An other word I have to point that he has long way to be totally the best actor like all actors in holly wood . I agree with all guys .

04:07 AM Dec 27 2014 |




well i love harry potter and i know he can do other kind of movies-

02:49 AM Dec 27 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

He’ll stay the same Harry Potter I knew.

But the only thing I wonder all the time is: Why does he play those kinds of movies all the time ?

Your answers !

07:07 PM Dec 26 2014 |




like Harry Potter

08:21 AM Dec 26 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Basically he is great actor no matter his typecast is not favorite thing for people that didn’t know his responsibility on Hollywood .
He has an innate sence to perform his act on his movies .
Difinettly , he is successful actor in his career .

04:32 AM Dec 26 2014 |

1 person likes this



United States

Daniel Radcliffe is actually a susccessful actor…He is simply still working as an actor , and doing different caracters…I really do no care if he does not have the tipical american accent in this new film…

03:48 AM Dec 26 2014 |

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