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basket case

basket case

Date: Sep 05 2019

Themes: Celebrity, Health


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“You have to have confidence. You can’t be someone who’s so insecure that she’s a basket case.”

Actress Kate Bosworth, talking about being proud of who you are (BrainyQuote)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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person who is very nervous, tired, etc., and is not able to think or act normally

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Think of the last time you were really nervous or stressed out. Maybe it was the day before a big test or job interview. Perhaps you were taking care of a baby who cried all night and wouldn’t go to sleep. Or maybe you were waiting to be picked up for your first date with someone. Can you remember how you were feeling? Probably not too great. In fact, you may have been a basket case.

When you’re a basket case, it’s hard for you to behave the way you normally do. It’s common to do or say strange things when feeling like a basket case because stress can change you. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet someone famous, there’s a good chance that you’ll say something crazy because you’re so nervous. Meeting famous people is exciting, but it can also make you a basket case.

Actress Kate Bosworth believes that it’s important to be confident, and this is especially true with acting. She’ll never get a job in a movie or on TV if she’s behaving like a basket case. It’s important to show that you know what you’re doing and that you’re the best there is.

When was the last time you were a basket case? What was stressing you out?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“She was a basket case while waiting to hear if she got into Stanford University.”

“What’s wrong? You’ve been a basket case for two days.”

“Our poor dog is a basket case when we go on vacation without him.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

rainyman84 A person who can't do properly his jobs and is kind of nervous.
by rainyman84
Gordafarid A nervous person who is too impaired to function!! (maybe due to lack of self-confidence)
by Gordafarid
 julito A helpless case.
by julito
Javi_920 I think it means a crazy people.
by Javi_920
inventive2 person who is extremely nervous or anxious and cannot function properly
by inventive2

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10:28 AM May 21 2020 |


bora_78Super Member!


I used to feel basket case on Sundays when I was a student.Becauese It was too hard wake up early after two days holiday, I haven’t still got used to it

03:21 PM Sep 05 2019 |



Burkina Faso

I means it is a nervous and over emotion person

02:11 PM Sep 05 2019 |




I was a basket case when I received a call from US last week. I felt so nervous because I didn’t want to sound silly. So I said that my English wasn’t very good, they just laughed and said that my English was much better than their Spanish . That helped me to gain more confidence :)

11:41 PM Feb 03 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I was a basket case because of my exam!

09:20 PM Feb 03 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

About 4 month ago I was a basket cace when I wanted to present my thesis for the professors.

06:38 AM Feb 03 2015 |

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La Princesse de la vie


Exams always make a basket case of me :3

02:25 PM Feb 01 2015 |

2 people like this




Stage fear… Interacting with someone in a proper monitored style (like an interview) these kind of things make you a basket case… The only key is to thing that the people infront of are just like you, and they won’t mind your stress…

Only thing which matters is how you confront this stress :)

04:43 PM Jan 29 2015 |


United States

Seiyf, you went from not knowing about the phrase and ended up giving an expose on it. Way to go!

03:49 PM Jan 29 2015 |




to learn somethings is good but to share them is better..

thanks for caring.

03:44 PM Jan 29 2015 |




Seiyf, thanks for shedding light on this thread . it is all we wanted to know. Basket case has many connotations. More likely nowadays it is momentarely anxiety , nervous breakdown .  



Basket case ….very new word,lesson for me ..and ı searched it on net ..really ,results are very interesting ..:))

we can divide it three parts for understanding better ..


* It makes reference in the form of a parabola to someone who has lost his mental health and has no cure. 

It is said that people without cure to a mental disease used to be sent to a mental health care facility for life where they would manufacture baskets for the rest of their lives.

The economoy of Nicaragua is such a basket case. 

Peter smokes two packs a day, he is such a basket case

*  Sometimes percieved as an insult, usually a stereotype or label. 

*  Someone who is going mad or on the verge of a nevous brakedown. 

*  a crazy person 

*  A basketcase is common word used to describe a social outcast in school. Some characteristics of a basketcase included emotional instability, weirdness, and constant isolation from mainstream society. A basketcase is often independent and isolationist, in other words, anti-social. 

* This word was widely used in the 80s. Like most slang prior to the 90s, it has fallen into disuse. Today, a basketcase can be categorized in three groups known as the goth, emo, and punk.

“You are such a basketcase!” – Random Prep 

“I know, I don’t follow the trend, you got a problem with that?” – Basketcase

*  The phrase has its roots in WW2. When a soldier came into a medical facility with a limb or multiple limbs detatched from his body, the nurses would call the patient a “basket case”. As in they had to bring the soldier to them in a basket. 

* someone whos emotions are filled with anxiety and obsession

  Any mother would be a basket case if they found out their child was hit by a car.

*  some one that has a bunch of problems and mental and phycoloically 

  That girl has been such a basket case since she was dumped    by her boyfriend.

*  a very nervous and distraught person(Formerly used to refer to someone who is totally physically disabled. See also nervous wreck.)

     I was a basket case when it came to interviews.


  A Green Day song sung by the one and only Billie Joe Armstrong. Arguably one of the great Green Day songs, if not one of the great songs of the 90’s.

An awesome song from Green Day’s classic 1994 album, “Dookie”. 

Do you have the time 

To listen to me whine 

About nothin’ and everything 

All at once? 

I am one of those 

Melodramatic fools. 

Neurotic to the bone, 

No doubt about it. 

Sometimes I give myself the creeps. 

Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. 


   1980s horror epic about Duane Bradley and his deformed, slab or meat brother named Belial that he carries around in a wicker basket. 

The 2 brothers (once attaches as seimese twins at the side) go to New York city in order to kill the doctors who seperated them. One of the sickest, funniest movies ever made. 

I saw Basket Case last night, it made me laugh until I puked.




well I have been Basket case million times in my life.. like before calls presentations, final year project presentation, job interviews and many things..:D..

funny thing about myseld when i am so stressed and nervous is that I feel Sleepy.. i don’t know why.. it is really weird for me..:D..

recently i experienced worst situation of being Baasket case 2 days ago when i was going to get result of my first semester.. it was really a bad day for me.. i was so much nervous and stressed about the feeling of getting ‘FAILED….it was really like a day in HELL..:D.. but by the Grace of God i passed exams..:).


02:01 PM Jan 29 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Hi dear Julito,

I didn’t know that “basket case” was somewhat related to mental illness. Thank you very much for sharing this information with us. 

See you around. 

01:52 PM Jan 29 2015 |



I am always a basket case when I have lots of exams and no time to prepare for that. It is strange feeling. I am a nervous wreck because I don’t often know what to do firstly. My mind gets furious. Then I become very, very tired, because I have a lot on my plate. 

Nasty feeling!

11:28 AM Jan 29 2015 |




The basket case… I was a basket case before an exam and when a teacher is saying slowly in front of the register scrawling down with a pencil along the students list and at the same time watching the whole class over her glasses- Aaand The Stuuuudeent to answer that question will be …..” Oh my god, my mind was racing, the heart was throbbing, the fingers getting numb and I kept repeating – not me, not me, not me. :)





Even now  mental problems are difficult to treat , can we imagine what would happened in the past when the  pyschiatric medicine were unknown, people ended up in mental institutions locked up for the rest of their lifes and doing baskets   as an occupational therapy. 

11:07 AM Jan 29 2015 |




 Dear Julie

steady EB`s members are never forgotten.  i am happy to see how many of us  are rooting for Criz again now that she is back .Her throat after the intervention is a little bit sore but hopefully she will get well soon. 

10:56 AM Jan 29 2015 |

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Russian Federation

Julito is correct saying that meaning of this phrase is quite odd in comparison with what is given at this lesson. More related to a mental sickness. I don’t like to be a basket case either :

Lately I haven’t remembered any case like that happened to me, thanks God.

dear Chris, I am very happy to see u here again :)) I have been missing u a lot! Pls take care of u and that little cute princess in ur photo, get well soon!

10:40 AM Jan 29 2015 |

omar saidi

omar saidi

Tanzania, United Republic Of

If child have done a mistake,he/she should have seen with a basket case,,, you barely understand what’s going on him/her .

10:33 AM Jan 29 2015 |

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