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Learn English meaning of likes

Date: Aug 20 2019

Themes: Pop Culture, Tech

Grammar: Plural vs. Possessive "S"


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What does it mean when someone gives you a thumbs up? It could mean “Good job!” Or maybe “I like what you said!” Sometimes it means “You can do it!,” and other times, “You look great!” To some people, a thumbs up doesn’t matter because it has so many meanings. And it’s a response people do without even thinking about it.

On the other hand, when you “like” what someone has posted online, it shows that you’re interested in what they’re doing. You might not have time to write a comment, but you want your friend to know that you enjoyed it, as opposed to saying nothing at all. The only real problem with “liking” posts is that it’s addictive!

Gary and Brian disagree about “liking” Facebook posts. Read on to see who you agree with in today’s English lesson.


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Gary:  Last night I posted a photo of the soccer game I went to. I cannot tell you how many “likes” it got. It was amazing.

Brian:  That’s really good for you.

Gary:  Do you think it’s silly, or… ?

Brian:  I just think that “likes” don’t really represent anything on Facebook. It just means that someone saw and enjoyed it.

Gary:  Yeah, yeah.

Brian:  But wouldn’t you rather have someone comment on your photo, or… ?

Gary:  For me, that’s a response. It means they saw it, they liked it. And not just liked it, but they actually appreciated it, liked it.

Brian:  It just seems like it becomes a popularity contest. And I’d rather have an actual conversation with my friends about the fun things I did, as opposed to them just approving of it with a thumbs up.

Gary:  I guess for me, it feels like a connection… so that when I see them in person, I know that they’ve seen it, because they liked it.

Brian:  It can be really addictive to just start trying to get “likes” everywhere.

Gary:  Hey, Brian. I actually like that idea.

Brian:  Come on, Gary.


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Gary is feeling proud. The photo he posted from his soccer game got a lot of “likes” on Facebook. When his friends “like” Gary’s posts, he knows that they saw his posts and appreciated them. It also means that Gary has something to talk about with his friends when they see each other.

It’s not that important to Brian if people “like” his posts. He would rather that a friend comment on something he puts on his Facebook page, or even better, talk about it face to face. Brian thinks that people want “likes” to feel popular. It’s an addictive activity that doesn’t interest him.

What are you saying when you “like” a friend’s internet post?



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Very, very good

02:47 AM Jun 10 2020 |




When I ask my friends a question: “How are you doing today?” And they show me thumbs, for me it means – EXCELLENT! And I’m glad for them. This is just a gesture, but sometimes it can be more expressive in the subject than the spoken word. This is in real life.

Put “like” under the photo, the video is all the same to say: “Hello! I saw it and I liked it!)” Of course, getting a comment will be much more pleasant;))))

08:52 AM Aug 20 2019 |



When my friends post a photo or something, if that post is really good or almost perfect I will rather put a comment below that post. In case where that post is normal thing I just press the like button saying to them hi I saw your post and I like it..

08:27 PM Aug 19 2019 |



Good way to learn English. However, I would opt for more sophisticated dialogues.
This one is suitalble for Beginner’s level. Learn more about FSL methods and earn high grades .

04:00 PM Dec 15 2016 |




What a good topic of conversation developed between Gary and Brian .Personally , when i Hit the “like” button what i am saying is … hey, i have read your post , maybe i am not much interested in it but  i am sending a message to my friend  that i care about  our friendship. I agree with Brian that it is addictive … i pressed the like button ,ok, now move on to the next and  on and on .Instead I would rather prefer to receive a comment ,it is more miningful, but the internet world is like that , never stops , where is the time to read all the stuff that our friends are posting,



United States

I like alot of thing.

01:10 PM Aug 23 2015 |



Hi everyone) We all have internet friends. With some of them we dont communicate in real life because we never met in person. 

For me, pressing “like” means that i care about my friends. My friends post what they think has meaning and i can’t ignore it. 

Nowadays, when people are going to be indifferent for everything, we need attention to our persons.

It’s just my opinion)

Have a good day

09:07 AM Aug 23 2015 |




When I push the button “like” below my friend’s post it’s like “Oh! It’s nice”. Sometimes those things aren’t so nice (for example quality isn’t the best) but I like the person who posted it (and I want to be kind for him/her) or I just like emotions that are send with this post.
When I really appreciate the things or I am moved by them I leave a comment or write to somebody a message.




‘Likes’ can be a courtesy, a relationship, and sometimes, a really true like.
But really, it’s better to mark it without all three above categories – it just shows how generous you’re in your heart killing the worst evil of all – indifference. Thank you for your generosity!

angel_ eyes


I feel so happy .

Like my page: Izidher on facebook.

10:57 AM Aug 22 2015 |



Absolutely amazing

06:48 AM Aug 22 2015 |




Yes, it encourages you and gives you full confidence.

03:15 AM Aug 22 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

We as human bean like interactions, we like doing something and getting response! It is our nature. So websites a few years ago wanted to be more interesting, one way to be more attractive was like button.

I think it was a clever idea to attract people to more using websites, because most people do not like or do not have time to write a comment for a post. But we know it is interesting interact with each other, so if we want to give a short message with means: “I like” or “I see”, clicking the left mouse key on the like button under a post is easy!

07:08 PM Aug 21 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Well, if I see something topical I may just leave a comment, and if it’s something You can just like or dislike like a photo or a story then I’m leaving a thumbs up. It doesn’t mean a lot, and it’s not a sign of popularity or something. But someone who posted something on facebook, means that they want to share it with others, so you can tell them that you saw and liked it by just a thumbs up!

06:25 PM Aug 21 2015 |



Well, actually ‘Like’ function is useful to express that I saw the posts that my frineds uploaded. But I dont make comments on them very often.

Communications on the Internet sometimes make us a little tired. We cant see the faces of other people over the display, and it’s almost impossible to know about their true feelings.

Oh, Im getting interested in how many likes I get on this comment…




When my friends post sth nice,which i like,i just press “Like”,almost all the time,i don’t write comments too much,in my Facebook account,just sometimes,when i found the post very interesting,and meaningful.About the numbers of Likes or comments,it doesn’t really matter for me.


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I cant listen to dialog 

11:34 AM Aug 21 2015 |



Different people..they have different thoughts,feelings,desires,aims,expectations,

Different countries…They have different cultures,religions,languages,traditionals,habits,

and these different people from different countries meet somewhere on Net..there are thousands different sites,chatting places,social sharing sites…

and these different people like or dislike others posts,pics,comments,articles,blogs.

differences are beautiful if they bring us new and nice feelings,moments.

and ı push “like” button when ı saw different,meaningful,beautiful,funny,interesting quotes,sharing and pics..

for me, LIKE means, ” Thanks for sharing it  and its so nice ” :)



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m off the grid, I don’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram or other similar social networking sites. They are great tools for finding friends, sharing our thoughts and experiences but I don’t know why I never was interested in. And you know if you don’t follow the trend these days, people would call you that you just fell off the turnip truck.

Although I am a follower of English-baby for more than 5 years, but it was until 2 months ago that I just started writing comments and liking comments. And to be honest I find it interesting.

CHARMYOU, You are completely right and you just hit the nail on the head, I can’t agree more with you.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

when I like a friends post I usually like the post .but if I feel so interested in the post then I comment on it :) 

06:49 AM Aug 21 2015 |

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