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Learning to Drive
Learning to Drive

Learn English meaning of 'learning to drive'

Date: Aug 27 2019

Themes: School, Travel

Grammar: Conjunctions


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When work or school is stressful, there’s nothing better than hitting the open road for a vacation. It feels great to choose where you want to go, turn on your favorite music, and just start driving. You don’t even have to pack a bag. The only thing you really need is your driver’s license.

Getting your driver’s license is not the easiest thing to do. It can feel complicated when you’re learning how to drive a car and the “rules of the road” at the same time. But after you finish, your life will be much more independent than it was before. Think of everything you’ll be able to see and do!

Who doesn’t have his driver’s license? The answer may surprise you. Read on in today’s English lesson about learning something new.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Brian:  Gary.

Gary:  Yeah.

Brian:  I just enrolled in driver’s ed, and it is so boring.

Gary:  Is it really?

Brian:  I don’t think it’s worth it.

Gary:  I’ll tell you… hitting the open road, all by yourself… there’s nothing like it, Brian.

Brian:  I don’t know. It seems really complicated. The teachers are so worked up, and it’s so stressful.

Gary:  It is really stressful. All the horns, all the lights, all the rules.

Brian:  I don’t think I can multitask like that.

Gary:  You just have to develop the skill, Brian. It just takes time. Keep practicing. You’ll be great!

Brian:  I really am looking forward to being a little more independent, so I guess I’ll be up for the challenge.

Gary:  Yeah, yeah. You can go out to the coast, you can go up to the mountains, you could go get your groceries. It’s just so much easier when you’ve got your car and your driver’s license.

Brian:  That’s true. I’m going to try and tough it out.

Gary:  We can go practice together.

Brian:  Really?

Gary:  Yeah.

Brian:  Oh, thanks. That sounds great.

Gary:  Sure, man.


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Brian doesn’t know how to drive, so he’s taking a driver’s ed class. The class is both boring and stressful, though, so he’s not sure it’s the right place for him. While Brian wants to learn how to drive, he’s not sure if he wants to continue going to class.

Gary wants Brian to be successful, so he tries to make his friend feel better. Gary says that even though driving is difficult to learn, Brian will be happy when he can do it. He believes that it’s great to be independent and able to go wherever you want. Gary even offers to practice with Brian.

Do you have your driver’s license? Where do you like to drive?



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Usually I’m a person up for any challenge but I have always been avoiding to learn to drive for some reasons and owing to it I found myself helpless in many critical times, but I know I can’t escape it now as it can really make one’s life easy, can really speed up one’s life. For the reason that learning driving in driver’s ed can be costly, I may not give much preference to it but the rules and regulations part can be beneficial. I think in today’s fast paced world life itself can be a thing to tough it out without driving skills, so driving is easier in this respect!

05:41 PM Aug 27 2019 |




I had driver license but I don’t drive.Learning how to drive is hard for me.I am not a person good at hand ,eyes and feet coordinate activities.I still remember one day I was practicing on an empty road,Suddenly a small dog came out from the corner and crossed the road,My car was very closed to that dog ,I just lossen my hand from the steering wheel and shouting at my coach It’ a dog !

11:14 AM Aug 31 2015 |



I got driver’s license 5 years ago, when I started learning to driver I felt complicated, I had to manage my hands and feet work together, which made me busy and sometimes I felt stressful when my coach was so worked up but I still tough it out finally I succeed.
But now I don’t like to driver because the traffic jam exists everywhere especially in rush hour at that time the car is difficult to move so the public transportation is better way.




The planes are getting notorious in spreading vicious viruses. Money talks, greed rules, catering is not for free. As soon as the plane landed, the crew doesn’t even bother to vacuume it, leaving the seats filthy, not bothering to put something clean under head. The magazines all torn and worn out. I saw some smart people are wering masks on a plane. I was laghing until cought a virus. No wonder, the saloon is not cleaned at all, people’re crammed, breathing and sharing their viruses – here we go to be sick right when you get back from your vacation. It takes just right 7 days for the incubation period. The plane should be cleaned or people will stop flying.

10:14 PM Aug 26 2015 |




Learning to drive gives you freedom. You just independent and can get anywhere you want not waiting for anyone. The car is like a small house. Having a car in North America is a must or the huge distances will kill you. Plus, you learn to be responsible for its maintanence!

10:01 PM Aug 26 2015 |




I had been doing monthly payments to own a car , when finally i paid it off, the car dealer sent me a letter to come to the dealership to pick it up . At that time i didn`t have a driver`s license , not even knew the basics of drivings. Driving in my city is a pain in the neck , to say the least, i was afraid that  i would be a very insecure driver and smashed my brand new car the first day on the street, also it would be very expensive to maintain it. To cut a story short, i sold it and with that money i bought a plane ticket  for a long vacation abroad. I don`t regret it. jejejeje!!

09:08 PM Aug 26 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I have a driver’s license, but I still don’t have the car :D

07:42 PM Aug 26 2015 |


El Salvador

I eish i could drive

04:20 PM Aug 26 2015 |



United States

learning how to drive is cool.

04:09 PM Aug 26 2015 |

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