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Outer Space
Outer Space

Learn English meaning of 'outer space'

Date: Sep 03 2019

Themes: News, Tech

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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The number of stars and planets feels infinite, which makes our universe seem like an unfathomable place. But that hasn’t stopped people from dreaming about exploring the night sky. From the beginning of time, we have wanted to learn about and understand outer space.

Studying and traveling into space is both difficult and expensive, however. Even though different countries work toward this goal, such as with NASA in the US, it is a project that will never end. It is probably not possible for us to discover and one day visit most of outer space. What we call the final frontier is simply too big!

Gary and Brian saw new photos of Pluto, and they’re excited to talk about space. Find out what happens in today’s English lesson.


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Brian:  Did you see the new pictures of Pluto?

Gary:  I did. They’re amazing!

Brian:  They look really cool.

Gary:  Honestly, it’s unfathomable that we have photos of Pluto because it’s so far away.

Brian:  Yeah. I am just so excited that we finally got new, clear pictures of Pluto.

Gary:  Yeah. It seems like there’s just this expanse of nothingness from Earth all the way out to Pluto. Right? And yet we have high quality photos of what the surface looks like.

Brian:  It’s pretty amazing to think that we’re already exploring space when we haven’t even explored the deepest oceans on our planet.

Gary:  It’s true. It’s the final frontier. Star Trek had it right.

Brian:  Do you know where I could learn more about…

Gary:  Outer space?

Brian:  Yes. All of the universe!

Gary:  NASA is a great place, and the European Space Agency.

Brian:  OK. Great!


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Brian and Gary saw new photos of Pluto. They’re not the first photos ever taken, but they are very clear and of excellent quality. With the new pictures, it is now possible to see what the surface of Pluto looks like.

To Gary, it is incredible that there are photos of Pluto since it’s so far away. Brian is surprised that people are exploring space but not all the world’s oceans. They agree that the pictures of Pluto are very cool. The universe can sometimes feels like a lot of nothingness, but there is still so much to learn.

Have you seen the photos of Pluto? Is it important to study outer space?



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04:36 AM Jan 22 2016 |



No, I haven’t seen the photoes. Iøm not really interested in this kind of stuff. It’s important to explore the outer space. I hope, some people do it regularly and with great passion.

08:17 AM Sep 07 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like to know about outer space very much.
I think it is very exciting, to find information and seeing beyond the space, because it is very huge, weird, it is hardly to achieve, the sceneries are beyond of perception our vision.
Also, by noticing and altering of universe vastness, we can understand authority of its creator.

09:06 PM Sep 05 2015 |




What I think about space exlploration. I think it’s enough to throw money. You can’t even imagine how much it cost – billions, billions and billions of $ and honestly what for? Did it find a cure for cancer and terrible other diseases. Did it find the solution how to stop wars on our own planet Earth. Sorry for being skeptic to look at the outer space  from practical point of view. What I’m really into and for is another final frontier – the ocean. It’s nearer, more dense, more full of microorgranisms  of marine life. And I feel, I feel, there’s something there. It is unfathamable. I was swimming the other day in the ocean and picked up the piece of coral. It stung me. The was only a red mark. The next day the red mark started turning into a bite with the teeth marks. Luckily, the transformation ended in those teeth mark. But I thought to myself, if the ocean is so unpredictable on the surface of of a couple of metres of deep, what can be talked about the floor of Marianas Trench. Only James Cameron knows. And I hope will see some dwellers of the deep in Avatar2. The derictor get inspired by the ocean marine world and incorporate its images into his movie. So, I’m a great believer in the ocean. Scientists, let’s go and spend some money in this unfathamble final frontier.

03:25 AM Sep 03 2015 |




I haven´t seen this kind of photos. I read two months ago about a weird picture taken in mars. It seems there a big creature, it was really weird. 

Maybe in outer space there are somo answer about human life.

09:57 PM Sep 02 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Astronomy grows on me the more I run into new information about outer space.

I think yes it’s important to study the surrounding we live in, because it’s a sort of meditation. And one way to thank the creator for such fascinating hugely spacious universe we live in is to study this expanse of wonders.

It’s also believed that the main purpose of studying outer space is to discover similarly featured planet to our own to be an alternative for Earth as it becomes invalid for life over decades.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey !

Yes, i  have.

Pluto is the smallest planet in the solar system and the ninth planet from the sun… exploring space is exciting. It helps people learn new things…. Studying places like Pluto may help scientists learn how planets form.

03:08 PM Sep 02 2015 |



ı dont know outer space and my mind doesnt understand huge universe very well.I try to follow news and results discovering by NASA ,ESA .

but ı know inner space :)) in a summer night ,there are shiny moon  ( which ı was wondering how its getting bigger and smaller day by day ? ) and thousands brillant stars  in the sky ( which ı was wondering ,where they are going to after night ? ) 

look at !! there is a falling star …said woman excitedly..and added ” make a wish ,hurry up”

“ok” said man..”ı want to be with you always “

ohhhhh nooooo, you must not tell it loudly ,otherwise it wont come true ..

but its stupidly !! now will I wait another falling star for making a wish ??

12:04 PM Sep 02 2015 |




Yes, i have seen it. NASA`s  Scientists  are receiving incredible HD images  from the outer space . Why this agency is spending billions in sending probes  that take years  to reach alien planets? ,has NASA a secret agenda  , do they got to know that some planets  show signs of extint civilizations? . As crazy – for many- as it is  , strange anomalies in the form of constructions are everyday found on Mars and   the Moon . 




Yes I have seen the new photos of Pluto. I have been following the New Horizons day by day since it was getting closer to Pluto. Eveyone was excited to see the new photos of Pluto and Charon. New photos were amazing.

I love learning about outer space. And yes, I think it’s impotant to study outer space. There is so much to learn.




Oh I had never seen the photos of Pluto,I am not interested in the outer space and I know people are keep trying to find other planet which have necessary materials for human to immigrate.If one day someone successed in living in other planet ,I will start to pay attention to outer space.

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