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Learn English meaning of Indecision

Date: Dec 23 2015

Themes: Fashion, How To

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Are you the type of person who quickly makes decisions, or do you overthink your choices? Some people are able to make up their minds very quickly. They don’t need to think about a difficult decision for very long. They can listen to their instinct and choose the best thing right away. They act quickly, and they trust their gut.

Other people are afraid of making a snap judgment. They prefer to think about their decisions for a long time. When they are unsure about something, they belabor their choice. They might even flip-flop between many different options. After a lot of thought, they will finally make a decision. These people need time to know that they made the correct choice.

Marni and Kellie are opposites. One of them makes decisions quickly, and the other is often unsure. Find out how to trust your gut in today’s English lesson about indecision.


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Marni:  Kellie, I went shopping today, and I just got this new sweater. I walked in the store, I saw it, and I just decided to buy it right away.

Kellie:  Wow! That’s amazing. I’m really indecisive. I can never make my mind up about things.

Marni:  Oh, wow. Sometimes, maybe I feel like I make a snap judgment, but I don’t like to overthink things. When I see something I like or when I feel something in my gut, I just go with my instinct.

Kellie:  That’s great! I really admire that. I’m just trying to be more like that. I’m so unsure about so many things, and it’s really hard for me to make decisions.

Marni:  Do you flip-flop a lot about things? Do you decide one thing and then you go another way?

Kellie:  Yes, I’ll make my mind up to do one thing, and then half an hour later, I’ll be like, “No, maybe I should have gone with the other choice.”

Marni:  Yeah. I think in life, we belabor certain points, right? We overthink things, and I think you just have to trust your gut, and just make up your mind, and go with it.

Kellie:  Well, I’m going to try to be more like you.


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Marni is telling Kellie about her new sweater. She made a snap judgment and bought it. She didn’t overthink her decision. Marni is able to make up her mind very quickly. Kellie thinks that this is great. She is usually unsure about her decisions, and she can flip-flop between many options before she chooses.

Kellie wants to be more like Marni. She wants to be able to make decisions right away. Marni gives her some ideas. She says that Kellie should trust her gut and use her instinct. This will help her to make up her mind more quickly. Kellie thinks that these are good ideas. She says that she will try to be more like Marni.

When did you use you your instinct to make a quick decision? Did you make the right decision?



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when i should choice important thnigs, i do overthink on it but the other i make decision right away. i think buying clothes … are not very important. see, like, truts your instinct and buy it. that’s all :)

08:56 PM Dec 24 2015 |

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WordsmithSuper Member!

United States

I do both of these things. Sometimes, I make a snap judgement, but other times, I’m very indecivive. I can make a snap judgement about which book to read next. However, when I shop for clothes, I belabor my choices. 

07:19 PM Dec 24 2015 |

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I’m usually indecisive about buying clothes and shoes. If I love something and don’t buy it, I might regret if it sells out. However, I usually try to wait until sales because if I buy at full price and the price drops, I often feel buyer’s remorse.

09:10 PM Dec 23 2015 |

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This is very useful and great article.I found it very helpful in my daily life.Hope you will publish some more articles like this.  Also check out





06:52 PM Dec 23 2015 |



oh..am a big indiscive person…cant make a snap decision..n get puzzled easily

03:20 PM Dec 23 2015 |



indecison is very commom illness among ladies :) 

10:03 AM Dec 23 2015 |

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Of course I did make the right decision, and it was at the right time.

05:51 AM Dec 23 2015 |

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When I was 15 yards old I had haircut by my self. It was my first quick instinct. It was not right decision. After that my mommy came back home she yelled at me.

05:42 AM Dec 23 2015 |

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Of course, My decisions are not always just right in other’s opinion. But what is the matter? I think the most thing is that I like it and I am happy and it is just my choice and my own decision.

I will be responsible for my own choice and my own decision. That is enough.

03:07 AM Dec 23 2015 |

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I can make a snap judgement  when I meet my favorite things. For example, when I walk in the store, I can buy the cloths right away which I just like from my first eyes, like marni in this article.

Yes, I ususlly trust my gut and make my mind up going with it.

02:57 AM Dec 23 2015 |




Instinct is such a moverlous thing that can neither be ignored nor explained. Don’t stifle it, develope it, listen to your heart, also involve some logic. Sometimes one wins over the other. Start flip flopping, sleep with it. If it still haunts me, will go with it and no regrets.

02:50 AM Dec 23 2015 |

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