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Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

Learn about 'Harrison Ford' in this English lesson

Date: Mar 04 2016

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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What is your favorite Harrison Ford role? Maybe, you loved him as Indiana Jones, the swashbuckling hero with a hat and a whip. Maybe, you like Han Solo, the heroic space pirate in Star Wars. Maybe, you liked him in the dark, moody science fiction movie Blade Runner, or maybe, you prefer him in more straightforward action roles, like when he played the president of the United States in Air Force One. Maybe, you don’t have a favorite… there are too many great roles to choose from!

Many people think of Harrison Ford not only as a great actor but as a real-life action hero. After all, he flies a plane in his spare time. He has performed daring rescues and even survived a plane crash, and neither of those were on a film set. It’s possible that he just plays himself in every movie! However, Harrison Ford is not as young as he used to be. Some people think it is time for him to retire and let a younger actor take over. Other people think that, no matter how old he is, he is still a great action star. Many women still find him attractive, and many men still think of him as an idol.

Andy and Brian are talking about Harrison Ford’s role in the new Star Wars movie. Find out what they think in this English lesson.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Andy, I just saw Star Wars, and I was so nervous about Harrison Ford in that movie because he was one of my favorite actors, but seeing him in more recent things? He’s so old, and it doesn’t seem like the action role is still for him.

Andy_H:  I’ll tell you what. Harrison Ford killed it in Star Wars. He was so good! From moment to moment, you knew exactly what he was doing. And, spoiler alert: What an ending for Han Solo! I mean, wow. I don’t think anyone in that movie saw that coming.

Brian:  Yeah. I’ve got to say, in that movie, he really played the valiant hero really well and someone you could care about. As opposed to the more recent Indiana Jones movie…

Andy_H:  Oh…

Brian:  He seemed like they were trying so hard to pass the baton. He just seemed a little sad in that role.

Andy_H:  I think he was sad because he had to pass the baton to Shia LaBeouf… and no one wants to do that! But I’ll say this. He may be aging, he may be put out to pasture, but my girlfriend, after we saw Star Wars, was still calling him a silver fox. So, Blade Runner, Indiana Jones, Han Solo… Harrison Ford is still right up there with the greats.

Brian:  He is the man.

Andy_H:  He’s the man.


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Brian just saw the new Star Wars movie. He was nervous about Harrison Ford’s role in the film because he thinks Harrison Ford is getting too old to play an action hero. Andy just saw the movie, too, and he thinks Harrison Ford was fantastic in it. He loved the surprise ending for the character of Han Solo.

Brian agrees that Ford was great in Star Wars, but he thinks that he was not as good in the newest Indiana Jones movie. He seemed sad and too old for the role. It was obvious that the writers of the movie were trying to pass the role of action hero on to the younger actor, Shia LaBoeuf. Andy thinks this is true, but he does not think that Shia LaBoeuf is an equal to Harrison Ford. He says that even though Harrison Ford may be getting older, Andy’s girlfriend still thought he was very good-looking in Star Wars. Andy and Brian both agree that Harrison Ford is a great actor and someone to look up to.

What is your favorite Harrison Ford movie? Do you think Harrison Ford should retire?



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MasbararSuper Member!


I like his movies.Really he’s a good player.I believe even he can play after 10 years.Maybe in the action movies.He doesn’t need to pass the baton to a young artist.If there is better one,his place to be filled.As much as he can continue,a man must work.Of course this is his choice.Harrison Ford is lucky.He’s handsome and his face is meaningful.

07:06 PM Mar 05 2016 |




I really adore him as the president in Air Force One, he is the man.

12:19 PM Mar 05 2016 |



Actually,I never saw Star war ,so didn’t know he,but I think he is the man

02:50 AM Mar 05 2016 |



i like his performance in Star War

05:10 PM Mar 04 2016 |




Yes, he is the man. So sad he got killed in the last Star war movie. I don’t even know how I will be watching the rest coming without him.

11:47 AM Mar 04 2016 |



Russian Federation

I like him as  as Indiana Jones. In my view, this is really an awesome movie

09:45 AM Mar 04 2016 |

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