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Trick of the Trade
Trick of the Trade English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn social English in this lesson about 'trick of the trade'

Date: May 17 2016

Themes: Friend, Hobbies

Grammar: Future in the Past


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Do you ever wish you had expert knowledge of something? Think how easy it would be to buy a house if you were a realtor, to travel if you were a travel agent, or to publish a novel if you were an editor. Maybe, if you had insider tips from a Hollywood agent, you could even become a movie star! Life would be a lot easier if you knew all the tricks of the trade.

We use the expression “trick of the trade” to talk about a special way that experts do something. For example, a travel agent might know a trick of the trade about how to get a discount on airplane tickets. A baker might know a trick of the trade to make cakes and pies taste extra delicious. How can you get access to all this secret knowledge? Well, if you make friends with an expert, they might share some tricks of the trade with you!

Andy is an expert about movies. Watch the video to see what tricks of the trade he has to share with Kelsey.

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Kelsey:  Boo!

Andy_H:  Ah! Hey, Kelsey. How’s it going?

Kelsey:  Great! So good! Thank you for picking out a movie.

Andy_H:  Oh yeah. No problem.

Kelsey:  You already have popcorn?

Andy_H:  Well, it’s a little trick of the trade. You see, I already saw two movies today.

Kelsey:  Two movies?

Andy_H:  This will be my third.

Kelsey:  Wow, OK.

Andy_H:  And at this movie theater, they sell popcorn at a discount when each movie is about to end. So, I wait until just before the end of the film. Then, I buy popcorn for the next movie I’m about to watch.

Kelsey:  Alright! Getting the insider tips here.

Andy_H:  You bet! Also, did you drive here?

Kelsey:  No, I took the bus.

Andy_H:  Dang. That’s too bad.

Kelsey:  Why?

Andy_H:  Well, at this movie theater, they validate parking and give you one of these.

Kelsey:  What are these?

Andy_H:  For each movie, they give you a gift certificate for one scoop of ice cream free at the shop next door.

Kelsey:  What?! I love ice cream!

Andy_H:  Me too! And I already got our tickets and got two more for you.

Kelsey:  Wow! Thank you! You really do know all the tricks of the trade.

Andy_H:  Shall we watch the movie?

Kelsey:  Sure. What movies did you see already?

Andy_H:  Well, the one we’re about to watch was the first one.

Kelsey:  What?!

Andy_H:  I just wanted to make sure you’d like it!


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Kelsey surprises Andy outside of the movie theater. She is confused to find that he already has popcorn. It turns out that Andy has seen two movies today already. In fact, he is something of an expert on watching movies. He has a few insider tips to share with Kelsey. For example, he knows how to get popcorn at a discount after the movie. He also knows that the movie theater will pay for your parking if you drive. They even give out gift certificates for free ice cream!

Kelsey loves ice cream. She is excited to know all these new tricks of the trade, and she is looking forward to seeing the movie. It turns out that this will be Andy’s second time watching the movie. He wanted to make sure she liked it!

Are you an expert on anything? Do you know any tricks of the trade?




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I do not travel a lot but I know already that if you about to get flight tickets online please don’t opt seats near airfoils cause it shakes a bit😉 That’s my little trick of the trade.

01:32 PM Jul 28 2016 |

La Princesse de la vie


I have a friend who has a bit of tricks of the trade on bargaining, she can get her things at best prices, she is also more knowledgeable than me of the best places where to go to get things at lowest price. I occasionally take some insider tips from her when I go shopping.

09:20 PM Jun 27 2016 |

joao correia


Yes I’m expert in brazilian customs clearance because it is my work deal with laws of international trade of my country.

But in the other hand I can know  tricks of the trade about places here in Sao Paulo city like parties night, pubs, parks, events any others or I can reaserch it…

04:06 PM May 17 2016 |



My uncle is expert on this question. He always go to cinema and shoping for free.

But I don’t know how he doing it.

12:52 PM May 17 2016 |



   No. I think I know more about thing except trade, such as sports , work, people and so on. But they should not belong to the range of this topic.

   I ever had known a girl who knew many tricks of the trade many years ago. She knew many places which were very funny and knew how to get the low price to play. She knew many discount activities of many supermarkets. She knew how to buy a favorite cloths at a low price even in exclusive shop. She knew many restaurants which were cheap and delicious.

   Sometime, she bought one thing ,the same time she would ask for free another small accessory, and the seller usually could really give her.

   At that time we lived in the same house. If I want to go out playing or having meals, I would ask her for some advices. Or I asked her for together.


    Now ,we have not seen each other for many years. And each of us has our own family.

02:06 AM May 17 2016 |

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