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No Free Rides

No Free Rides

Date: Aug 19 2004


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

There’s always someone out there trying to get a free ride. They come in the form of friends, co-workers and even dates. Picture this – a guy asks you out and at the end of your date, he expects you to pay. See how Sara handled this situation in the following dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





John:  Sara?

Sara:  Yes.

John:  Tell me something.

Sara:  I could tell you about a date I had this summer when a guy tried to get a free ride.

John:  He did?

Sara:  He did.

John:  What happened?

Sara:  Well, basically, we were out to dinner. And it was a really nice dinner. And he’s the one who asked me out. And that usually means that he’s gonna pay, right?

John:  Uh, well, if you asked him out, you would pay?

Sara:  No. He asked me out.

John:  Yeah, but I’m just kinda swichin’ it. If you asked him out…

Sara:  then I would pay.

John:  Every time you would?

Sara:  Yeah. ‘Cause I asked him.

John:  But I thought you were telling me earlier that the guy always pays.

Sara:  That’s because I never ask the guy out. He always asks me out.

John:  So you never ask a guy out on a date?

Sara:  No.

John:  Why not?

Sara:  Cause I’m never. I dunno.

John:  You’re kinda traditional that way?

Sara:  I don’t think I’m traditional that way. Maybe they just ask me out before I can ask them out.

John:  Oh. I see.

Sara:  Mmmhmm.

John:  Okay. So the guy asked you out?

Sara:  So the guy asked me out and then we went out to dinner. No, I’m sorry, I asked. Yeah, yeah, he asked me out, sorry. And we went out to dinner. And we had dinner. And then after dinner he looked at me like ‘so are you gonna pay’?

John:  Did he say something or did he just look at you?

Sara:  He just kinda looked at me. Like, the lady put the check down. And he just kind of looked at me and didn’t reach for it.

John:  Really?

Sara:  Really.

John:  So what’d you do?

Sara:  I said, ‘well maybe’, I said something like ‘well we could split it’, ‘cause it was pretty obvious that he didn’t want to pay for it.

John:  And what’d he say about that?

Sara:  He said, well, ya know, I’m kinda short on funds or something like ‘I’m getting paid tomorrow so I don’t have the money’. So maybe you could just pick it up.

John:  So, did you ever go out with that guy again?

Sara:  No.



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Well, at least you tried, Sara. I’d like to know what happened with this loser in the end. Who finally paid for dinner? Did he, in fact get a free ride out of you? If he did, at least you probably learned a lesson. What do you think about people like this?


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