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Out of the Gate
Out of the Gate English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English in this lesson about 'Out of the Gate'

Date: May 24 2016

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Comparing Quality


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Are you someone who puts things off, or do you like to get started right away? For some of us, just the idea of writing a paper, doing a class project, or even getting outside for some exercise can be tiring! We take our time, have a snack… maybe, even take a nap before we are ready to start. However, other people like to start a project right out of the gate.

We use the expression “out of the gate” to talk about doing something right away. If you do things out of the gate, you do them without any delay. For example, if you are planning a party, you pick up the phone and call people… you don’t wait around! If you have a paper to write for a class, you sit down the night it’s assigned and get started. People who do things out of the gate do not like to procrastinate.

Jordin has something to tell Kelsey right out of the gate. Find out what it is in this English lesson.

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Dominique:  Our new website comes out soon, and I’d like for us to start giving tours right out of the gate. As soon as the site launches, I want us to be ready.

Kelsey:  Excellent, sounds like fun!

Dominique:  So, I’d like for you to start thinking of ways to make the tours as unique as possible.

Kelsey:  Will do!

Dominique:  Thanks, Kelsey!

Kelsey:  Hey, Jordin. How’s it going?

Jordin:  Just fine. Thanks.

Kelsey:  Dominique asked me to work on coming up with ideas to make our tours unique. ­You want to help me?

Jordin:  Maybe. I’m kind of busy, so…

Kelsey:  With what?

Jordin: I don’t know. OK, Kelsey, I’m going to be honest with you. Right out of the gate, I knew I liked Andy, as soon as I met him….

Kelsey:  That’s great!

Jordin:  So, I understand.

Kelsey:  Understand what?

Jordin:  Why you like him, why you asked him out.

Kelsey:  Oh! Wait. No, ­that wasn’t a date.

Jordin:  It wasn’t?

Kelsey:  No,­ I like Andy as a friend, but that wasn’t a date.

Jordin:  Oh! OK. Wow!

Kelsey:  You should ask him out!

Jordin:  I don’t know.­ I mean, maybe. I just wouldn’t want it to be weird, you know.­ What if he says no?

Kelsey:  We could all hang out and do something.

Jordin:  That’s a great idea! Alright, let’s talk tours!

Kelsey:  OK. So, what if we start, in the beginning, with just a song.


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Dominique wants to get started giving tours right away. She asks Kelsey to think of ways to make the tours unique. Kelsey wants Jordin to help, but Jordin says she is busy. However, it turns out that there is another reason why Jordin does not want to work with Kelsey. Jordin has a crush on Andy! She understands why Kelsey asked him out, but she feels uncomfortable working with Kelsey, knowing that she and Andy are dating.

Kelsey assures Jordin that it was not really a date. She and Andy are just friends. In fact, Kelsey would be happy to help Jordin go out with him. She suggests that the three of them hang out together so that Jordin and Andy can get to know each other.

Do you like to start things right out of the gate? Have you ever had a crush on someone at work?



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*butterfly wings*

Saudi Arabia

Mostly i like to do things right away specially if i have a ton of things to get done and i hate it when i have to do things at the last moment. It gets me stressed out till i get it done.

06:02 PM May 29 2016 |


Serbia and Montenegro

It all sounds interesting,but english can be a hard language to learn and read . Take a look at http://www.researchpaperforsale.top/

06:20 PM May 24 2016 |




Hodor!! hodor!! hold the door :)

i admit when i attempt to make something if something can be postponed , i definitely procrastinate it. my workings are slow but fairly.

for private relations , i don’t disapprove of making flirt at work if she is around me.  

02:08 PM May 24 2016 |

1 person likes this




yes direct is my method with people around me .

may be little crush which didn’t affect the entire relation between tow friend .

08:14 AM May 24 2016 |

1 person likes this




It depends on. I like to plan a recovering of the house or a one or two weeks holiday but sometimes I like to go a short trip right away if I have fun to do it. And I think that sometimes everybody has to make a decision without any procrastinate. After all, we can’t prepare for everything in the life.

07:24 AM May 24 2016 |

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