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Online Grocery Delivery
Online Grocery Delivery

Learn English meaning of 'online grocery delivery'

Date: Sep 07 2016

Themes: Food, Health, How To

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Imagine this: You’re about to run low on food, and you’re too tired to go to the store. What do you do? Online grocery delivery! A personal shopper will go to the store, pick up food, and bring it to your home. This service is becoming more and more popular around the world. It’s a great way for busy people to save time.

A good personal shopper is someone you can trust. For example, this person should always pick out fresh produce. They should not deliver moldy fruit or dented cans. Using an online grocery delivery service can be easy and fun. You get the best foods and avoid the inconvenience of going to the store yourself. Just don’t forget to tip your personal shopper!

Romeo is feeling ill and wants to use online grocery delivery. Listen to this English lesson to find out why Dominique doesn’t think that’s a good idea.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Dominique:  So, how do you feel about online grocery delivery?

Romeo:  I’m glad that you brought that up, because I am sick. I am not about to go out there, in the rain, to the grocery store, to bring back some milk and eggs.

Dominique:  You trust somebody else to pick up your produce?

Romeo:  Yeah. As long as they know how to pick out the type of veggies and fruits that I want, I have no problem with them picking them out.

Dominique:  What if they’re dented? You get dented cans or moldy fruit…

Romeo:  Then you don’t tip them.

Dominique:  But then you still have the bad food.

Romeo:  Then you make them go take it back.

Dominique:  Then it’s an inconvenience. See, if you went to the store yourself, I mean, you’d be able to pick up everything correctly the first time.

Romeo:  Right. But think about it…. if you have your own personal shopper, you guys establish an understanding. There’s communication there.

Dominique:  Yeah, see, I have trust issues so, I just, I couldn’t. It wouldn’t work for me.

Romeo:  How about the delivery window?

Dominique:  No, because I’m still not picking out my items myself.

Romeo:  Well, I don’t know what you’re going to do when you run low on food. I’m loving having them just show up at my door.


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Romeo and Dominique have different opinions about online grocery delivery. Romeo thinks it’s a great idea. He doesn’t want to go pick up food at the store. He’s sick right now, the weather is rainy, and he’s about to run low on food. It might cost a little extra money for the service, and he might also have to tip his personal shopper, but he’s ready to order his groceries online.

Dominique doesn’t want to use online grocery delivery. She doesn’t trust another person to pick out her food. She is afraid that her personal shopper will give her moldy produce and dented cans. Instead of something that makes life easier, Dominique thinks that online grocery delivery is an inconvenience. She also doesn’t want to go to the store and pick up food at a delivery window because she doesn’t trust this service either.

Do you buy food at a store? Or do you use an online grocery delivery service?



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i think i am like someniqe because i dont trust any body to pick my things out , in case i run low on food i will make delivery order or i will fo my self to pick uo the produce.

06:50 AM Sep 07 2016 |

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As a office lady,I was completely agree to use online grocery delivery.I have no time to go to the shopping.So I usually use the mobile phone app to buy the thing.If you worried the grocery delivery will come late or the food is not fresh.You can set the time or append the note in the app.I think the grocery delivery that is very convenience

06:17 AM Sep 07 2016 |

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I do buy the food on store. If I am not too tired, I will perfer to pick up the food by myself. because buying the food in the store will let me become very happy.

04:28 AM Sep 07 2016 |

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  Yes ,I buy food at the store or supermarket or morning market. I never use an online grocery delivery service to get my food.

  My opinions are the same to Dominique’s. it is inconvenient to buy food and vegetables and something to eat. I consider the time and the money. Of course , the fresh is also important.

  The first, as a housewife, I hope buy the best more things with the least money. If I may buy things myself I can save the tip.

  The second, if I want some things, I hope I get them at once. The grocery delivery may deliver produce to many persons at the same time. He need to send them one by one.  I must wait him. The waiting time is uncertain.

  The third, as the article said, when I found the thing which the delivery had have arrived at my door was not exactly what I wanted or bad or something, I could refuse to accept it ,but then, I need to continue waiting . it was so waste time.

  So ,I don’t use an online grocery delivery to buy food.

 Of course, the most important is that I have enough time to go shopping and to pick up my wanting food.


03:33 AM Sep 07 2016 |

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