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Creep Out
Creep Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English Meaning of 'Creep Out'

Date: Oct 18 2016

Themes: Friend, Pop Culture, Soap Opera

Grammar: Definite & Indefinite Articles


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Halloween is almost here in the United States, and for many people, it is a spooky time of year! Some people enjoy scary things like ghosts and zombies. They might watch a horror movie or go to a haunted house. Being frightened or startled makes them feel excited. However, for other people, Halloween makes them feel uncomfortable. They do not like ghosts and goblins. They prefer to stay safe in their own home. Halloween creeps them out.

If something creeps you out, it makes you feel scared or uncomfortable. Almost everyone is a little afraid of the dark, but some people get creeped out by unusual things. For example, the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard creeps some people out. Other people are afraid of clowns. A few people even get creeped out by things that seem harmless to most of us, like kittens, babies, or dinner parties!

It’s a little too quiet, and the silence is starting to creep Sheila out. Find out what happens next in this episode.

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Sheila:  It’s quiet.

Andy_H:  A little too quiet.

Sheila:  It’s starting to creep me out.

Jordin:  Yeah, me too. Andy, do you really think there’s somebody in that building?

Andy_H:  There is. I can feel it. They’re going to creep out any minute now. I know it!

Sheila:  In the meantime, how about Sheila the Shining? No….

Andy_H:  Super Sheila?

Sheila:  Awww…

Dominique:  How about Sheila the Stylish?

Sheila:  Oh yeah!

Andy_H:  Sunny Sheila?

Jordin:  What about Sheila the Systematic?

Kelsey:  Striving?

Dominique:  Stupendous?

Andy_H:  Super Really Awesome?

Jordin:  Sharp?

Kelsey:  Snappy?

Sheila:  I’ve got it! Sheila the Sleepy. Goodnight.


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Andy’s dream continues. The team is waiting to see if anyone is going to come out of the building that they are staking out. The silence is starting to make Sheila uncomfortable. Jordin agrees. She asks Andy if he thinks there is anyone in the building. He’s sure that there is. He says they are going to creep out at any minute.

While they are waiting, Sheila suggests that they come up with a nickname for her, too. Her first idea is Sheila the Shining, but it doesn’t quite sound right. Andy thinks Super Sheila is a good nickname. The other members of the team have some more suggestions. However, Sheila comes up with the perfect nickname for herself: Sheila the Sleepy. And then… she falls asleep!

What creeps you out? If you could give yourself a nickname, what would it be?



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Scary make up always creeps me out when you can see screwed face skin or something like that.

12:32 PM Jul 27 2017 |



The costumes people wear on Halloween always creep me out.

02:07 PM Nov 03 2016 |




traveling with airport creeps me out. One time I wanted to overwhelm my spooky and do it, but when I had gone to the airport, I changed my decision and made my journey with car. 

03:33 PM Oct 19 2016 |

gresanpu6981Super Member!


LOL… horror movies creep me out, but in the meantime I love to watch them. However, no every horror movies I like, only I like watching the ghost’s movies. There is one awesome its names is ” the conjuring”. 

There’s something creep me out when I’m alone and I get out from my bedroom, livingroom… from anywhere and I turn light off. Always I look back of me, cause I feel something behind that looking me. I hate that feeling..!! anyway I love watching horror movies.. :))

05:25 PM Oct 18 2016 |



 Oh. Let me think about it. I would be crept out by a suddenly appearing person in dark. Yeah. I was uncomfortable when I was driving on the high way at night especially at the midnight. There was no one in front or at behind. There was no any village in front or at behind. Only the car lights in darkness accompanied you around. I always felt the lights was covered by a layer of mist.  You was forbidden stopping or slowly driving. Even there was a ghost atmosphere in service area.

  I have a nickname. I like it. It is hermitlady. Oh I find that it is difficult to translate some chinese words to english exactly. Some beautiful chinese words are difficult to be expressed by english and some beautiful english words also are difficult to be expressed by chinese.  I think this is the difference between the two languages, and also the way of thinking of the two languages. It is too strange, wonderful .

02:14 AM Oct 18 2016 |

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