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Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO

Learn English meaning of 'Pokémon GO'

Date: Nov 25 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Pop Culture, Tech

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Michelle Obama is America’s First Lady. She is the wife of the President of the United States. She wants to help the United States be a better, healthier country. One problem that she worries about is obesity. Adults and children weigh too much. How can a country battle obesity? Perhaps, Pokémon GO is the answer!

Pokémon was a TV show in the 1990s. In 2016, people started playing an augmented reality app called Pokémon GO. Although some people think this app is ridiculous and annoying, many others love it. To play, you use your phone to catch small virtual animals called Pokémon. Since players often walk a lot to catch the Pokémon, playing this game can be good for a person’s health.

Andy and Kelsey are talking about Pokémon GO. Listen to today’s English lesson to find out which one of them is a critic of this new app.


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Andy_H:  Gotta catch ‘em all, Pokémon!

Kelsey:  Oh my gosh, Andy. Please don’t tell me you’re into Pokémon GO.

Andy_H:  I’m not into Pokémon GO, I am Pokémon GO. It is so awesome! I used to play the game as a kid, and now I see Pokémon in real life! It’s like they’re actually there! It’s an amazing, augmented reality that lets you battle Pokémon, catch Pokémon. Let me tell you, I am very close to catching them all.

Kelsey:  Andy, I just think it’s ridiculous. Everyone is just standing around, looking at their phone, in parks and in these public places. It’s just annoying, and I have friends that, like, won’t even pay attention to me because they’re too busy with their Pokémon GO.

Andy_H:  OK. First of all, it’s not annoying. Those people aren’t just staring into space. They’re doing something on their phone. I know that some people may be upset. It’s controversial, I get it, but this app is incredible. It may have some glitches, but for the first time, it is getting a lot of kids to walk around the block. Some kids are walking 20 miles a day. I don’t want to be a critic, but I think Pokémon GO has done more in a month to battle obesity than Michelle Obama has in 8 years.

Kelsey:  Wow, that’s a strong statement.

Andy_H:  Strong enough to be a Pokémon master.

Kelsey:  OK.


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Pokémon GO is a ridiculous idea, according to Kelsey. She doesn’t like it at all. Why go to a beautiful park if you’re only going to stand around and look at a phone? The most annoying part is how some of her friends won’t talk to her while they’re playing Pokémon GO. Kelsey’s a critic, and she can’t believe Andy enjoys this kind of augmented reality.

Andy knows that Pokémon GO is controversial and still has some glitches, but he likes it a lot. In fact, his goal is to soon catch all the Pokémon. Andy also thinks that using this app is a great way to stay healthy. Instead of sitting on the couch, Pokémon GO makes kids go outside and walk around. If kids play enough, the obesity problem in the United States might end.

Why do you think Pokémon GO is so popular? Do you know anyone who plays it a lot?



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United States

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01:28 PM Oct 09 2017 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Its hard to belive we think these days children need to have motivatiion to go out and play!!!!!!!!!!

always people love to go out and have fun.always we want to play,....

what is going on?

these apps just make us some lazy ,Emotiveless people.we are happy just when we have internet….

its so shokind and embaressing

I really cant say how useless this life style is….

03:01 PM Jun 13 2017 |


United States

Pokemon Go is my all time favorite game ever. I have been playing this game from last two months. Now this game is available for free on all latest emulator inclusing Delta for free. Delta is a laste emulator which is the best GBA alternative to play all latest games for free right from your iOS device. Pokemon Go game is also available on this game for free. You can download Delta Emulator ipa file to install this emulaor.

10:55 AM Feb 05 2017 |

Hannahliu1Super Member!


Hi everyone:
I think Pokemon go is an amazing game because it let people, mostly young people, going out and walking around. But I am so worried about the safety. The players are concentrated on their phone very much, and they don’t look when they are walking on the street. The inventor of this app don’t want to see the tragedy caused by their products, do they?

05:17 PM Nov 26 2016 |


Russian Federation

Hi everyone! To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve come across to this game and it sounds ridiculous. I mean why we  should create such apps instead of simply going out and living our life fully? I’m so happy I didn’t have any devices in my childhood. To get over the obesity problem, parents just need to lead a healthy lifestyle and kids will look up to them. Children copy their parents” behaviour or habits so adults need to be more conscious of what they do or eat.

Moreover, the more you use your phones or tablets the worse your eyesight is. In other words,  when you fight obesity you destroy your eyes.  So  think of a new outdoor game for children, get involved, dance, cook healthy food, work out together and your family will avoid this glitch!

03:39 PM Nov 26 2016 |

The Last Joke


Hi everyone 

08:37 PM Nov 25 2016 |

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it is a new trend,fashion,crazily passion,walking pokemon patients ,Pokemon hunters :) 

ı wont argue whether its good or not, but its a reality of life in today, a game for children,kids also some adults, 

maybe its unhealty way for fighting obezity but it seems very exciting and useful too.

Pokemon stays but Hunters GO ))

11:44 AM Nov 25 2016 |

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