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Asking for a Raise
Asking for a Raise

Learn English meaning of ‘asking for a raise’

Date: Jan 18 2017

Themes: Time, Work

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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One of the most difficult things to do is to ask your boss for a raise. However, this is an important ability. After all, you don’t want to be underpaid, and the cost of living is too high to work for minimum wage. But it can be difficult to bring this up with your boss. Do you politely ask for more money, or do you just tell your boss to pay you more?

Sometimes, the best way to ask for more money is to ask for a review. During your review, you and your boss can talk about the things that you do well and the things that you can do better. Your boss can explain the industry standard for your job, and you can request a promotion.

Romeo would like his pay to be bumped up. Will his supervisor agree? Find out in today’s English lesson.


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Romeo:  So, I wanted to know if… if… you had a minute for us to be able to talk about… about possibly getting a raise. I feel like I’m being underpaid and underappreciated, and I just think that minimum wage is definitely not appropriate for the type of work that I do here for you.

Dominique:  Well, I’m glad you brought that up. If you want a raise, you’d have to be bumped up to a supervisor position. I know the cost of living right now is sky high. It’s just industry standard for what you’re getting paid right now.

Romeo:  Do you have a supervisor over you because, maybe, that’s who I should talk to?

Dominique:  You’re looking at her.

Romeo:  All right. So then, how do I go about getting a promotion? Am I due for a review any time soon?

Dominique:  Yeah. So, we can talk about it and do some paperwork. And then, we’ll bump you up from minimum wage.

Romeo:  Yes, yes. I’d appreciate that. And you know what they say: A rising tide lifts all boats. So, hopefully, we can sit down and have this conversation again in the near future.

Dominique:  All right.

Romeo:  Awesome.

Dominique:  Great.

Romeo:  Thank you. It’s been very productive.


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Romeo is working for Dominique, but he feels underpaid. He tells her that he does a lot of good work, and he thinks that he should be paid more than minimum wage. Dominique explains that she is paying Romeo the normal amount for his type of work. However, she also knows that it is expensive to pay for all of the costs of life. She tells him that he needs to become a supervisor in order to make more money.

Romeo wants to know if Dominique has a boss who he can talk to about this. However, Dominique owns the company. So, Romeo asks for a review of his work. He wants a promotion to a better job so that he can earn more money. Dominique agrees to give him a review and a raise. Romeo thanks her. He tells her that, when one person does well, all people do better.

Did you ever ask your boss for a raise? Is it difficult to ask people for money?



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Yes , I asked a better salary for taking a job-offering. Because I knew I could never be satisfied with that amount of money, and also not quite satisfied with the job in general , so I decided to keep looking. 

But why salary offerings are low in our generation comparable with our parents’. In their generation one working parent can feed a whole family , nowadays one pay check can only feed one mouth. 

03:04 PM Jan 20 2017 |




Way, way back in time I had a blue collar job . As the pay rate for my position was close to minimum wage I decided it was time for a raise, so I got into my boss´s office and told him that we need to talk about my salary. Blatantly, the response from him was: Ohh, yes, we can talk for hours if you wish, but that doesn´t mean that I am going to give you a raise. It was then that it was time for me to look for a new job. hahahah


vanesa207Super Member!


Before to ask for more money you must be sure that you are a good worker in order to bump up the possibilities to get a posittive answer of your request. Then, You have to look for the ideal moment to talk about it, and That’s it.

I think is not difficult, if you feel underpaid, you definitely have to bring it up. For the Managers and CEO’s is counterproductive have workers who feel underpaid, because bring about demotivation and have a unmotivate work team produces low quality work.


GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

It really hurts when you are underpaid, and the people above you know about it and do nothing. Sometimes, you need to fight for a promotion if you think you deserve it.

Unfortunately, some hard-working employees work fervently for their companies, demonstrating the critical qualities required by any organization along with passion or charisma. That is essential and laudable yet unrecognized. In short, these employees are overshadowed by their supervisors, and most importantly, exploited!!

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