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Learn English meaning of colorblind

Date: Mar 20 2017

Themes: Friend, Health

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Did you ever wonder if the colors you see are the same colors that other people see? For example, when you look at traffic signals, do you see bright green, yellow, and red? Or do you only see green, light gray, and dark gray? We all have different eyes and brains, so each person’s vision is probably a little different, too. This is very true for people who have color blindness.

There are different types of color blindness. Some colorblind people cannot see a specific shade of color, often red. For other colorblind people, the whole world appears as gradations of gray. Often being colorblind is hereditary, but it can be caused by other things, too. Right now, there is no cure for color blindness, but there are some interesting machines that can help colorblind people see color.

Jordin’s friend is colorblind. Listen as she shares his experiences with Brian in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jordin:  So, I have this friend who is colorblind… cannot see color at all, like a dog, like black-and-white vision.

Brian:  Really?

Jordin:  Yeah, it’s crazy! I cannot even imagine going through the world like he does.

Brian:  Wow! If you’re colorblind, can you drive a car?

Jordin:  He does, so I should hope you can.

Brian:  Right! I wonder if, like, it’s hard to tell the difference in the traffic signals.

Jordin:  Oh, yeah! I didn’t even think about that. You must just memorize which order, you know, which one’s on top, middle, and you can see the change in light gradation.

Brian:  Yeah, the shades. Yeah.

Jordin:  Yeah, in the shade. But what’s cool is that my friend, he went to this museum, where they had some sort of machine, where you could actually, if you had this sort of hereditary color blindness, you could then see color for the first time.

Brian:  Oh!

Jordin:  And he went and was able to see color.

Brian:  Really?!

Jordin:  Yeah.

Brian:  You know, I’ve always wondered how you determine if you’re colorblind without knowing because sometimes it is just one color or shade.

Jordin:  Right.

Brian:  And what you see as blue… is that the same blue I’m seeing? Or am I missing certain pigments in a color?

Jordin:  Yeah, it’s totally mind-blowing when you start going down that rabbit hole.


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Jordin tells Brian about her friend who is colorblind. This friend cannot see any shades of color. Brian asks if a person can drive when they’re colorblind. He wants to know if they could see the traffic signals. Jordin explains that her friend drives, so it must be legal. She thinks that he can memorize the gradation of the traffic signals. He sees them, but he just sees them differently.

Jordin says that there is a machine in a museum that can help colorblind people see color. Her friend tried this machine. It was mind-blowing! He was able to see color for the first time in his life. Brian thinks this is amazing. He tells Jordin that he often wonders about people’s vision and colors. Do we all see the same shade of blue, or does each person see a different world?

Are you colorblind? Can you imagine the world without color?



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i’m not colorblind too.

if we were colorblind, we wasnt’t going to see amazing colors of this world. thanks god :)

09:47 AM Mar 23 2017 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

This lesson reminds me a movie that all people were colorblind and everything was black , white and shades of gray but when a man or woman fell in love world became colorful for him or her!

Can we love anything with no color? 😏

Thank God for the colors of my life😊

08:22 PM Mar 20 2017 |




Colorblindness is a lack of to see tones,shades of colors,

Im not colorblind ,

of course ı believe this world and life are beautiful with tons of colors ) 

10:19 AM Mar 20 2017 |




I feel sorry to those people who are colorblind. While thankfully, there is machine that could help them

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