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Learn English meaning of snowplows

Date: Mar 01 2017

Themes: Travel, Weather

Grammar: Adverbs


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Winter weather can be very unpredictable. It can be clear and sunny one day, but then you might wake up to a wintery wonderland the next day. People who live in snowy places need to be ready for these storms. If it snows a lot, they will need to plow or shovel their driveway. In very snowy places, some people even own their own snowplows.

A snowplow is a truck that pushes snow out of the way. Cities must own snowplows so they can clear the streets after snow falls. However, many people just use a snow shovel around their house. If you use a snow shovel, you need to be careful! Lifting too much snow might throw your back out. Of course, you could always take a snow day and just stay home instead.

Andy was surprised by a nighttime snowstorm. Listen to today’s English lesson to hear him tell Gary all the details.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Andy_H:  Gary, I was up at 5 am plowing my driveway. I cannot wait for this snow to melt!

Gary:  Oh, man! How much snow fell?

Andy_H:  At least a foot. My pants were completely soaked. See, I wasn’t expecting that much to fall last night.

Gary:  Sure.

Andy_H:  And so, when I wake up, and I see this wintery wonderland, my kids are happy, school’s closed, they have a snow day. And guess what Dad gets to do…. He gets to plow the driveway so that he can get his car out onto the unplowed roads and almost get into a car accident on his way to work.

Gary:  Oh, wow! I’ve only ever used a spade to shovel and dig out dirt and things. Is there a different type of shovel? Is it different?

Andy_H:  It’s called a snow shovel.

Gary:  A snow shovel.

Andy_H:  It’s rectangular. It allows you to be able to pick up more. But man, does it just really pull your back out.

Gary:  Do you hire people to help with that, or…?

Andy_H:  You can hire a snowplow driver, and he’ll come and plow your driveway, but when it just happens overnight, it’s really unpredictable. I think I’m going to have to invest in snow tires.

Gary:  I think I’m glad I grew up with no snow around me.


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Andy had to wake up very early. There was a snowstorm overnight, and his driveway was covered with 12 inches of snow. Gary wants to know more about this. He lives in a warmer place and doesn’t see much snow. Andy tells him that the kids were all very happy because they didn’t need to go to school, but he still had to go to work.

Andy plowed the snow off of his driveway so he could drive his car to the road. But the roads were still snowy and dangerous. Gary wants to know more about shoveling snow, so Andy tells him about using a snow shovel. However, he warns Gary that it is easy to hurt your back while shoveling snow. Gary is glad that he lives in a warmer place.

Do you live in a place with a lot of snow? Do you enjoy plowing and shoveling snow?



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I have never been in a place with a lot of snow. Actually in my hometown we have the same season throughout the year, it’s always warm here where I live.

01:36 PM Jan 15 2021 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I live in Qom city in center of Iran country.So, No we live in a warm city and here isn’t too much snow to even shovel them,it will melt some hours later,No i had a experience in shoveling snow, it is really hard and realy throw your back out.




In the capital city of Argentina where I live It had snowed only one time in one hundred years. Actually, a very light snow, nothing to worry about that you will have to pull your back out shoveling the snow. We are having cold winters and extremely hot days in summer. While in America, a New Yorker advised me: you don´t come here in winter, life is miserable. 

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