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Country Mile
Country Mile English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'Country Mile'

Date: Mar 14 2017

Themes: Hobbies, Music, Soap Opera

Grammar: Adjectives


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Imagine you’re out in the country. You decide to go for a walk. Maybe, you see chickens, a bale of hay, or a horse. The road you’re walking on might be a dirt road, and it’s probably not a straight road. You walk and walk. Then, you walk some more. Finally, you see a place to sit down and rest. Congratulations, you’ve walked a country mile!

A country mile means very far, a great distance. Why is this? Think about life in the city. Everything is nearby. If you live in the city, there’s a grocery store, a park, and a school near your home. But if you live in the country, things are different. The grocery store, the park, and the school are not nearby. Instead, you need to travel longer to get to those places. You must travel a country mile.

Kate thinks that something is missing from Kelsey’s country music video. Cowboy Andy, perhaps? Watch today’s English soap opera to see how Kelsey reacts.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Kate:  OK, everyone, ready? Kelsey, you ready? OK. This is Country Mile, Take One. Marker. And action.

Kelsey:  And it might be a long, long, long way, but I’d walk that country mile just to stay at your side….

Kate:  OK, great! Cut!

Kelsey:  Oh. I was just getting started.

Kate:  You sounded great… really nice work. But I want to make sure that we rearrange everyone briefly.

Jordin:  Yes!

Kate:  Do you know how to throw a bale of hay?

Jordin:  Hay?

Kate:  Yes. Throw it.

Jordin:  I guess I… um, no…. No, I have no idea.

Kate:  That’s OK. How about feeding chickens?

Jordin:  Chickens? No.

Kate:  Rabbits?

Jordin:  Nope.

Kate:  OK. Horses?

Jordin:  Allergic.

Kate:  OK. Can you walk? Oh! Can you walk in place?

Jordin:  Oh.

Kate:  Slower. You’ve walked a long way.

Jordin:  A country mile.

Kate:  Exactly. OK, here we go. Places everyone!

Brad:  Take two.

Kate:  Action!

Kelsey:  And it might be a long, long, long way, but I’d walk that country…

Kate:  Cut!

Kelsey:  But…

Kate:  I know. You’re great! It sounds real good. But, Dominique, you look stiff.

Dominique:  What should I do? I don’t feed chickens, either.

Kate:  OK… Let’s see.

Dominique:  Do you want me to walk a country mile with Jordin?

Kate:  No, no, no. Let’s see. We’ll put in a hay bale later. OK, go ahead and put your foot on the edge, and then lean on it. Yeah. And remember, you’ve all walked a very long, long, long way! OK, here we go. Places, everyone!

Kate:  This is going to be the one. OK! This is Country Mile, Take Three. Marker. Annnnnnd action!

Kelsey:  And it might be a long, long, long way….

Kate:  Cut!

Kelsey:  I haven’t even made it past the first line, yet!

Kate:  I know. And you sound great. But I just want to make sure that we’re getting the image that we want. Something is missing.

Jordin:  Kelsey singing her song?

Kate:  No, that’s not it…

Dominique:  Maybe, we should get a shot of Andy riding a horse.

Jordin:  Ooo, Cowboy Andy! Nice!

Kate:  No, that’s not it.

Dominique:  Should we do something different? Maybe, we should do a dance party.

Kate:  Nope, that’s not it, either. That’s it!

Kelsey:  Where did she go?

Dominique:  I don’t know. How strange.

Kelsey:  I’m sorry, everyone. I didn’t think it would be this slow.

Jordin:  No problem, Kelsey. We’re still having fun!

Kelsey:   Thanks, Jordin.

Dominique:  Yeah, it’ll be fun to see it all come together.

Kelsey:  Hopefully. I think it’s going to be a long, long, long day.

Jordin:  A country-mile day?

Kelsey:  Oh, I like that. That’s a good title. Can I use it?

Jordin:  Of course, you can use it!

Kate:  OK, this is it. OK, here we go. Places everyone! All right, action!


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Kelsey, Jordin, and Dominique are in the studio. Kelsey is playing the guitar and singing her song. Jordin and Dominique are standing next to her. Everyone’s ready to film the music video… except for Kate, the director. Because it’s a country music video, Kate thinks it needs something country. Rabbits, chickens, a horse? Maybe, a bale of hay?

Kate decides to rearrange everyone. Then, she wants Jordin to walk in place. Next, she thinks Dominique looks too stiff. Finally, Kate has another idea and runs out of the studio. Kelsey is upset. She just wants to sing her song and finish the video. This day is as long as a country mile! In fact, that’s going to be the name of her song.

When does it feel like you’ve walked a country mile? Do you have a favorite farm animal?



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When I return back to home late and there is no method of transport l feel acountry mile.


02:02 PM Mar 14 2017 |

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