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Get Over It
Get Over It English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘get over it’

Date: Apr 18 2017

Themes: Friend, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Tag Questions


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Were you ever so mad that you wanted to shout? Or maybe, you were very nervous because something bad happened? Think of a time when you had strong feelings. How did you calm down? If you were mad, maybe you talked through your feelings. The other person listened, and then you both felt better. If you were nervous, a friend might have told you about a time when they were also nervous. Then, you were able to move on.

Emotions can be very strong sometimes, but there’s always a way to get over it. When a person gets over something, they stop having strong feelings. Sometimes, something happens to make the situation better. Or perhaps, a lot of time passes, and you don’t feel the same anymore. Letting time pass can almost guarantee that you will get over your emotions. A little time and space helps us all to move on.

Jordin is worried about seeing Sheila again, but Andy says that she’s totally over it. Find out the details in today English soap opera.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Dominique:  Good morning, Andy!

Andy_H:  Ahh! What’s happened? What? Is Sheila here? Did she leave already? She’s not coming? What?!

Dominique:   Calm down, Andy. She hasn’t arrived, yet.

Andy_H:  Phew. OK!

Dominique:  Kelsey’s on the phone with Jordin, and she wants to ask you something.

Andy_H:  What? Yeah… sure.

Dominique:  He’s awake!

Kelsey:  Great! Yeah, too late, Andy’s awake now.

Jordin:  OK, can you ask him… Can you just ask him if it’s OK if I come.

Kelsey:  I guarantee you he’s going to say yes. Andy, are you OK with Jordin coming today?

Andy_H:  Of course! Why doesn’t Jordin want to come?

Dominique:  I think she’s nervous about the whole kissing you thing. You didn’t forget that, right?

Andy_H:  Sheila and I talked through all that. It took her awhile to get over it, but she is… now.

Dominique:  Kelsey, he says he’s fine.

Kelsey:  What?

Dominique:  He said Sheila moved on. She’s over it.

Kelsey:  OK! Andy says it’s fine… that Sheila is over it. So, you should come. You’re going to come, aren’t you?

Jordin:  Well… maybe, it’ll help me get over it if I come.

Kelsey:  Awesome! See you in a bit! Jordin’s going to come over.

Dominique:  Yeah, we heard you.

Kelsey:  Oh. Andy, where are the cupcakes?



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Dominique wakes Andy up by popping a balloon. He jumps and shouts, but Dominique tells him to relax. Jordin is on the phone. She is asking if she should come to Sheila’s party. Andy says of course she should come. He doesn’t know why she wouldn’t come, and Dominique reminds him about the kiss.

Andy explains that he and Sheila talked about that situation a lot. Now, Sheila is over it. She feels better, and everything should be fine. Dominique tells Kelsey to tell Jordin that Sheila has moved on. Jordin decides to come to the party. It might help everyone to feel better again.

Was it ever difficult for you to get over something? How did you move on?



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I got over many things, which means things that I don’t want to remember and really want to forget.           :D

10:42 AM Apr 20 2017 |




I remember when my grandma baked a delicious cake for Chritsmas. My God, it was really difficult for me to get over the temptation tu put my finger on it… I love sweet… that’s the reason that I can not put me on diet

How can I get over it?

02:04 PM Apr 18 2017 |

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It was really difficult for me to get over the war in my country. Thought I moved to the place where there’s no any military actions, I couldn’t believe that was happenning in my place for some time. Now the war is still not over. But I decided just to move on and hope for better. My friends helped me, when we talked things thruough. I had some hobbies, too.

I understand that many people I know have bigger problems because of this situation in our country. But it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing anything and be sad all the time. Do whatever you can to make things better. 

07:35 AM Apr 18 2017 |



Yes. It was difficult for me to get over that my father was gone when I was 18 years old. I couldn’t believe the fact. I would thought that my father only was going to a far place and he would come back soon.  I lived my fantasy in that period.

I studied harder and harder.  When I sank in learning I would forget all other things including my father.


 Oh. Now I have accepted everything happened in my life after about twenty years.


The second big difficult thing happened about the year of my 27ages when I was in the failure of the first love which lasted about 4 years.  I couldn’t bear there was no boyfriend who I so loved  in my life. Though  I knew there was impossible between I and he.  I loved the sports in that time. I was playing the table tennis ball in at any leisure time.  When I felt exhausted I felt relax.


Oh, now I think the difficult is not a bad thing when I think of the past hard times.  The first I received the college admission notice and the second I got the playing ball skills. 

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