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13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons Why

Learn English meaning of ‘13 Reasons Why’

Date: Jul 14 2017

Themes: Pop Culture, School

Grammar: Adjectives


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High school can be a tough time for many of us. We have to figure out who we want to be, and what we want to do. We have to learn who our friends are. There are the popular kids, the geeky kids, the jocks, and the dorks. Sometimes, kids get picked on and bullied. Getting bullied is really depressing. High school can be a hardcore experience.

Trending on Netflix right now is the show 13 Reasons Why. The show is based on the novel by Jay Asher. It is about a high schooler named Hannah, who commits suicide. She leaves behind 13 cassette tapes that explain why she did it. Many people are very intrigued by this show. It discusses the effects of bullying and the importance of being kind to other people.

Dominique and Romeo have different opinions about the show. Listen as they discuss it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Romeo:  Dom. 13 Reasons Why

Dominique:  Ughh.

Romeo:  Trending! I’ve got to know. What are your thoughts? Go.

Dominique:  Thirteen reasons why you shouldn’t waste your time!

Romeo:  Oh!

Dominique:  Thirteen reasons why it should’ve only had twelve episodes instead of thirteen.

Romeo:  OK.

Dominique:  Thirteen reasons why it was kind of sad and depressing.

Romeo:  OK.

Dominique:  What did you think about it?

Romeo:  Interesting that you would ask. I thought that the content was pretty hardcore. You know, I’m not sure who their, like, core demographic was supposed to be. Although, I found myself watching it and I was too intrigued to stop. I didn’t binge watch it.

Dominique:  You’ve been to high school, right?

Romeo:  Yeah. I…

Dominique:  One of the reasons why my child is being homeschooled, because I’m like, “Not today!”

Romeo:  OK.

Dominique:  Stuff that happened to that poor girl. I mean…

Romeo:  Oh, well…

Dominique:  And her parents!

Romeo:  Yeah. So, you might not want to say too much. I don’t know if there’s like, you know, other people around that may not have seen it all. You don’t want to ruin it! No spoiler alerts, you know?

Dominique:  I guess I can’t say anything else.

Romeo:  Oh! Well, then on that note, I guess we’ll just wrap that topic up.

Dominique:  Don’t watch it.

Romeo:  I…I heard that.


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Romeo asks Dominique what her thoughts are about the show 13 Reasons Why. Dominique says it was a waste of her time. It was sad and depressing. She asks Romeo what he thought about it. He said it was pretty hardcore. He was still intrigued enough to watch it, though.

Dominique tells Romeo that she is homeschooling her child because of the bullying that can happen in high school. She feels bad about the stuff that happened to the girl in the show. Romeo decides to stop her from giving too much information away. No spoiler alerts!

Have you seen 13 Reasons Why? Did it remind you of your high school?



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United States

Yes, I have watched it I think it has a hardcore message to students and what happened in high school which it is somehow true although I didn’t experience those problems in high school sure those problems exist in our life and yes you should watch it. 

04:34 PM Jul 15 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I have started watching this series, and it made me feel really depressed because the series is too hardcore!

Although I am really intrigued I can’t finish watching it anyway!

02:40 PM Jul 15 2017 |




I haven’t watched that series, Although I myself bullied when I was young, the experience itself  is so terrible, I felt so helpless.

01:36 PM Jul 15 2017 |

La Princesse de la vie


I watched the TV show a couple of months ago. And I liked it really. I don’t get why most people think it was boring and too overwhelming to watch! Yes I agree it was intense and depressing but it had a story, one that keeps you excited to see what is going to happen next. I didn’t binge watch it either, but it kept me intrigued to the end.

08:23 PM Jul 14 2017 |

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