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California Rivalry
California Rivalry

Learn English meaning of ‘California rivalry’

Date: Jul 31 2017

Themes: Friend, Travel

Grammar: Adverbs


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Northern and Southern California are very different. Southern California is known for its sunny weather, beaches, amusement parks, and entertainment. Some famous attractions are Disneyland, the Malibu Beach, Hollywood, and the Griffith Observatory. Northern California is known for its liberal and creative culture, gorgeous buildings, and more. Some famous attractions are the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, and Alcatraz.

These parts of California are very different. Many people think one part is better than the other. They have lots of pride. Some people may think Southern Californians are superficial and fake. Other people think they are laid back and chill. Some people think Northern Californians are snobby and depressing. Other people think they are industrious because they live in the land of tech.

Romeo is from Southern California. Dominique is from the Bay Area. Listen as they fight it out in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Romeo:  I’m just saying, I mean I got that southern pride!

Dominique:  Do you like…?

Romeo:  I mean not like… southern United States.

Dominique:  Do you like surf and stuff?

Romeo:  Yeah! Hang ten!

Dominique:  Oh.

Romeo:  I’m joking. No, I don’t.

Dominique:  Because you look like you do.

Romeo:  But you know, Southern Californians are way more laid back and chill.

Dominique:  Oh no way, it’s all about the Bay Area people!

Romeo:  OK, all right, I mean I’m not beefing. I’m just saying, you know, it’s all one big, large state. Just, you know, geographically, people grow up a little different. And I know how it is…

Dominique:  So what are you saying? I mean, I grew up in the land of tech. What do you guys have?

Romeo:  The… the land of “tack”?

Dominique:  Tech.

Romeo:  Tech?

Dominique:  Silicon Valley.

Romeo:  Right. And wine. And silicone.

Dominique:  I mean, so what do you… no! That’s you guys! That’s Southern California! Where everything is fake.

Romeo:  Oh no, we got smog. What are you talking about?

Dominique:  Fake.

Romeo:  Smog.

Dominique:  Yeah. Smog.

Romeo:  Yeah. Represent!

Dominique:  You’re scaring me.

Romeo:  We got Hollywood!

Dominique:  Fake.

Romeo:  OK. We got… we got Disneyland.

Dominique:  Fake.

Romeo:  How is Disneyland fake?

Dominique:  Everything is made up! We have Great America! We have the Golden Gate Bridge! We have San Francisco!

Romeo:  Right. Keep going.

Dominique:  Everything is better in Northern California.


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Romeo says he has southern pride. But not southern United States. He means Southern California. Dominique asks if he surfs and stuff. He says yeah, he loves to hang ten. He is only joking. He doesn’t surf. But he does really think that Southern Californians are laid back and chill. Dominique disagrees. She thinks Bay Area people are way better. Romeo doesn’t mean to start beefing.

He just knows that people from Southern and Northern California are different. Dominique thinks Northern California has more. It has Silicon Valley, the land of tech. Romeo says it has silicone. Dominique says no they don’t, Southern California does because everything there is fake. Romeo says they have smog, Disneyland, and Hollywood! Dominique says those are all fake. Everything is better in Northern California.

If you could visit California, where would you go? Is Northern or Southern California better?



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FenoaSuper Member!


I found it funny and somewhat misleading that you define /paraphrase “beefing” as causing trouble, when it would be more helpful to define it as complaining. 

04:52 AM Aug 01 2017 |


United States

Northern and Southern California both have their positive and negative aspects. There’s a night and day difference between the two. The people of Northern California have more of a social, environmentalist conscientiousness type than the people of Southern California.

The cost of living is a lot less expensive in Southern California with shopping and parking more plentiful. The weather in Northern California is cold in the winter but in Southern California is hot and receives very little rain.

For me, I live in Southern California; therefore, I like Southern California. 

10:02 PM Jul 31 2017 |



Russian Federation

There  Arnold Schwarzenegger is meer of California. Terminator.Everything else  I know from TV-news and movies. From books of Fenimore Cooper and  Oliver Twist and so on.

05:29 PM Jul 31 2017 |



 I don’t know much about California. Only know its name from geography textbook for primary school when I was a primary school student.  but from this article, I really want to know all the country , including the south and the north.  I want to know if there are many differences as the article said. I hope I could experience such differences by myself.  Maybe I would have a totally different feeling from the article.

  I agree some opinions from Eduard souto. “ it’s silly to discuss a topic like which one is better because people will always prefer the place where they live” . that is a fact. Most of the people have such “prejudice”.  Few people could stand an objective point to comment on a place because most of the people are in their own interests.


  I would think, every place has its own good and bad. It is difficult to say,  whether  is good or bad. It isn’t fair for the place itself.  

02:53 AM Jul 31 2017 |

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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I’d like to visit the Northern California first, but I’d also love to visit the Southern California!

I think it’s silly to discuss a topic like which one is better because people will always prefer the place where they live, unless they live in Brazil!

Here in my country, I can feel that nobody likes where they live, they are always complaining about the attractions, weather or else!

10:55 AM Jul 29 2017 |

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