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Bucket List
Bucket List

Learn English meaning of ‘bucket list’

Date: Aug 23 2017

Themes: Health, Hobbies, Holidays, Party, Travel

Grammar: Adjectives


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Life is short. This is something we hear often. Life is short, so live in the moment! Have goals! Do things you love! YOLO! There are so many wonderful places to go and things to see in this world. How do you know where to start? You could start with a bucket list. Make a list of everything you want to do before you kick the bucket. Kick the bucket is an English idiom that means to die.

If you have always wanted to float down the Amazon River, that should go on your bucket list. Or maybe, you want to ride your bike across Europe? Learn English? Learn how to play the guitar? Anything that puts you outside your comfort zone is a great thing to add to your bucket list. Once you have accomplished these things, you get to enjoy the feeling of success!

Listen as Jordin tells Dominique about starting her bucket list.


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Jordin:  Hey, Dominique. I’ve been working on my bucket list. I’m trying to think of other things I want to add. Things I want to do!

Dominique:  A bucket list? You’re so young! Why?

Jordin:  Well, because I feel like it’s a nice way to catalog all the different things that I want to do in my life. And then, have a way to check things off and feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Dominique:  OK, this is silly.

Jordin:  What?

Dominique:  You need to live in the moment. YOLO!

Jordin:  Well, I live in the moment, but I also like to set goals.

Dominique:  Can’t you set goals and not be on the bucket… I mean that’s… you’re basically saying that you’re looking forward to dying. I’m going to die soon….

Jordin:  No!

Dominique:  So, I need to do…

Jordin:  No, no, no!

Dominique:  … all this stuff.

Jordin:  Well, it’s not really about that. It’s just about, like, doing things that are outside of your normal comfort zone. I think it’s similar to what you’re talking about. Like, OK. So, there’s, like, the YOLO attitude where you, like, do crazy stuff. But you could also sit down and be like, “OK, what crazy things do I want to do in my life?” And then, do them!

Dominique:  So, it’s basically, like, a big life to-do list!

Jordin:  Yeah!

Dominique:  How about call it a to-do list, not a bucket list? Because when I hear bucket list, I hear death.

Jordin:  OK. I guess you could call it that. It’s just the normal colloquialism is bucket list.

Dominique:  I mean, it’s kind of sad. And depressing.

Jordin:  OK. It’s sad for you. It’s fun for me.

Dominique:  Are you OK?

Jordin:  What? Yes! I’m OK! I’m not dying, Dominique.

Dominique:  Bucket… list?

Jordin:  OK. My to-do list.

Dominique:  Thank you.


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Jordin tells Dominique that she is starting her bucket list. She wants to make a list of all the different things she wants to do with her life. Dominique thinks this is silly because you should just live in the moment. If you make a bucket list, then you are just looking forward to dying.

Jordin tells her that she really wants to have goals, and do things outside of her comfort zone. A bucket list isn’t about getting ready to die. It’s about making sure that you do all the crazy things you want to do. Dominique asks Jordin if she is OK. Jordin tells her that she is fine. She is not dying! They agree to call Jordin’s list a to-do list instead.

Do you have a bucket list? What are some things that you want to do before you die?



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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I don’t have a bucket list, I like to live in the moment!

I always try to set goals that makes me go out from my comfort zone!

I’d love to travel abroad before I die! haha

09:41 PM Sep 03 2017 |



Russian Federation

I have bucket list what I’ll do when I die, there in other worlds.

09:33 AM Sep 01 2017 |




When you have such list- your life become more organize. You can plan your day,week,months etc. It is a good practice for life.

07:32 PM Aug 23 2017 |


Saudi Arabia

Good to have somethings different in ur life

for me I wanna visit most beautiful cities around world and making my own business

04:25 PM Aug 23 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yeah.i have a lot of work on my bucket list .i hope can do them before my death  :(

09:30 AM Aug 23 2017 |



l love human, nature,kids,reading poems,walking

07:46 AM Aug 23 2017 |


Viet Nam

I like making a to-do list

05:58 AM Aug 23 2017 |

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