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Aha Moment
Aha Moment English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘aha moment’

Date: Oct 24 2017

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: First Conditional


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That moment you realize what your best friend has been up to. That moment you realize you would be less bummed if you owned a sweet little puppy. That moment you realize you want to spend the rest of your life on the beach. That moment you realize that funky smell is, in fact, coming from your feet. You might call this an aha moment.

An aha moment is a time when everything becomes clear and understandable. Maybe, you were having a hard time understanding why your best friend was being sneaky and secretive. And then, aha! You find out she was planning a surprise party for you. Or, maybe, you had so much fun scuba diving while you were adventure traveling, and aha! You realized that your perfect life is right here on the beach.

Dominique, Kelsey, and Jordin are having lots of aha moments while chatting on the beach. Watch as things become very clear.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Dominique:  I don’t know. I used to, like, want to go adventure traveling.

Kelsey:  Adventure travel?

Dominique:  Yeah, like, I always wanted to go scuba diving in Belize.

Kelsey:  That sounds amazing!

Dominique:  But then I went to Hawaii a few years ago. I was on the beach, and I had this aha moment. I really like relaxing vacations! I think if I could go anywhere, I would go to Italy… or Mexico… or back to Hawaii… or maybe Australia. I don’t know. Anywhere with a beach… definitely with a beach.

Kelsey:  Yeah, beaches are good. Especially, when you have a cooler.

Dominique:  Speaking of coolers… You made it. Tell me you made it.

Jordin:  I did! I’m here! In Greece!

Dominique:  What?! Kelsey, it’s Jordin!

Jordin:  Hey, Kelsey!

Kelsey:  Oh, my gosh, Jordin! Hi! How is it? What have you been up to? Is it beautiful? Tell me all the things!

Jordin:  Well, I only have a few minutes to talk, so I don’t know if I can tell you ALL of the things. But it’s awesome. I’ve only been here for a day, and I love it! How are you two? Are you guys on a beach? That looks nice!

Dominique:  Yeah, it’s river day here!

Kelsey:  I can’t believe you’re in Greece!

Jordin:  Yeah, I was feeling super bummed, and then I just had this aha moment! I had some money saved up, and I have a good friend from college who’s studying here now. So, I just bought a reasonably priced plane ticket and, here I am! Today, we’re just going to hang out at the beach and eat Greek food.

Kelsey:  Super fun!

Jordin:  OK, well, I gotta go. Have fun, you two. Bye!

Kelsey:  You, too!

Dominique:  Bye!

Kelsey:  I just had my own aha moment.

Dominique:  Oh, yeah?

Kelsey:  If Andy isn’t here in the next 10 minutes, we should float!

Dominique:  He’d be able to catch up with us, right?

Kelsey:  Definitely.

Dominique:  OK.


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Dominique and Kelsey are sitting on the beach, discussing adventure traveling. Dominique tells Kelsey that she had an aha moment while relaxing on a beach. She doesn’t like adventure traveling! She really prefers just doing nothing on a beach.

The phone rings, and Jordin is calling to let them know she made it to Greece. She also had an aha moment. She realized she was really bummed, and needed to get away for awhile. She is having so much fun in Greece! Dominique and Kelsey say goodbye to Jordin. Kelsey has her own aha moment. If Andy isn’t there in ten minutes, they are floating without him!

Have you had an aha moment recently? Did it make you want to fly away to Greece?



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I went to Munich at Germany and I found out what a town I just had an aha momment there and I was so happy at that time, I don’t wanna go back.

02:04 PM Nov 06 2017 |



All my aha moments are being whit my beautiful daughter

01:52 PM Oct 24 2017 |



All my recent aha moments are being with my son! Seeing him developing, start saying some words, and developing physical skills!! We enjoy a lot together!

08:44 AM Oct 24 2017 |

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