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Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle

Learn English meaning of ‘Dave Chappelle’

Date: Jun 01 2018

Themes: Celebrity, News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Comparing Quality


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In 2003, Dave Chappelle was able to make a statement with his comedy TV show, The Chappelle Show. He used satire and lots of humor to entertain people. He was funny, but his show also had a lot of political commentary. He showed people how race and inequality are still problems today, but he made them laugh at the same time.

In 2005, Chappelle was rich, but he was also angry at the entertainment industry. He thought working in Hollywood was toxic. And he decided to just walk away. Chappelle’s fans missed him for many years. They didn’t understand why he disappeared. Now, more than ten years later, Chappelle is back! He had to ground himself, but now he is doing stand-up again, and his fans couldn’t be happier.

Romeo and Marni are both Chappelle fans. Listen to today’s English lesson to find out if they will get to watch Chappelle live.


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Romeo:  Dave’s back!

Marni:  I know! I’m so excited! … wait…

Romeo:  … see …

Marni:  We are talking about Dave Chappelle, right?

Romeo:  You know it!

Marni:  OK.

Romeo:  See, you’re the only person I can come to, and I know, when I say Dave, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Marni:  Right, right.

Romeo:  I really want to see him do stand-up live.

Marni:  Yes, yeah! He would be amazing.

Romeo:  I mean, I kind of understand, you know, why he had to walk away.

Marni:  Yeah, it’s pretty fascinating. I mean, most people would not make a statement like that and just walk away from millions of dollars.

Romeo:  I mean, the business was toxic. He had to do… he had to do what was best to really, you know, kind of just ground himself. And I’m just glad he’s back, man!

Marni:  Right!

Romeo:  You know.

Marni:  I agree. Yeah, it’s great to have his voice out there. I think he’s so good at doing political commentary, and satire, and…

Romeo:  Yes, yes… he’s grown so much from Comedy Central.

Marni:  Yeah. He looks a little older, a little wiser.

Romeo:  But… I wanted to ask you if you’d be down… you know, if I can come up on some good tickets… to go see some shows with Dave.

Marni:  Oh, my gosh! Of course! Absolutely!

Romeo:  OK, so let me… I’ll check today. I’ll go on his tour dates and see when he’s going to be close to the area….

Marni:  Let’s make it happen…

Romeo:  How far are you willing to go?

Marni:  As far as we need to go.

Romeo:  As far as…

Marni:  Let’s go on a quest to see Dave!

Romeo:  Let’s do it!


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Romeo and Marni are both excited that Dave Chappelle is performing his stand-up again. They talk about what happened when Chappelle walked away from his career. He thought Hollywood was a toxic place to work, and he quit so he could ground himself. Marni and Romeo both respect Chappelle for this choice.

Marni says that it is great to have Chappelle back now. She missed his political commentary. Romeo thinks that he’s become more mature and wise now. He really wants to see Chappelle perform live, so he asks Marni if she would be down to see a show with him. Of course, she would! They start planning a road trip to go watch a Chappelle performance.

Are you a fan of Chappelle? Is there a comedian in your country who uses political commentary to make people laugh?



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hofpilsSuper Member!


is there not a new lesson today?

04:39 AM Jun 05 2018 |



Yes, in my country there was a great comedian who was able to make us all think through his political satire. His name was TATO BORES. He will always laugh at us from wherever he is now. He passed away some years ago and people have never forgotten his witty remarks and wise thinking . Humour is a show of intelligence for some and that certainly was the case was TATO.   

12:01 AM Jun 03 2018 |

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