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Third Conditional

We use the third conditional (also known as the "past unreal conditional") to talk about situations in the past that didn’t happen and their hypothetical consequences.

The third conditional consists of two clauses. One is formed with If + subject + past perfect verb ("If I had studied"). The other is formed with subject + would have + past participle ("I would have passed the test"). So all together, the sentence looks like this: "If I had studied, I would have passed the test."

In the past, I didn't study. But by using this type of conditional, I can speculate about how things would have been different, if I had been a better student.

Third Conditional Grammar Quiz

  1. If I , I would have passed algebra.

  2. If you had told me you were going downtown, I would you a ride.

  3. If we the rent, we would not have been kicked out of the apartment.

  4. If the dog across the street, it would have been hit by a bus.

  5. If you an umbrella, you would not have been soaked.

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If she had known about this event, she would have told everybody

04:17 AM May 12 2009 |



If I had explained it to her, she would not have checked it

05:03 PM May 11 2009 |



If I had money,i would have invested this stock.

12:06 PM May 11 2009 |