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What does "perky" mean?

Vocabulary Word: perky

1. Definition (adj.) full of energy; upbeat

Examples I always feel perky in the morning.

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South Korea

i am not perky, i just kinda get out of bed and i trudge to the bathroom.

12:05 PM Nov 18 2013 |

rabindra shrestha


if you are putting on a more sociallizing part, it turns a little more perky and happy.

09:52 AM Aug 04 2012 |

rabindra shrestha


looking bright and well 

09:47 AM Aug 04 2012 |



I c,once i get someting what i want to get ,i will feel perky at that time, but the perky can not keep long time ,just short time,i will feel downbeat,so i always like chasing myself to reach new goal after get success ,i  like challenge and i like use my ability.


01:58 PM Nov 23 2011 |



United States

i feel perky after coffee)

01:35 PM Nov 23 2011 |

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