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What does "assassin" mean?

Vocabulary Word: assassin

1. Definition (n.) person who kills other people (usually for money)

Examples There are lots of assassins in the movies, but there aren’t very many in real life.

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I just finished playing the great X BOX game called Assassin´s creed – Revelation.

It´s all about this kind of people as them says…It´s all about the Assassins.Before it used to be a legion of man kind who carred about keeping some rules of living and dying for their creed..Nowadays the Assassins are between all of us.We actually watch them on TVs and they have no such a creed to live by.Just greedness…

01:43 PM Mar 18 2014 |

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The Example says: “There are lots of assassins in the movies, but there aren’t very many in real life.”
I don’t agree with this :( !!!!
There are huge companies of assassins like those armies who kill here and there just for the sake of sometimes mad people
There are free lancers assassins who kills selectively good and important people around the world, especially those who invent something against the will of big money makers.
And there are specialist small to medium size companies of assassins who kills people with all various kinds of weapons not specifically guns; e. g. who import and sell expired food in poor countries with corrupted systems … Etc

08:20 AM Jul 29 2013 |

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