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January 7, 2008

It’s nothing to do with Michael Schumacher, Schumacher here is my father the shoemaker …Wink

I didn’t recalled when it’s begin …as I’d been away from him since I graduated from junior high…when I was 15 of age to live with my aunty. By then he was fine and lived only with my two younger brothers without my mother presence ( sorry to tell this mom I’m not complaining  or blaming you ….), I could imagine how’s the life without a women around...it must have been a hard life…..

Soon after my departure to another city….Father and my brothers moved to grandma’s house and they decide to settle down their new live there….with the old and energetic grandma….

I visited him from time to time when I had school holiday  then I noticed the symptom begun haunted him…the fearful thought and the threatening voices from unknown world….his own world…

He’s talking, angry, swearing to invisible figure, when I asked him…who’s he talking with…he said ..”those voices …”

Nothing I could do…neither my grandma as for we had  difficult life back then, we just prayed for his unfortunate…..and life goes on…..

On another visit I could notice that Father was getting worse…and what made me irritated was the reaction from the people around us…they seemed can’t understand that father was sick…..if father angry or swearing they swallowed it and quarrel could not be avoided…..


Continued to part 2…..

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View all entries from susi's blog >

01:20 AM Jun 01 2009

Ondo Pandapotan Silitonga

I add you as a friend, I am still learning english, teach english for children under 15, may be we can share each other.