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United States

January 21, 2009

P-p pass the dro
I am such a beast and you can ask them hoes
And they might even say you should leave me alone
And I don't mean scaaaaag, cause his bitch like me
Stunting is a habit, get it from my daddy
Just like shaggy, I tote that bone-bastic
I'm a rude bastard, I don't give a fuck bout you
I ain't talking moths, but you pluck my balls
And yes I'm falling, but up I've fallen
If your bitch in heat, she could fuck my dog
I went from penny pinching to private planes
Never sat on any benches, I got in games
Starter-Carter, Ball-Harder
Ten girls, pent house suite; ya'll order
Whatever ya'll please: wine, crackers, and cheese
They take off their clothes and put on my T's
The supplement I've taken got me feeling mighty
My gun and money don't split, call that shit Siamese
Yeahyes my watch make the fricken time freeze
Your girl bless me, she suck my dick and I sneeze
Cheap ass apartment, just the kitchen I need
And 18 g's is why the chicken crossed the street
Whatcha know bout it, my niggas so bout it
If you kill everybody, they can't go to court about it, Weezy
I ignore the liars baby, I ignite the fire
I am like a Michael Myers; leave your body in the dryer
Got the shotty on the side of me, my bad boys follow me
I'm a bad boy obviously, popping at your ivy leave
I don't have a robbery, if so you'll have a casueulty
Oops I meant a casualty, oops I meant catastrophe
Oops I meant actually, you niggas is just ass to me
And big wet pussy is more like what I'm rathering
Welcome to the gathering, welcome to the barying
Or I hang you on the wall like a art gallery
You got shark salary and I got long money
I got cash money, I got young money, BITCH

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View all entries from Snoogans >

06:16 AM Feb 22 2009

princess xi

Hey! what' up?

I'm sorry I can't understand all of your blog.

you should remember: Happiness is the key to success!